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Default My 2015 Ford Classic 1.6 Titanium

There are cars, which transport you from A to B, and there are cars, which touch your soul. The Fiesta touches your soul. It is such a car that you keep on looking at her, after you have parked her. You talk to her, comfort her when you make a mistake while driving and when the ‘Low Fuel Warning Light’ comes on, you tell her, “No problem dear, for the pleasure you provide me with, this is a price I ought to pay.” The best thing about this car is the way she connects with you, the way she gets you involved when you drive. There is certainly something in this car, that people driving in their VW GTs and KTM Dukes give you a thumbs up at the red light. And when the same light turns green, the wheels spin, and you drift ahead of all. The exhaust gives you aural company all throughout the journey. And when you see that long flyover with less traffic, you purposely turn off the music, roll the windows down, drop down a gear or two and floor the throttle. The guys at the Ford service treat your car with utmost respect, “It is the last 1.6 our dealership has ever sold Sir,” they say.

My 2015 Ford Classic 1.6 Titanium-img_2562.jpg

Our life has become very different since we brought her home. This Ford has successfully “made our everyday exciting.” This is our very first car and thus acquires a very special place in our hearts.


Before starting this review, I would like to say something about me and my family. I am a born petrolhead. Cars have played a huge, huge part of my life since childhood. When I came to this big cruel world, my Dad owned an old Piaggio Vespa 150. Since a very young age, I would be found sitting on the scooter, twisting the throttle and screaming ‘Vroom-Vroom’. When I was 3, I was gifted a bicycle with balancing wheels by her side to ensure that I did not involve in any kind of nasty accident, which was an heirloom. This thing kept me busy for hours each day. I was (and am) lucky enough to have a large, large garden and an encouraging father. Well, the balancers went away pretty soon and then it became more fun as I would lean into corners, trying to imitate the MotoGP guys on TV. Needless to say, I have had my fair share of falls.

The turning point of my life came when my Dad gifted me a gleaming red Chevy pickup truck made by Hotwheels, Mattel. There was no stopping since then. Unlike other friends of mine who were busy breaking their toys and crying for new ones, I would wash and polish the Chevy every day. Seeing this, my Dad came to know about the ‘petrolhead’ thing inside me. He himself is a Mechanical Engineer, and all my initial bits about cars came were inherited from him. He gifted me all sorts of books which helped me learn about cars.

In 2010, my Dad bought home a spanking new Honda CB Twister 110. I chose the bike myself with Dad, and it’s a decision which we still are proud of. The Twisty went ahead and won “Bike Of the Year 2011” and I completely went nuts about it. The Twister is a very fun-to-ride bike in itself, unlike any other 100-125CC. Yes, the suspension is a tad bit stiff and the rear seat is well, a joke! We did a 110 kms ride in the Twister with two up riding. That was the ride which made us feel that it was indeed necessary to upgrade now. My grandfather, who died when my Dad was 13, rode an ‘Army’ ridden Bullet, which was probably one of the few hundreds of Bullets which were imported from Redditch. After my gran(when my Dad was of my age) passed away, the Bullet was sold and she was never to be found again… Since then, my Dad has wanted to own an Enfield. This dream turned to reality last year September, when we took delivery of his black Classic 350. We now have two two-wheelers in the garage, the Honda and the Enfield. Fret not! The Vespa is still there. It’s just that she needs some time and money to be on the road again, a semi-restoration if you will.

Before I jump off to the next part, here is a pic of 'BhutuBhutu'.
My 2015 Ford Classic 1.6 Titanium-img_2293.jpg

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Default re: My 2015 Ford Classic 1.6 Titanium

The Car Story

To tell you the truth, it is just few years back that I felt that even my family could buy a car. I live in Burdwan, where buying a car was a luxury until few years back. Things have changed a lot now. Every middle-class family here has at least one car, though Burdwan is not at all an ideal place to go about driving in a car. I think most people who have visited towns like these know why. People have evolved, their tastes have evolved, now it is comparable to any modern city w.r.t commercial places and luxuries, but roads and infrastructure; that is a big NO.

There is no one in my family whom you will call a ‘car enthusiast.’ My Dad has a great liking for SUVs. He wants to own Land Cruiser and a Gypsy someday. It was 2013 that we really started hunting for a car. It took us a good two years to decide. At first we wanted a hatchback. My mom and I loved the Brio, for her cute-as-a-button looks and the Fun-To-Drive factor, respectively. My Dad was a traveler in his college days. Needless to say, the travelbug is still very much there inside him. He wanted a car that could be loaded with some luggage and will be a competent highway cruiser, cruising at highway speeds all day without breaking into a sweat. The Brio didn’t help here. The Maruti Suzuki Swift was so common that it just did not cut it for us. The car buying process was progressing smoothly but slowly, when disaster happened. The 4x4 bug bit my Dad again. We happened to visit the Kanha National Park in December last year. A three month old Gypsy was put to the duty of ferrying us all over the forest. My Dad fell in love with the Gypsy again.

“Damn it,” I thought. “This just had to happen right?”

Coming back home, he could not stop thinking about the Gypsy. We used to have long discussions everyday after he returned from work. One thing was made clear by my Dad during these discussions: he wasn’t going to settle for something in the lines of Duster AWD, which gave you the best of both worlds: fun off the road and practicality on it. It had to be a bare bones *true blue* off roader for him. So, the “best of both worlds plan” got ruled out by my Dad.

Then came the next option. That was buying two used cars at the same time, a family car and an off roader. We started the lookout for cars from both the categories. My mother and grandmother (who, in spite of being the oldest in our family, has a fair bit of love for cars) were averse to buying used cars in the first place, buying two of them at the same time would made them kick us out of the house! I clearly remember what my Mom said to me, “Get us a good *car* and then go buy your truck or whatever!” 

So, the last option was left: buying a spanking new car. Without wasting time, me and my Dad started listing down the qualities we needed from our car. Considering that our usage per month would be <500km, we were fixated on a petrol.

• Able highway cruiser. Should carry on at triple digit speeds all day without breaking into a sweat.

• Should have a punchy, torquey, high revving petrol, preferably NA as they are a dying breed and my Dad wanted to own one before they finally die.

• Good ride quality and minimum fatigue levels

• Mature road manners and fun-to-drive. Should have a chatty steering too

• Should be comfortable enough for four people and have space for their luggage too

• Should be solidly built, be a safe car and have basic safety features like airbags and ABS. We were not gonna compromise on this.

• Proportionate and understated looks

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Default re: My 2015 Ford Classic 1.6 Titanium

Alternatives Considered

Volkswagen Polo GT TSI
Name:  vwpolotsi01.jpg
Views: 28532
Size:  139.6 KB

This IS the car the heart wanted, very much! It matched most of our requirements. This one had a DSG, which meant that it would be more convenient in the city. The TSI is a gem, and this very combo (DSG+TSI) made it a beast of a car. The build quality is superb, and the styling is timeless too. In this car, safety is well being taken care of. All of these points made it a serious contender in our list.

