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Default Re: My 2015 Ford Classic 1.6 Titanium

Great Work Neel. Kudos to the write up and Congratulations for the Classic. Happy and Safe Miles Ahead with the Classic to your family. For a minute without realising it was you in the pictures, so young, I was wondering how come the driver of this car is looking so young. On a lighter vein, I am jealous we did not have such opportunities to express ourselves in those days through such forums.
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Default Re: My 2015 Ford Classic 1.6 Titanium

Man, mind blowing stuff!
Today, team bhp reviews are of ridiculously high quality, and you have successfully maintained those high standards in your review. All I can say, kudos! I got truckloads of respect for you!

It gets me thinking. Will my Creta's soon-to-be written ownership review end up looking like a kindergartener's first attempt at making sentences?
__________________________________________________ _____

Belated congrats on your special acquisition. As everyone is saying, NA engines are dying an unfortunate slow death. Blame the turbo. You are lucky to be part of the 'more smiles/litre' school of thought, rather than the 'more km/l' one. That must be the core reason you ended up with the Classic instead of Xcent/Dzire.

Hope you have a (law abiding)blast in the machine till you come of age. After that there will be no looking back, I'm sure. Here's to many guaranteed wonderful miles with your steed.

PS: I turn 18 a year before you. Feel jealous
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Default Re: My 2015 Ford Classic 1.6 Titanium

Very well written review. you have covered the positives and negatives very well.

Everything said, the ford fiesta classic is a car that will put on smile on your face every time you get behind the wheels.

In the long run Ford ASS is a gamble at best, misdiagnosis and overcharging is prevalent. So please do subscribe to the Total Maintenance Plan/Extended warranty options. Spares and consumables - coolant/engine oil are a bit difficult to find or simply not available in the open market, so do stock up from the dealer before long trips.

Aspects related to spares and service is something that kept me away from upgrading to duratec 1.6 from a duratec 1.4 petrol a year ago despite the healthy discounts. I still retain the 1.4 and it sure is a pleasure to drive.

Thanks for a very well written review, there are only a few good threads on fiesta classic.

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Default Re: My 2015 Ford Classic 1.6 Titanium

Neel bro you have simply nailed it with the review, just brilliant, PERIOD. Hope you get to drive her , till then keep taking good care of her. That 1.6 is a rocket indeed. I test drove it few months back when I was in the hunt, ended up buying Punto 90 HP.
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Default Re: My 2015 Ford Classic 1.6 Titanium

Hi Neel, now, that's a different level altogether. Rated this a well deserved five stars.
Writing an ownership report is never been so easy, but, you, at this age, have set a standard that others can vouch to follow. Age or no age, talent does matter a lot more than an age.
Keep up this high standard, and keep revving her high!

Love not just the car, but the shade, also. Its the last of the old school things our country ever saw. Maintain her well, and see her reward you, just like your best story of bondage.

End of the day, a car is a creation of a human being, and its our creations that speak for us.
Wishing you and your family many more happy miles and smiles for years to come.
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Default Re: My 2015 Ford Classic 1.6 Titanium

Slow claps, Neel!
Wonderfully written review of an equally wonderful car. I just love the Fiesta (I prefer to call it so rather than Classic ) for the clean and proportionate styling, a rev-happy 1.6 NA motor and the HPS. And you've got it in a beautiful shade too.
Enjoy the car from the passenger seat for the time being and after you turn eighteen, have a blast with her.
Do take care of her well for the years to come. The naturally aspirated motor, hydraulic power steering and a clean and proportionate design are becoming mutually exclusive of each other and is becoming a dying breed. Don't allow your daddy to sell it off.


PS - I too joined Team BHP when I was in high school and was the youngest BHPian for sometime. I was busy reading about engine swaps and forced induction when my friends were busy watching cartoons. I completely understand your enthusiasm.
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Default Re: My 2015 Ford Classic 1.6 Titanium

Firstly Congratulations on your new car Neel.
What a cheerful thread!
Its a great driver's car and you have made a very apt choice.
Your thread refreshed my childhood memories. You have a very amazing style of writing, it immediately connects to the heart!

Hope you soon get your DL and start driving!!!
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Congratulations! This thread refreshed some memories. My 1.6S will be sorely missed. Hell, it felt outdated even when I bought it in 2009, but this thing handled like a beauty! The 1.6 mill still has a trick or two up its sleeve and the tight steering, coupled with the value for money makes this car an epic buy.
Good review. You can take up writing when you're an adult!
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Default Re: My 2015 Ford Classic 1.6 Titanium

Neel, take a bow.

I can assure you one thing.
Had you written an official review for Ford, it would have sold a lot more than what it actually did.

Congratulations on the car and good luck counting days till you turn 18 and get hold of your learners license.

Best regards.
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Default Re: My 2015 Ford Classic 1.6 Titanium

Congratulations Neel for the car and I must say, it is a really really good write up! This is one of the old school fords and ford has gradually started shifting from making cars of true enthusiast's taste to the cars mass market will appreciate. I wish to own such a beauty some day!
I hope you get your driving license soon and get a taste of this beautiful beast! Good luck
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Default Re: My 2015 Ford Classic 1.6 Titanium

Congratulations on your new car! The review is simply astounding and it clearly defies your age. Keep up the good work and I heartily wish you an amazing future ! Still baffled at your talent. Kudos to you. Ciao.
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Default Re: My 2015 Ford Classic 1.6 Titanium

I know what I say is of no importance to this thread or vehicle that you own. But hats off to you. This is the very best thread i have ever come across in tbhp. Absolutely beautiful writing style, full of emotions. To be frank, i feel too jealous of you, and am sure majority of the people who are lucky enough to come across this thread too will feel the same. Wish you good luck with your car, and you really is an inspiration. Now i will just add a famous quote from Sir Matt Busby, “if you are good enough you are old enough”
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Default Re: My 2015 Ford Classic 1.6 Titanium

Congrats Neel on such a nice and exhaustive ownership review. Your love and passion for the automobile shows and is really impressive.

Have always liked the proportions of this car and 1.6 Duratec is a scorcher. So, enjoy it fully (from the passenger seat at least for the time being).

All the usual details about the car printed on a sticker placed on the rear D-Pillar. VIN was decoded by D-BHPian a4anurag and he found out that she was manufactured on 31st March, 2015.
I remember when you announced the acquisition in the Fiesta forum, were curious to know if yours is the last red Classic rolled out of Ford's Chennai plant. Any information finally?

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Default Re: My 2015 Ford Classic 1.6 Titanium

Don't know what to write as you have already received all the accolades from fellow bhpians. One of the most comprehensive reviews on tbhp and that too for a car that has been around for quite sometime.
I am sure you are dying to get the Driving License and would be willing to trade an arm and a leg to get that soon as I too wished when I was your age, but I am convinced that the age restriction is there for a reason. It is a pity that we do not have go karting tracks here in the eastern part of India. It would have helped a lot of young drivers to hone their skills.
Sorry for going off-topic. Kudos to you for such a detailed review and keep up the good work. I am also convinced that you have a bright future in the automobile world if you can manage to keep a good head on your shoulders after the limelight you are receiving on team-bhp at such an young age
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Default Re: My 2015 Ford Classic 1.6 Titanium

What the! I mean the size of you and the way you've covered everything would shame many a grown up man. And I must add you've got some pretty neat language skills boy. Grammatically correct and with all the punctuations in place, I'm really impressed. Congratulations for the car. Fiesta 1.6 is a good drivers car and hope you grow up fast and get your license quickly so that you experience it first-hand. Cheers boy.
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