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Old 24th October 2006, 12:14   #16
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Hey. Congrats for the Best decision you would have ever taken in your life. I took my Dicor 20 Days back and I just dont feel like leaving it. Already drove over 200 Kms and its really good. Game me a mileage of 10.75 KMPL with AC on highway
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Wishes on your new DICOR

I think the electrical sytem should be checked could be loose fuse or either immobiliser was not harnessed properly..Should be a resolved ASAP.

For XETA petrol the first service range is 5000-5500 and second at 10,000-10,500..! Wonder why ?
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Old 27th October 2006, 07:25   #18
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Congratulations suman..take care & drive safe

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Old 27th October 2006, 15:13   #19
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Hey Suman,

Congratulations and badhai ho.

Now hopefully the 110 KM daily runs will not be that taxing. Hope you enjoy your Safari ( Looks really really nice) for years to come.

With Regards,
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Old 27th October 2006, 15:21   #20
Team-BHP Support
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Congrats dude! One more beast added to the TBHP family. Enjoy your ride!
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Old 27th October 2006, 15:28   #21
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Originally Posted by suman
Just a quick update, haven't been on the net for the past couple of a call from the dealership on Tuesday evening saying the vehicle had arrived, so off we went on Thursday (auspicious day for us usually, Dhanteras on top of that) and picked up the Arctic Silver beast around 7 pm . In the process, we were (as the sales guy kept joking) ushered into the magic world of Tata Motors or, as I keep saying, the world of Tata Quality Control (read - lack of it!!). So, the first few issues that surfaced before and as we left the dealership (to be fixed over the next couple of days) -

1) Left front passenger side power window not going up smoothly, to be adjusted
2) Rear center armrest cup-holder clip defective, to be replaced
3) Engine compartment bulb went "phut" as soon as I switched it on
4) Audio expert had gone home so they were unable to get the Blaupunkt FM tuning done!
5) Seat belt off warning doesn't function for front passenger side

Well, what with Steer & Nitin having adequately prepared me for what to expect (Ranjit hasn't had any issues lucky bloke), these seemed pretty inconsequential so off we went to fill up some gas & then on to dinner. Ishaan called just as we were leaving the dealership (Sam, sorry couldn't meet up with you this time but was busy knocking down a few that evening myself after taking this mammoth plunge so....) so he was the first to know and then Saazid when he called (but that was a couple of days later).

So now, its been about 160 kms plus and beginning to enjoy the experience - though it takes one hell of a lot of getting used to after a sedan. I'm really having to consciously adjust between the Fiesta & this beast, be it (obviously) the throttle response or the brakes!

I like the way it ambles along the highway and you don't feel like you're doing 100 till the kids remind you - "Dad, remember not to cross till you complete 1500!" Of course I like the way the lesser mortals make way (call center cabs included ). Pretty confortable ride so far & steering feel is OK (maybe I'm just getting used to it too quickly lol!!).

Don't like - weird maladies that get fixed on their own - on Friday evening was going out for a drink, started her up, switched on the lights, they came on briefly & went out. Couldn't get them going though I tried 4 or 5 times, gave up, used the fog lamps & went on (we were going round the corner). Immobilizer warning light also kept flashing on & off. Next morning (being Diwali, dealership would be closed) decided to check out the fuses etc for myself. Got in, started up the engine, switched on the lights and lo-behold, there they were, blazing away! Can you beat it!!

Welcome to the world of Tata Motors!!! Will post some pics maybe tomorrow, in a bit of a rush now.....more later guys. Cheers
Really happy for all you Safari owners - its my fav vehicle in India - and me being a SUV person than a sedan fella - not been able to pick up a Safari so far makes it that much more hedonistic

Enjoy your Safaris, you lucky dawgs!
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Old 27th October 2006, 15:35   #22
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You seem to be taking the niggling issues in the right spirit...well, congratulations to a happy owner!
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Thanks guys !

GTO, yes, decided that since I had made a conscious decision to go with the Dicor, I may as well live with the issues (as long as they are minor ).

Went to the workshop on Wednesday and got the power window & cup holder done, stereo was tuned up, fan belt was tightened & steering center pin was for the engine compartment light, hold your came on by itself and has been working satisfactorily ever since!!!!! The sales guy was as dumbfounded as I was because he'd seen for himself on the day of delivery how it had gone off & not come back on.

Condor & Steeroid, you were absolutely correct, even though the manual says the seat belt warning should work for both the front seats, it is supposed to be only for the driver's side even in the VX (confirmed by workshop guys as well as fellow tbhpian Ranjit).

So that's where we are guys, done 533 kms as of this morning, will get to know the mileage when I retank-up in a day or two. Quite a breeze driving it so far though there are a number of squeaks & rattles surfacing, when unladen rather than when loaded. More as we go along.

Last edited by suman : 27th October 2006 at 16:06.
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Hearty congratulations - lots of new DICORs on the group these days!
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Old 30th October 2006, 10:23   #25
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hey suman...congrats
Safari is a nice beasty SUV..take good care of it & enjoy at fullest

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Have fun with the beast, suman. Looks cool.
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Old 2nd November 2006, 14:16   #27
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Hey Suman,

So you finally have bought the Beast.

Congrats Man.

Well dear frankly I didn't like the choice of the color, you know they all have Silvers. Black for me, always, but you said earlier that you didn't go for that beacuse its hard to maintain. Ok. But dear they do have other beautiful colors like that beautiful Arctic blue and 'Pearl white'.

I saw a sparkling new 'Pearl White' Dicor on the road here at Naraina, Delhi and it looked amazing, the first time I saw a Safari in that color and it looked so Big and Beautiful, just amazing.

Anyways Suman Dear it sure looks fine in Silver too.

Badhai Again for finally reclaiming your life. I too want to reclaim my life but will wait for 2.2.

Bittu + Ashok Harish.
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Old 10th November 2006, 12:12   #28
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Thanks Hrag, Sachin, SB & Ashok........I like my silver beast .

Just a few updates, car's done 1200 kms so far, two tankups of fuel done, returning 9.6 & 9.7 kmpl which is pretty decent I think. This is with AC on & a 50-50 mix of light & heavy traffic conditions. Haven't gone beyind the mandated 100 kmph, the 1500 kms should be done by the middle of next week so that's when it's showtime folks!

One niggle last Friday - engine cranking over but not starting. Called the helpline and they came, hooked up their laptop, diagnosed as a problem with the cam sensor (apparently happening frequently with Dicors these days so that's another retrofit coming up!), fixed in less than a minute & started up immediately thereafter.

DISLIKE so far - rattles from the rear left door and some noises below the tailgate - VERY irritating when you are cruising along in an otherwise sound-free environment! I need to take the car to the workshop for a half day to fix this which I'm just not finding time to do.

All in all, a good experience so overall positive feelings have probably come about because I was prepared for a lot worse. Driving in traffic also has been much better than expected although it definitely prefers the cruise mode any day to the "crawling" one! More to come, watch this space

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Default Dicor Lx - Haathi Mera Saathi

Hello People,

Its been a week since I joined the growing family of safari dicor owners
Overall its been a happy experience driving & owning this beast!
Minor niggles apart the vehicle is doing pretty well. The experience during the pre-sales as well as the delivery has been pretty good.
More later with pics.
Mods, please note that I did not want to start a new thread since there was already one with a similar topic.
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Old 24th November 2006, 14:11   #30
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Hey Suman regarding our discussion last friday any progress with the differential ?
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