What put us off then, you ask?

Well, for starters, the car was not at all good for a family of four. The rear legroom is poor. And the infamous VW service didn't help too. Moreover, the ASC is located more than 100 kms from our locality, which was a major deal breaker. As this was going to be our first car, we weren't ready to take the risk. DSG+high tech turbo petrol makes it a very complex car too. For newbie mistakes, these could pose a problem.

To sum it up, +ves and -ves for us were:

+Superb engine+gearbox combo
+German build
+Timeless looks

-Poor after sales service
-Poor legroom at the rear
-Too much tech for first-time car owners
-A bit pricey
-DSG issues

So, with a very heavy heart, this lovely car would have to be struck off the list. I am still very much in love with this little V-Dub. Hope to have one in my garage someday!

Toyota Etios Liva TRD Sportivo
My 2015 Ford Classic 1.6 Titanium-toyotalivatrd21.jpg

This one is the perfect all rounder. Cabin space is superb, light controls make for a relaxed drive within the city, and the bomb of an engine in this light car is very rewarding to drive. However, the build is not at all good when compared to cars like the GT. The interiors are DULL! Handling is not at all good when compared with cars like the Classic.

Moreover, when I enquired our nearest dealer about the TRD, they had no clue of it! After some more phone calls, they said that we had to pay the booking amount and then they will try to bring one down for us, they couldn't guarantee though.

+Uniqueness. Till date, I haven't seen a single TRD Sportivo.
+Looks good with the gun metal alloys and neatly designed subtle body kit
+Punchy 1.5L petrol in a hatchback
+Cabin space
+Jap reliability and Toyota's fuss-free ownership experience

-Light build
-Dull interiors
-Not good around the corners as some other cars in the list
-Lack of easy availability

For those who think that the Toyota Etios twins have no soul and are dull and unexciting cars, I request them to think again. I too had the same notion but it changed when I checked out BHPian Samba's petrol Etios during the Kolkata Team-BHP meet.
My 2015 Ford Classic 1.6 Titanium-sambasetios.jpg

Ford Ecosport 1.0L Ecoboost
Name:  fordes.jpg
Views: 28139
Size:  107.7 KB
This is one car which impressed me a lot when it first came to the market. When I heard that a 1.0L turbo petrol could put out 120+BHP, I was like The excitement was short-lived though. I, for one, didn't like the styling and my Dad wasn't going to settle in for a pseudo-SUV. My Mom, though liked everything about the Ecosoprt, found it to be too common on our roads.

+1.0L Ecoboost
+Convenient in the city

-Not at all a proper SUV
-Steering tuned for the mass market
-No exclusivity

So, out went the Ecosport from the list.

Fiat Linea/Punto T-Jet
My 2015 Ford Classic 1.6 Titanium-puntotjet.jpg
The Italian beauty.The Linea T-Jet is the car that my Dad really wanted to buy. The rumors of the Punto T-Jet(Now came true) made things even sweeter. We were absolutely in love with Giugiaro's clean lines. The vault-like build was a superb plus point too. And boy oh boy, the torque on the 1.4L T-Jet was unmatched by any other cars in our shortlist. My Dad loves driving torquey engines and he had his eyes on this one.

What went wrong then? Well, Fiat's pathetic ASC! As BHPian FINTAIL had rightly pointed out(which I didn't realize back then), these cars are sophisticated cars, and we are newbies yet to learn the tricks of the trade. If the CEL comes on suddenly, the nearest ASC being 110kms from my home, wouldn't it be a terrifying situation to be in? Fiat makes great cars. But they seriously need to upgrade their after sales dept. Wish you luck F/I/A/T.

+Styling. No two ways about it
+Highway Stability

-After Sales

Tata Zest 1.2L Revotron XT
Name:  tatazest03.jpg
Views: 27667
Size:  104.0 KB

The only compact sedan we considered to be a contender on our list. I have always had a soft corner for Tata. They are an Indian company, for one. I had read a lot about the engineering done on the Nano few years ago and such frugal engineering from an Indian company is really impressive. I hated it when people called it "cheap" and "Not a car". Believe it or not, a Nano is still on the wishlist , as an inter-city runabout.

'Nuff about the Nano- the Zest. Well, this is a car which deserves better success. If I were to pick between compact sedans, I would definitely pick the Zest. I love the interiors of this Tata. The styling, though still far away from being a sedan. is the best among its lot IMO. Goodies were aplenty, and I was tempted quite easily. Mom loved the Harman infotainment and the superb seats.

But Dad- he was not pleased. He has this strict no against Compact Sedans. For him, it has to be either an SUV, hatchback, or a proper sedan. And, the Zest is all but enthusiastic. Yes, its quite good on the highways, but the puny 1.2, though turbocharged, is still a snail compared to the 1.4L T-Jet and the now-extinct 1.6L Duratec. Handling is not a thing to right home about in this car too, especially when you have cars like the Linea and the Classic on the shortlist.

+Styling, best of the Compact Sedans
+Interiors, spacious and well designed

-Still not a proper sedan.
-Tata's A.S.S
-Engine feels lethargic on the highway
-Neutral handling

That is when the Classic played the magic. Read on to find out!

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Default re: My 2015 Ford Classic 1.6 Titanium

Test Drive, Booking & Bringing Her Home

My 2015 Ford Classic 1.6 Titanium-thereshewas.jpg

One fine day, in March, I finally persuaded my Dad to visit the showroom. I had no tuitions that day and Dad too had kept himself free to keep his word. I was very excited, I remember! So, at 5:00 P.M., we set off on my Dad's Bullet to visit Banerjee Ford, a mere 5kms of journey. We had visited them way back in January, having no plans of buying back then. I was utterly surprised to see that the SA recognized us had a welcoming smile on his face as we made our way into the showroom.

"Classic 1.6, right Sir?", he said, flashing a smile. I nodded back, impressed The next hour was spent talking to him about various stuff like future of Ford India, the automotive scene in India, and of course, Team-BHP! He was very courteous right from the first day. Some more talk and we asked him for a test drive.

Now comes the bad part. No Classic available for TD! Figo and Ecosport were easily available, but no chance of getting a TD Classic. The SA, Mr. Munirul, tried to help us out and called up the owner of a recently bought Ford Classic 1.4 Titanium, that is the top-end diesel. He agreed to come next day and we fixed a time. I went home, very excited and just couldn't concentrate on anything else that day.

Then came the next day. Mom wanted to be present during the TD so she went with us. We reached there and the car was waiting for us already. Shaked hands with Mr. Munirul and the owner as we set off. Thankfully, there was a stretch of fairly empty curvy roads which were a no-brainer for the TD. Off we went for the test drive which later turned out to be a memorable day in my petrolhead life.

The test drive experience was superb. We reached 100 km/hr and didn't even feel a thing. Went over some bad roads, and as expected, the ride felt firm at low speeds but became quite bearable as the speed increased. The owner is an enthusiastic driver and he wanted to show us some twisties on his car. He took the wheel and boy oh boy were we surprised. It was the first time we were experiencing such excellent handling and dynamics. I understood that day why so many people go gaga over this car. I had a great time as I was riding shotgun. We were sold on her.

The interiors were okayish for me, but my Dad said they were superb compared to what he had thought of buying earlier, a Gypsy! Mom loved the AC and the ICE.

We reached the showroom. The test drive felt like a dream. We thanked the owner and he went off. Sir, a hearty thanks to you once again.

Yes, we decided to book the car. You heard it right. We test drove just ONE car and decided to book the same. Sounds a bit weird, right? But we were so impressed with the car after the TD that we decided to go ahead with her.
Now came the color dilemma. I absolutely wanted the white color, so that I could put offset black racing stripes on her(yeah, boy racer!). My Dad wasn't too bothered with the color. My Mom was strictly fixated on the Paprika Red shade. I viewed BHPian vnabhi's garage from the SA's computer and I liked the color too. I still wanted the white color but I was like, "They are letting me choose the car, at least the color of the car should be their choice." We finally agreed on the Paprika Red. The Titanium variant was an easy choice for us as safety features were a must. Delivery was within a month, and the promise wasn't broken.

Booking amount was paid. They promised us the delivery within a month. I was extremely happy that we had finally booked our first car and jumping with joy. The final OTR price after 10k INR discount was 7,60,000 INR.

Checking Her Out

On the last week of April, we got a call from Banerjee Ford that our car had arrived in their stockyard. The dealership in Burdwan is basically a scaled down version of the main dealership in Durgapur. They don't have the service center in Burdwan yet but it will be opened soon. We decided to go to Durgapur and do the PDI, the stockyard being there. The trip to Durgapur was a splendid one. We started at 9:30 in the morning and reached by 11. The Bullet cruised at 80-90 km/h and we thoroughly enjoyed the ride. Finding the dealership was a mincemeat for my Dad owing to his superb geographical skills. No, we did not use the GPS.

We reached the dealership and met with Mr. Ujjal, with whom we had been contacting over phone since the last couple of days. He is very passionate about cars and was particularly interested about my Team-BHP membership. We still remember what he said to us and cherish that now: "Mark my words Sir. The 1.6 Duratec is a rocket. I have driven the 1.5l petrol and 1.0l Ecoboost too. But believe me, nothing comes close to this gem."

We went to check out the Classic and that's when the whole story began. She was standing there in one corner of the large workshop, with all her glory.
My 2015 Ford Classic 1.6 Titanium-img_0741.jpg

Looks lovely, doesn't she?

We performed the PDI by following the Team-BHP PDI Checklist to the T. She passed the test with flying colors. I spent a full two hours checking her out, clicking pictures while Dad completed the payment and the paperwork. We ordered some accessories to be fitted and they were:

1. The Spoiler
2. Scuff Plates
3. Leather Seats
4. Door beading with a chrome line

We decided to take the delivery on 1st May, it being a holiday.


Yes! Finally the day had arrived! It was time to bring her home. Like all petrolheads out here, I couldn't sleep the night before and just kept on thinking about the beauty.

Finally, at 10:30 A.M, we were ready to go to Banerjee Ford to collect our car. My Dad was busy so we had requested the dealer to bring the car down the Burdwan outlet for us to collect her. They did a superb job and when we went there, she was already standing with all her glory, waiting for us to arrive. I jumped in excitement and the SA gave me the keys. My Mom distributed sweets while my Dad completed the last minute formalities. My cousin had also tagged along with us for the first ride.

The happiness was evident on my face:
My 2015 Ford Classic 1.6 Titanium-dday.jpg

The ride back home was amazing. We filled her up in the nearest bunk. Coming home, my grandmother was very excited to see her for the first time. She blessed her and treated us with delicacies, congratulating us on our first purchase.

We set out again in the afternoon, this time my granny tagging along too. The destination was 108 Shiv Mandir .

Doesn't look too out of place sharing the parking space with a Merc
My 2015 Ford Classic 1.6 Titanium-img_1109001.jpg

In the evening, we had a good time going through the owner's manual. We ordered dinner from outside to celebrate.

The best day in my life had come to an end.

P.S: GTO bought his Bimmer on the 1st of May as well. Good coincidence for a BHPian

Dealership Experience

A big shout out to Banerjee Ford, Mr. Munirul, Mr. Ujjal and Mr. Jagannath. The experience was superb with these guys. They were very courteous and diligent from day 1. Mr. Munirul has become a good friend of mine now and we keep in touch with each other. They delivered our car within the time limit they had specified. Paperwork was neatly arranged by them.

Overall, they get a 9/10 rating from me and I will surely visit them again if our next car is a Ford.

Things that could have been better:
  • Showroom Ambience
  • Variety of Test Drive Vehicles
  • Easier availability of accessories

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Default re: My 2015 Ford Classic 1.6 Titanium

My 2015 Ford Classic 1.6 Titanium-img_0745.jpg

My favorite angle till date. The front looks sober, has a sporty stance and the headlights look menacing. The Paprika Red Shade is my second favorite color for the Fiesta, after the Aquaris Blue on the erstwhile 1.6S.

Odometer reading while writing this review

The odo stands at approx. 4k kms. She is She is now 6 months old. The journey has been fabulous!

Usage pattern

She is a highway beast. Out of the total odo reading, at least 80% has been on the highway. She is not used everyday. She is rather a weekend warrior. Our city is too crowded to commute in a 4.3m sedan. She rests at ease at her garage while the Honda and the Enfield do their job. Moreover, the reason of minimal scratches and no dents till date is because she doesn't have to face the furious bikers and rickshaws. She is used on Fridays for ferrying us to restaurants and cafes too.

1st Service

She went through her first service at 12xx kms, on completion of three months(1st August). The experience with Banerjee Ford was good. The engine oil was changed, going by Team-BHP's recommendations. Banerjee Ford was shocked to hear this at first, and told us that this wasn't necessary and they would be changing the oil during the second service. But when we insisted, they obliged. As expected, there were deposits of carbon in the oil.

She was given a thorough wash and the underbody was cleaned too. 3M guys polished her well and the shine came back.

The battery and electricals were checked and we got a positive reading. The brake oil, power steering fluid and windscreen washer were checked and topped up as necessary.

I stayed there the whole day and worked the mechs work. It was a great experience. Thanks a lot BHPian predatorwheelz for his suggestion.

Banerjee Ford gets a 8/10 rating for me for their service. Things that could be improved are:
  • Management
  • Promptness
  • More service bays
  • A wider service network(F.A.S.S is yet not available in Burdwan. We had to head out to Durgapur)

BHPian lovecars21 had also come to Banerjee Ford that day. I spotted his beautiful Figo, which is famous on Team-BHP for the Ladakh and Rajasthan travelogues. Unfortunately, we couldn't meet. He recently bought a Figo Aspire too.

The Accident

She faced an accident when she was just a week old. It was a very unfortunate incident. Some parts had to be repaired/replaced and she went to the body shop. I was a car(e)less guy again. Thanks a lot to BHPian BlackPearl who assured me that it was nothing major and she would gain her initial shape very easily(which she did, thankfully). This is the reason why you will see the silver grille in most of the pics, instead of the black one. The grille had to be replaced and the black one wasn't available.

Banerjee Ford did a FANTASTIC job. Kudos to them!

This was an unfortunate incident and I wouldn't elaborate more. Please bear with me.

Some exterior shots to cheer up the mood:
My 2015 Ford Classic 1.6 Titanium-classic.jpg

My 2015 Ford Classic 1.6 Titanium-classic1.jpg

My 2015 Ford Classic 1.6 Titanium-classic2.jpg

Chilling @ the monsoon meet of Team-BHP Kolkata chapter. Peeping through the picture is BHPian premjit's beautiful Fiesta 1.6S christened BlueStreak.
My 2015 Ford Classic 1.6 Titanium-img_2150.jpg

You can clearly understand from the following pic that it was monsoon. Thanks a ton to BHPian Samba for this gem of a pic.
My 2015 Ford Classic 1.6 Titanium-mewiththefiesta.jpg

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Default re: My 2015 Ford Classic 1.6 Titanium

My 2015 Ford Classic 1.6 Titanium-img_6681.jpg
I really appreciate the way she looks. The Fiesta has 'Classic' lines. When she was designed, there was no such thing as "sub-4m" in the designer's head, and it shows.
My 2015 Ford Classic 1.6 Titanium-fiesta02.jpg

The best thing about the design of this car is proportions. The proportions are just spot on. Any good design has to be well-proportioned. The design has a conventional approach but she still stands out in the plethora of modern cars. The front is menacing, the rear is very pleasing but the side profile is a bit boring. There are not too many cuts n' creases in this car unlike the modern day designs. And I prefer it that way. Overall, the car looks sporty and the design has a kind of flair in it. You wont feel like this car was launched a decade ago, much like the timeless German designs. The design will please most people but she is no crowd puller. More of a sleeper you see. If you look carefully, you will find some nice design elements.

The alloy design is borrowed from the erstwhile Figo. Though they look quite good, the ones that came on the 1.6S would completely change the look. Stock tires are 175/65/R14 Apollo Alnacs. More on them later.
My 2015 Ford Classic 1.6 Titanium-alloy.jpg

The radio antenna is hopelessly out of date! It can be removed by twisting it anti clockwise.
My 2015 Ford Classic 1.6 Titanium-radio-antenna.jpg

The side profile. The door beading is a Ford accessory we installed to spruce up the look of the side profile. Here seen with a Freelander 2:
My 2015 Ford Classic 1.6 Titanium-side-profile.jpg

The tail lamp looks beautiful, especially at night.
My 2015 Ford Classic 1.6 Titanium-taillamp.jpg

The spoiler which we installed as an accessory:
My 2015 Ford Classic 1.6 Titanium-spoiler.jpg

The nose:
My 2015 Ford Classic 1.6 Titanium-fiesta03.jpg

Two windscreen washers do their job well. They are easily adjustable with a small pin.Wipers have good spread but the blades need to be upgraded. Will be done next monsoon.
My 2015 Ford Classic 1.6 Titanium-windscreen-washer.jpg

Blue oval, you make me proud!
My 2015 Ford Classic 1.6 Titanium-blue-oval.jpg

ORVMs have integrated blinkers. They are of the perfect size, unlike the newer Fords i.e the new Figo and Figo Aspire.
My 2015 Ford Classic 1.6 Titanium-orvm.jpg

And good thing is, that they are India friendly! Yippee!
My 2015 Ford Classic 1.6 Titanium-india-friendly.jpg

The 'Classic' badging. The 'i' in here is a tad small than other letters and looks a bit weird. No 1.6 badge, will fit them soon.
My 2015 Ford Classic 1.6 Titanium-classic-badging.jpg

'Titanium' badging where the indicators of the lower variants are placed. Looks good.
My 2015 Ford Classic 1.6 Titanium-titanium.jpg

All the usual details about the car printed on a sticker placed on the rear D-Pillar. VIN was decoded by D-BHPian a4anurag and he found out that she was manufactured on 31st March, 2015.
My 2015 Ford Classic 1.6 Titanium-stickering.jpg

Door handles are robust and feel good to use. The one in picture is from the driver's door and it is the only one to have a keyhole.
My 2015 Ford Classic 1.6 Titanium-door-handle.jpg

Fuel lid stays locked.
My 2015 Ford Classic 1.6 Titanium-fuel-cap.jpg

The headlight is a downside on the Classic. For urban runs, it's more than enough. But it simply fails to do its job out on the highway. Considering the fact that she is such a beast on the highways, Ford should have at least provided the car with better headlights!

Other than that, they look wonderful. Notice that the headlamp in the Titanium variant has a chrome surround to it as opposed to the black surrounds on the lower variants i.e LXi and CLXi. I, for one, would any day prefer the black surround out of the two.
EDIT: Adjusting the headlights have had a great effect. Alignment was all over the place. BHPian 1100Dhad suggested this and it has worked wonders.
My 2015 Ford Classic 1.6 Titanium-headlight.jpg

The fog lamps are awesome. Absolutely no complaints against them.
My 2015 Ford Classic 1.6 Titanium-fog.jpg

The place where you have to attach the tow hook. This is a characteristic feature of the yesteryear Fords. Suppose you are on a trip driving your loaded car, and suddenly something goes kaput and the need arises to tow her. You have to unload all your luggage and search for the tow hook in the region where the jack is kept. Can't think of a more frustrating situation. It is advised to attach the tow hook before hand, ideally at the start of your trip.
My 2015 Ford Classic 1.6 Titanium-tow-eye.jpg

This sticker is found on the left rear window:
My 2015 Ford Classic 1.6 Titanium-fordassist.jpg
Some exterior shots:
My 2015 Ford Classic 1.6 Titanium-fordf.jpg

My 2015 Ford Classic 1.6 Titanium-fordf1.jpg

And these beautiful pictures are from BHPian 1100D's side. Thanks a lot Sir!

My 2015 Ford Classic 1.6 Titanium-unnamed.jpg

My 2015 Ford Classic 1.6 Titanium-fordfiesta.jpg

My 2015 Ford Classic 1.6 Titanium-fordfiesta03.jpg

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Default re: My 2015 Ford Classic 1.6 Titanium

My 2015 Ford Classic 1.6 Titanium-dash.jpg

The interiors are surely function over form. Most people would say that the dash layout is outdated. I kind of agree with them. This car takes you back in time. No funky displays or HUs, no climate control, no abundance of toys to play with, no "chrome-knurled" finish on the knobs, and heck, not even a proper MID! But what you get though is a car which gives you an analogue feel when you step inside. The ergos are superb for the most part and once you are seated on the driver's seat, there is really nothing much to complain here. The driving position is just spot on and complements the sporty nature of the car. It's low slung but you still get a proper view of the road. As is the case with Fords, the dashboard is slightly offset towards the driver's seat. All controls fall in hand quite easily.

The black 'n' beige theme is quite likeable. The dash of beige breaks the monotony of black in the cabin and as a result, you won't be suffering from claustrophobia when you are inside. I personally prefer all-black interiors in a car, but the beige on the Classic is quite okay for me. Of course, when the car becomes mine, the dashboard would be painted to black.

The interiors of the Classic are the only part of the car which certainly shows the car's age. But that doesn't take away the fact that the minimalistic and simple design layout of the cabin is handsome, even when compared to modern day cars. Purists and people with traditional tastes will certainly like the cabin. Overall, it's quite a good place to be in.

But, fit and finish in some areas leave a LOT to be desired. Simply put, they look totally out of place on a car of this price. They can be forgiven though because of the driving position, ergonomics and simple design layout.

The steering is quite good to hold. It does not have a leather finish but it grips well and has contours for your fingers. Horn pad is not difficult to reach and press at all. She doesn't have any steering mounted controls. The leather cover was added to the steering, much to my disliking. The steering is tilt adjustable and has a good range. Coupled with the height adjustable driver's seat, shorter drivers won't find a problem here.
My 2015 Ford Classic 1.6 Titanium-steering.jpg

The AC controls are straightforward large knobs with an unappealing font style. The AC is a total bone chiller sporting a 154 cc compressor. It cools the cabin very efficiently even during the hottest days of summer.
My 2015 Ford Classic 1.6 Titanium-ac.jpg

Old school rotary type AC vents do their job pretty well. They are prone to scratches though. Notice the silver inserts.
My 2015 Ford Classic 1.6 Titanium-ac-vent.jpg

The central AC vents are exactly identical to the side ones.
My 2015 Ford Classic 1.6 Titanium-central-ac-vents.jpg

The boot release is unusually placed but it is one of the most practical locations. Note that when central locking is enabled, the boot release doesn't function.
My 2015 Ford Classic 1.6 Titanium-boot-release.jpg

There is a 12V charging socket here with plenty of space to rest a smartphone. Cubby holes are useful for storing knick-knacks too.
My 2015 Ford Classic 1.6 Titanium-12v.jpg

The gear lever has a premium feel to it. It grips well enough. This coupled with the precise gearbox makes shifting gears on this car a joy.
My 2015 Ford Classic 1.6 Titanium-gear-lever.jpg

The instrument cluster looks awesome and it's housing is well carved out. Easily visible from the driver's as well as the shotgun seat.
My 2015 Ford Classic 1.6 Titanium-cluster.jpg

The ORVM adjustment switch is convenient to use and has a superb finish.
My 2015 Ford Classic 1.6 Titanium-adjustment.jpg

90% of folks complain about the stalk arrangement of Ford cars sold in India(except the Aspire and new Figo). I would agree to disagree. I think it's just a matter of getting used to. I think this problem is overrated by most people. The stalks exude quality. They feel superb to use and there are no rough edges anywhere.

The indicator stalk is on the left side. It is also used for toggling the headlight from lower beam to higher beam or vice versa. It also has the lane-change function and the indicators blink 3 times. There is a very silent "cluck-click" sound when the indicators are on which is pleasing to the ears. But it becomes inaudible when the stereo is turned on.
My 2015 Ford Classic 1.6 Titanium-indicator-stalk.jpg

The wiper stalk is on the right side. There are three modes to control the speed of the windscreen wiper. You can also give it a light press downwards to activate the wipers for a single sweep. The windscreen washer switch is placed on the right end of the stalk. When you press that, wipers activate at the lowest speed and do three sweeps. After that they pause for a moment(approx 3 secs) and do a full sweep again to wipe off the residual fluid. This is a very thoughtful and useful feature; high end cars like a BMW 5 Series skips this(info obtained from GTO's Bimmer thread).
My 2015 Ford Classic 1.6 Titanium-wiper-stalk.jpg

The hazard light switch is placed in the center console and falls into your hand quite easily.
My 2015 Ford Classic 1.6 Titanium-hazard-light.jpg

The rear windscreen defogger switch. Ford calls it the "intelligent defogger".
My 2015 Ford Classic 1.6 Titanium-defogger.jpg

The glovebox lid feels plasticy. It opens to give you a generous storage compartment. The light comes on when you open the glovebox. USB port is loacted here.
My 2015 Ford Classic 1.6 Titanium-glovebox.jpg

The headlight is placed on the right side of the steering wheel above the driver's knee, as is the case with most Euro cars. Turn once for parking lamps, twice for high/low beams. Pull once for front fog lamps, twice for rear fog lamps. I was told by F.A.S.S that it can be customized in such a way that just a single pull will activate both the sets of fog lamps. That way, you can install aux lamps without harming your dashboard, as you get an extra switch. BHPian AJ-got-BHP has a similar setup on his
My 2015 Ford Classic 1.6 Titanium-headlight-switch.jpg

The hood release. You just have to give it a mere pull to release the hood. A lever will come out of the grille and you have to simultaneously keep the lever pulled and open the hood. Pop the hood!

My 2015 Ford Classic 1.6 Titanium-hood-release.jpg

There is this nifty coin holder below the headlight switch. Collected any change from the toll plaza and need a place to store them: Check. Build quality is average but it shuts tightly.
My 2015 Ford Classic 1.6 Titanium-coinholder.jpg

The driver's and front passenger's door lever is different from that of the other two. All of the levers go inwards when the central locking activates once the car touches 7 km/h. If you have to unlock any of the rear doors, you can simply pull that particular lever and it will unlock that very door. But if you pull any of the front door levers, the whole car will be unlocked. the "drive away" feature is a nice approach towards safety and many coveted "feature rich" cars miss this simple feature.

On the downside, fit and finish is terrible here. Note that the screw covers came off at ONLY 3 months of usage.
My 2015 Ford Classic 1.6 Titanium-door.jpg

The fuel lid release button. It's located below the driver's seat.
My 2015 Ford Classic 1.6 Titanium-fuel-lid-release.jpg

The driver gets to control all the windows. No one touch up/down though. This is one thing that is sorely missed. Activating the toggle will deactivate the rear power window switches.
My 2015 Ford Classic 1.6 Titanium-driverssidepower.jpg

Grab handles on all sides except the driver's. Feel cheap to hold.
My 2015 Ford Classic 1.6 Titanium-grab.jpg

VIN no. is stamped below the driver's seat!
My 2015 Ford Classic 1.6 Titanium-vin-no-stamp.jpg

Height adjustment lever for the driver's seat feels flimsy! Height adjustment range is good enough though.
My 2015 Ford Classic 1.6 Titanium-height.jpg

The key hole is finished well. Does not illuminate up like modern cars though.
My 2015 Ford Classic 1.6 Titanium-key-hole.jpg

The leashes of the horse.
ABC pedals are well spaced and they grip well. Although a dead pedal is lacking, there is plenty of space to rest the left foot.
My 2015 Ford Classic 1.6 Titanium-abc.jpg

The lever under the front seats to push it back and forth:
My 2015 Ford Classic 1.6 Titanium-backnforth.jpg

A parting shot:
My 2015 Ford Classic 1.6 Titanium-intview.jpg

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Default re: My 2015 Ford Classic 1.6 Titanium

Overall, the cabin is well designed. But there are two places where this Ford is lacking: space and finish.

The front seats are superbly comfortable. They fit snugly and are great for touring. They are well cushioned, and neither too soft nor too stiff. Under-thigh support is great and legroom in the front is adequate.
My 2015 Ford Classic 1.6 Titanium-front-seats.jpg

The rear seats could've been better. They are a bit upright but that's really not the problem. Problem is that they are too stiff. Again, it's just a matter of getting used to. Once you have set in, they are quite comfortable and two people can sit here all day when you plan to long haul with the beast. When I checked out the Aspire, I did notice that they have improved the rear seats a lot. They are softer and more snug, and the recline angle is good.

Three people can be seated, but that's it. Cars of similar size or even less(e.g. Liva/Etios) have much better accommodation for three people at the back.
My 2015 Ford Classic 1.6 Titanium-rear-seats.jpg

Rear legroom is decent even with the seats pushed all the way back. Three people won't find a problem in the legroom department.

There is a cupholder stacked in the middle of the two front seats. They can hold 1L bottles too!

My 2015 Ford Classic 1.6 Titanium-cupclosed.jpg

When there are only two(or no) passengers, just pull it while the space doubles up.

My 2015 Ford Classic 1.6 Titanium-cupholder.jpg

There is an armrest too. It is comfortable and wide enough for two people to enjoy simultaneously. It has cup holders too, but they are strictly cup holders.
My 2015 Ford Classic 1.6 Titanium-armrest.jpg

Blends in with the rest of the seat nicely.
My 2015 Ford Classic 1.6 Titanium-armfolded.jpg

The rear door has a simple design with soft cushion-like beige inserts.
My 2015 Ford Classic 1.6 Titanium-rear-door.jpg

The storage compartment in the rear door is absolutely useless!
My 2015 Ford Classic 1.6 Titanium-rdoorstore.jpg

The rear head restraints are are quite good and can be adjusted according to your liking.
My 2015 Ford Classic 1.6 Titanium-rear-head-restriants.jpg

The ingress isn't convenient for senior citizens. You really have to bend down if you are tall. If you aren't careful, you are bound to bang your head.
My 2015 Ford Classic 1.6 Titanium-rearingress.jpg

OBD port is neatly tucked in the steering column.
My 2015 Ford Classic 1.6 Titanium-obdport.jpg

Now, I am about to show you something TERRIBLE. The lid of the OBD port simply refuses to close! It has been like this since Day 1. Talk about very poor fit and finish. Now when I think of it, it did freak me out when we brought her home, but these are certain aspects of the car which you have to tolerate and live with considering the huge amount of positives. I am thinking of removing the lid completely(in its current form, it doesn't serve any purpose!).
My 2015 Ford Classic 1.6 Titanium-obdcl.jpg

The audio system is simply fantastic considering it's stock. It supports CD(includes a 6-CD changer), iPod, AUX in, USB and Bluetooth. Bluetooth pairing didn't vause any problem, at least with my rooted Moto G running CyanogenMod 12.1. Bass levels are good. It shows the time when switched off. Oh and yes, there is the evergreen FM radio! Do note that it gets it's own manual. Bluetooth telephony works as expected.
My 2015 Ford Classic 1.6 Titanium-ice.jpg

The interior lights. They have a theater-like dimming effect.
My 2015 Ford Classic 1.6 Titanium-light1.jpg

My 2015 Ford Classic 1.6 Titanium-light2.jpg

The front doors open wide enough. Door pockets can hold two 1L bottles. Need anti-slip mats for them.
My 2015 Ford Classic 1.6 Titanium-frontdoor.jpg

The handbrake is leather wrapped. It feels good to hold and fits in your hand very well.
My 2015 Ford Classic 1.6 Titanium-handb.jpg

Sun visors on both sides have a vanity mirror.
My 2015 Ford Classic 1.6 Titanium-sun.jpg

Rear passengers get this nifty light on both sides which is pretty useful when you have to fund stuff.
My 2015 Ford Classic 1.6 Titanium-rlight.jpg

The lever placed in the under the steering to adjust the same. Wonder why it has yellow markings on it.
My 2015 Ford Classic 1.6 Titanium-adjuststeer.jpg

Some other points about the interiors:
  • Beige door panels get dirty very easily. I personally don't like them. And, they once got wet accidentally and took a long time to dry up. (Was washing the car and a tiny bit of the windows was open)
  • The seats were beige in color when she came from the factory. Man, they were absolute dirt magnets!
  • Rear parcel tray can hold quite a bit of those newspapers and knick knacks.
  • The cabin has many of these thoughtful features which modern cars skip.
  • NVH levels are satisfactory. There's nothing to complain, but they aren't particularly good too.
  • The Figo's stalks for controlling the audio are sorely missed here.
  • The focus on the design of the interiors seem to be on function rather than form.
  • They are built tough, and built to last. If taken basic care, they will last forever.
  • More storage spaces would've been welcome. I couldn't find a convenient place to rest the smartphone.
  • Sorry sir, no soft touch plastics here.
  • AC is super effective! Does a great job of cooling the cabin in a matter of minutes! It is rare that we have increased the blower speed from 1. the blower though is very noisy, particularly at 3 and 4. Relief is that they are not actually required much.
  • Plenty of rough edges to be found inside the cabin.

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Default re: My 2015 Ford Classic 1.6 Titanium

Note: I don't have a driving license yet. The following has been compiled from the shotgun seat and after having numerous discussions with my father and the chauffeur, who have driven this car extensively. I can guarantee though that it doesn't take away the fun from this post. In fact, this is the post that you're going to love reading the most!
My 2015 Ford Classic 1.6 Titanium-img_6929.jpg

Here comes the best part.

Where do I start? I don't have words to describe how awesomely this Ford goes.

Step inside, and you're greeted by a cabin that is very driver oriented. You feel special as you turn the key and the meters glow. You turn on the ignition and hear a mellow sound from the exhaust. It is almost inaudible inside the cabin. You slot the slick manual to clutch, stomp on the gas pedal and release the clutch. What follows is the front wheels spinning like they have been released from the prison and torque steer welcomes you to the world of fun. You realize that there is so much fun to be had from behind the wheel of this sedan. Without delay, you climb up the revs, build up speed, and upshift. Second gear upshift leads to wheelspin too, if you are doing it spiritedly. After 4K RPM, it is almost irresistible for you to not rev all the way to the limit. The exhaust note is pure music now and she flies like there is a rocket up her back. Power delivery is extremely linear while being exciting at the same time.

The steering literally tells you anything and everything. It's very direct and responsive. Even a slight twitch leads to a change of direction. She is ever ready to point her nose to exactly the direction you'd want her to. This is where the HPS of an otherwise "outdated" car outshines the EPS' of the newer ones. It weighs up beautifully too and triple digit speeds reward you with so much confidence. Feedback from the steering is just superb. It talks to you and reads your mind. There is no hint of vagueness. Every undulation on the road passes on to the steering and it tells you exactly how the condition of the road is. She obliges on mid corner corrections. The steering is so steady, yet so alive! We are just loving it! It simply provides the car with the ability to talk to you.

Taking corners in this car is even more fun. There is a very minimal amount of body roll to be felt and the car is sprung just right for those high speed turns. Ford has really taught this car how to behave properly Understeer doesn't creep in easily, in spite of being a front wheel drive car. Average drivers won't possibly be able to take this car to her limits. At least we haven't! Corner carving becomes addictive! She feels very stable on the highway and passengers won't even realize what speeds you are doing. Lane changing is very safe and predictable.

The stock Apollos surely aren't enough to handle the given power and torque and not changing them in the first place was a mistake, which we realized later. Grip levels aren't adequate and they squeal very easily. That apart, they aren't noisy and ride quality is pretty good. Next upgrade is surely the tires.

Ride quality is definitely, definitely on the stiffer side. At low speeds, you can feel every small undulation on the road. It can be compared to walking barefoot! Frankly, it's a bit irritating but keep in mind the positives of the stiff setup which easily outweigh the negatives, we can live with it. Coming to the positives, there's plenty of them. I have already mentioned the cornering capabilities of the car. Apart from that, a stiff suspension helps a lot when doing high speeds. The car doesn't float at all. Above 60km/h, ride quality is decent. Small bumps won't pass on to the passengers. The suspension soaks them up quite competently. It isn't noisy too. It's on the scariest of potholes that you hear the *thud*.

My folks would've preferred a softer setup, but that comes at the cost of losing some of the brilliant handling prowess. So we aren't complaining. What makes matters worse at the rear though are the stiff seats. Going over bad roads isn't really this car's forte. The newer Fords are much better on this particular aspect. Better tires are bound to improve the ride quality.

The car feels very mature on the road. This is a feeling which the driver as well as the passengers would appreciate. The bumps and potholes won't scare you because the Classic doesn't unsettle easily. She carries her poise on all types of roads and sticks to the road stubbornly, like a leech.

Braking is great and she sheds speed without juddering or making you nervous. She holds a straight line even when you have to brake suddenly. ABS had to kick in only once, when a cow suddenly jumped onto the middle of the road. The superb brakes and ABS coupled with the dynamics helped the driver to steer clear of the cow. ABS worked much better than we had expected it to. That incident made us proud about our decision. ABS had saved our day, as well as the cow's! Even the cow, who had almost thought that it's life was going to end, was amazed!

Pedal feel could've been better. The brakes feel a bit over-servoed. Make no mistake, because this doesn't make the experience less fun by any ways. It's just some times that you think that the brakes could've done with a little more feel.
__________________________________________________ ________

The heart!

My 2015 Ford Classic 1.6 Titanium-img_6790.jpg

NAs are a dying breed. Turbo petrols are taking the world by storm. It's just a matter of time before they become extinct. Most people are aware of the saying, "There is no replacement for displacement," but how many of us agree to that? The 1.6 Sigma(Duratec) will forcibly make you believe so. It is simply the best part of the car, truly a gem.

Crank the engine and it's almost inaudible. Below 3000 RPM, it's really very quiet. Refinement levels are amazing!

Low end response is great. Just a tap on the accelerator and you're good to go. Driving her in the city is a pleasure. The first gear is very short. The second gear can be engaged at speeds below 10 km/h, and it will go all the way upto 90! Third gear is the gear for in city commutes. It can trundle around at very low speeds owing to the torque available and when you find an open stretch, you just have to dab the accelerator to climb up to greater speeds. Throttle response is very sharp. The speed breakers can be cleared with no inputs to the clutch or accelerator, in 3rd gear itself. It's only when you have a loaded car and the speed breaker is a bit too large that you have to downshift to second. In any gear, there is abundance of toque after 1000 RPM. We recently made a trip to Ajodhya Hills in Purulia and she surprised us. There were four people with luggage and never did the car feel out of breath on the hilly sections. Inclines could be climbed up in second gear. 5th gear can engaged at speed as low as 60 km/h.

On the open road, she just flies! It is after 3000 RPM that the fun part begins. The engine note changes to a growl and it is enough to convince you to rev more. Power is spread all throughout the powerband. Mid range is just superb! On the highways, you just have to floor the throttle and change gears at the rev limiter and you will find her making RAPID progress. You reach the ton in a jiffy and you won't even realize that. The steering weighs up greatly and never do you feel unsafe while having all the fun. The 1.6 Sigma really makes the car a beast.

Want to cruise? No problem! 100 km/h comes in at a leisurely 2900 RPM in the 5th gear. You can cruise all day with the engine purring. She is a really competent highway cruiser. The low end torque is so great that you don't need to downshift while overtaking. Although high revving the Duratec is a lot of fun, you can be involved in the drive without necessarily high revving.

The gearbox is again very good. It is a short throw unit and like most other aspects of the car, it has been designed to keep you engaged too. The gearing is short which has a negative effect on the FE but is much more fun that way. The gear shift action is precise. The clutch is neither too light, nor too heavy. Clutch travel is moderate.

Fuel Efficiency

All this fun comes at a cost. Fuel efficiency is nothing to write home about. It's average for an old school NA engine. In the city, it varies from 9-12 km/l. On the highway, it varies from 13-16 km/l. One thing I noticed is that if you keep the revs between 3k-5k, you get the best FE. This proves the point that the engine was tuned for having fun.

After reading this post, you can clearly understand that she is simply too much fun. And that's the reason my Dad has named her TooFun, or Toofan(cyclone) if you really insist!

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Default re: My 2015 Ford Classic 1.6 Titanium


TooFun has been blessed with a lot of accessories till date.

My 2015 Ford Classic 1.6 Titanium-spoiler.jpg

Procured from: Banerjee Ford

Cost: approx. 10,000 INR

This was installed to spruce up the looks. It looks subtle. Fit and finish and paint quality is simply great!

Scuff Plates

My 2015 Ford Classic 1.6 Titanium-scuff.jpg

Procured from: Banerjee Ford

Scuff plates exude quality. They have "Classic" branding on them.

Body Side Moulding Kit with Chrome Lining

My 2015 Ford Classic 1.6 Titanium-img_6670.jpg

Procured from: Banerjee Ford

Cost: Approx 4000 INR

Neck Pillow(4 pieces)

My 2015 Ford Classic 1.6 Titanium-img_6729.jpg

Procured from: S&S Inc., Gariahat, Kolkata

Cost: 700 INR each

They are quite comfortable and a boon on long drives. My Dad and I wanted black, while Mom wanted beige. We finally went for 2 beige ones (for the rear) and two black ones (for the front).

Faux Diffuser

My 2015 Ford Classic 1.6 Titanium-ss.jpg

Fitted at: S&S Inc

Cost: 500 INR

I was inspired by the faux diffuser on the erstwhile Fiesta 1.6S. So, tried a similar thing and the result was great. It is a vinyl wrap. The rear looks great now. S&S team showed a great level of workmanship and the fit and finish is superb.

Other accessories include an Amkette phone holder, leather steering cover, mobile charger, floor mats(freebie from Ford), and of course, Team-BHP stickers to boot!

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Default re: My 2015 Ford Classic 1.6 Titanium

My 2015 Ford Classic 1.6 Titanium-milestogo.jpg
  • No bonnet insulation, but who cares! I need to the listen to the snarl!

  • The 1.6 makes 101 ps of power and 146 Nm of torque.

  • The turning radius is awesome. This car just nips through the traffic.

  • The fuel tank is 45 litres.

  • Boot space is humongous, and can swallow luggage well. It's 430Ltrs. I don't have a good picture currently but will update ASAP. Loading bay is convenient enough.

  • The remote key can be programmed in various ways.

  • 4 speakers and 2 tweeters.

  • Build quality is leagues better than the new Figo and Figo Aspire.

  • Incidentally, two of my favorite cars from the yesteryears are Fords as well: a Ford GT40 and a 1967 Shelby GT500! Now that's cool!

  • Ford calls the interior theme 'ebony and camel'.

  • The windscreen washer reservoir's capacity is about 1.5l.

  • TooFun has already started taking us places: Joypur forest, Bishnupur, Purulia, Shantiniketan and many other places!

  • She is washed shampooed once a week.

  • The front mud flaps are awfully designed! They scrape at every speed breaker! Fiesta owners know this. Can anyone suggest a replacement?

  • I had created an ownership report way back. But moderator GTO's 530d thread and BHPian RavenAvi's Creta thread left me awestruck. Though they are leagues better than mine, I tried to make mine better by being inspired by them.

  • My tool for composing the review, my faithful laptop, proudly boasts a Team-BHP sticker too!

  • TooFun made her presence felt at the Ford Owner's Meet. Thanks to all the good folks there!

  • There is a secret menu in the instrument console. To open that menu, you have to press the button, keep it pressed, and turn the key. It can show various info like RPM, temperature and many more about which I don't have any clue. Will do more research on this and keep the thread updated. Thanks a lot to BHPian techiecal(who also owns a Classic 1.6) to let me know about this.

  • The engine takes quite some time to heat up. It's warmed up temperature on the gauge is 90 C. However, after a hot run with AC running at full blast in the summer, the secret menu can show up to 105 C of temperature. Thanks again to BHPian techiecal to let me know about this.

  • The key has three buttons. One for locking, one for unlocking, and another for releasing the boot. Te boot release requires to be pressed twice. Not a flippy key.

  • Spare key is not a remote key.

  • Odo display stays on for sometime after the car has been locked.

Now, there are a lot of people who have helped me in various ways. They deserve a mention here.

First of all, my parents! Mom and Dad, thank you for supporting my passion. Thank you for being with me, always! Thank you for letting me shortlist the cars. Thank you!


1100D: Thanks a lot Sir, for all the help and guidance.

FINTAIL: Thank you for being the brother and for all the suggestions and help. Cheers bro!

GTO: For your help at the forum.

Rehaan: For all the good things you've done for me.

BlackPearl : For being the one stop source for everything.

AJ-got-BHP: For answering all the Ford related queries.

Samba: For your help in discovering West Bengal and your awesome pictures.

IshaanIan: For your help.

vnabhi: For your superb LTO report that made us confident.

predatorwheelz: For your advice and guidance.

techiecal: For your technical help.

aravind.s: For answering all my queries patiently via PMs.

premjit: For all the 1.6 help.

Thanks a ton to BHPians khoj, iliketurtles, CrAzY dRiVeR, 599gto, Rajeevraj, aravind.anand, a4anurag. Also, thanks to the members of the Ford Owner's group for their help in random cases.

Thanks to Team-BHP for changing my life and letting me know so much about cars! This one is dedicated to the forum:
My 2015 Ford Classic 1.6 Titanium-img_6909.jpg
__________________________________________________ ____________
__________________________________________________ ______________

What I like:
  • The 1.6 Duratec. Enough said.
  • The driving dynamics and corner carving capabilities, not to forget the brilliant feedback from the steering.
  • The boot space.
  • The thoughtful features.
  • The design. Simplistic, elegant yet so sporty!
  • The overall experience of dealing with Ford
  • The powerful AC, the audio system, and the well designed interiors
  • Ride quality, though on the stiffer side, is very mature. Stability at triple digit speeds is amazing!
  • Solid build

What I don't:
  • Poor fit and finish in some areas
  • Average FE
  • Stiff rear seats
  • Lack of storage compartments which are actually usable in day to day life.
  • Stock tyres
  • Cabin feels narrow and cramped.
  • Misses out on some features

Hope you liked reading the review. This is my first attempt and I am a newbie. Please do share your views, feedback, and tips.

Keep revvin'

My 2015 Ford Classic 1.6 Titanium-partingshot.jpg

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Default re: My 2015 Ford Classic 1.6 Titanium

Thread moved from the Assembly Line to the Initial Ownership Section. Thanks for sharing!

Wow Petrolhead_Neel, for someone who's still in highschool, this is one hell of an ownership report! Superb job presenting it so well.

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Default re: My 2015 Ford Classic 1.6 Titanium

What a joyous thread!
I know about the car, as do you, so I will not sing tales of her. You, my friend, though, are another matter.
So young, yet this ownership review could have been penned for,and paid for, by any of the leading auto mags!

Have great fun with a gem of a car. Its good enough for you to inherit it when you are allowed to drive, trust me. If you're so gung-ho about her now, wait till you floor it.

And do keep writing.
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Default re: My 2015 Ford Classic 1.6 Titanium

Your clarity of thought, attention to detail and such a lucid style of writing belies your age. What a fantastic review! Very very nicely worded Neel.

And fabulous car as well. For the price that you got it for, really, the options that we have now seem so boring and overpriced. The only thing i would have liked is an automatic climate control and it would be perfect.

Pretty soon most B/C segment hatchbacks and sedans will come with turbo petrol and diesels and motors like the 1.6 will become rarer and rarer. A great driver's car and an excellent choice. Considering that you will be leaping behind the wheel of this the minute you get your DL, you will be spoiled silly by the driving dynamics of your 'first' car.
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Default re: My 2015 Ford Classic 1.6 Titanium

The last of a dying breed, congratulations are in order for buying one of the last few off the line

There are hardly any affordable enthusiast cars in the Indian market even today, most let down by something or the other. Sure the previous-gen Fords won't win any beauty contests, but there's enough GO to more than make up for the NO-SHOW, and there's something to be said about a CLASSIC design.

We own a previous gen Figo and even handicapped by its lackluster 1.2 Duratec motor, it's more FTD than most of its contemporaries. How I'd love to have a 1.6 beast under the hood of that one!

Enjoy (with) the Toofun, it's the drive that ultimately matters to the Petrolhead, and this car has more of it than anything else you could buy for your money

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