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Default Re: We Two, Ours Two - Alto K10 AMT for my wife, Polo GT TSI for me

"Since I always like doing things differently, we decided that we will buy both cars together. The family was initially shocked but later liked the idea."


Felt like Netflix launch of a TV Series. It is different and a lot of fun too
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Default Re: We Two, Ours Two - Alto K10 AMT for my wife, Polo GT TSI for me

Originally Posted by avinashsg View Post
Amazing write up.
The product catalogues / brochures look useless in front of the write up.
Happy for you. Wish you TONS of safe MILES on the ODO's ahead.
Thans avinashsg.
Come on, I've intentioanally left so many more details some because of laziness and some because of the 30photos per post restriction.
You'll be part of many of those miles

Originally Posted by DeKay View Post
Congratulations Hemanth on two drastically different hatches that are each great at what they're meant to do

Are you 100% sure the Polo doesn't have a seatbelt warning lamp/reminder? My Vento TSI has a sweet chime and a warning light. I don't imagine it to be any different on the Polo.

Also, could you share the model of the Philips LEDs you've replaced your stock fog lamps with? I've been looking to upgrade my headlights and fogs too but haven't done anything yet out of concern for warranty.
Did you have to dismantle the front bumper for headlamp replacement?
Thanks DeKay
Yes there's no seat belt warning lamp
As long as the specifications match, warranty should not be void. Its a H8 fog lamp. for headlamp bulb replacement, bumper was NOT dismantled. For high beam and low beam bulbs however, for ease of installation, only the headlamp unit was removed

Originally Posted by Gannu_1 View Post
Congrats Hemanth.

As for the MFD getting distorted when you wiped it, I think it is due to the static discharge. Happened with us once when we went for the new Rapid's test drive. Got me worried for a moment but the distortion went away after a while.
Thanks Gannu_1. Yes ESD was the reason as I came to know. The limit of it is one of the quality checkpoints it seems. Also as I have been told, all new cars will have it but mine was a little too much.

Originally Posted by Waspune View Post
Congrats Hemanth on your GT and Alto. I am sure Abarth vs GT discussions would have given you severe headaches . With the kind of mods you had done to your humble Punto 1.2, I am sure you are going to do a lot more on your GT. Enjoy your ride. Didnt know that the TSI doesnt come with navigation, but I guess that will be taken care by mirrorlink?
Thanks Waspune, VAG car mods being an expensive affair and warranty issues will push all my mods to a later date. Mirrorlink in its current state is not too nice and it also restricts the choice for my next phone (which I don't like) so for now not worried about the navigation unit although I would've liked one.

Originally Posted by tharian View Post
I was so sure that you would be going for the Abarth after your 1.2 Punto.
You are not alone

Was it 198 on the speedo ?
I noticed on my sisters Polo 1.2 there is surprisingly a 5-7+ error on the speedo across the range, compared to the gps.
I was also checking the GPS speeds on the Torque app on my phone via bluetooth woreless OBD connector it was 194 at that time. 100 in the Instrument cluster has always been 97.5 on the GPS.

Congrats on both the cars and what a way to celebrate your Birthday!

P.S: Don't run over the scale model forgetting it on the wheel
Ha Ha...I'm more careful after that incident!

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Default Re: We Two, Ours Two - Alto K10 AMT for my wife, Polo GT TSI for me

Congratulations on your new wheels. VAG cars don't need underbody treatment.

Source: I own a Polo, and have confirmed the same with THREE 3M Car Care centres.

It has only one trip meter and trip details like FE and trip drive time and avg speed kinds aren’t available.
Are you sure about this? My 2013 Polo has TWO trip meters, and I get all the details that you have mentioned for each one. It also shows instantaneous FE. In fact I think the MID on VAG cars is one of the MOST informative.

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Default Re: We Two, Ours Two - Alto K10 AMT for my wife, Polo GT TSI for me

Originally Posted by hemanth.anand View Post

Welcome to the GT Club Hemant.

Congrats on your pick bro and it looks almost "Raunchy" in that shade

Your report & photos are just like the way you have kept your steeds....BRILLIANT.

The GT TSI is really a special machine, and if ONLY VW could improve their spares inventory, this would have been a tough hatch to surpass. After sales have improved in the recent times, but it is almost negligible considering the kinda ground they must make to catch up with the Maruti/Hyundai.

Wishing you a very happy motoring and many more trouble free mile munching.

P.S - When are we planning a GT Photoshoot?
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Default Re: We Two, Ours Two - Alto K10 AMT for my wife, Polo GT TSI for me

Congrats on welcoming two new members to your family. However, unlike a father who would refrain from choosing one particular offspring as his favourite, your writeup unambiguously points out which of the two cars is the apple of your eye!

Going the automatic way in Bengaluru is a wise decision. Hope the AMT and DSG will serve you long and well.

In spite of differences in heritage, ability and colour, the cars complement each other in the photographs. They seem to be made/mad for each other too. Here's wishing them a happy and trouble free life together.

Having read about your Ferrari, I am curious about the subtle but tasteful mods that you will be doing to the GT TSI.

PS: The photo of Alto with rocks in the boot reminded me of this:
Originally Posted by Jaggu View Post omni fully loaded with coconut, parked for a week...
Don't know about your new signature, but your tryst with VW will certainly make you himmat.anand

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Default Re: We Two, Ours Two - Alto K10 AMT for my wife, Polo GT TSI for me

Congratulations Hemanth! Wishing you and your wife lots of happy miles in the cars.
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Default Re: We Two, Ours Two - Alto K10 AMT for my wife, Polo GT TSI for me

Originally Posted by hemanth.anand View Post
With this change, Its also time to change my TBHP signature which was unchanged for a long time now
An Indian with a French beard working for a German company driving an Italian car with British alloys
I'm still not able to get something catchy and unique to replace this. Any help would be appreciated!
An Indian with a French beard working for a German company, driving a German Car, not really worried about the Japanese car but praying the Germans are always nice to me!
Have a great ownership sir!
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Default Re: We Two, Ours Two - Alto K10 AMT for my wife, Polo GT TSI for me

Well compiled write up and pics Hemanth !! It is a tough ask to compile one car ownership review while you have managed to bring out 2 car reviews in one compilation! Kudos.
Could you please share how much time it took bring out the review??
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Default Re: We Two, Ours Two - Alto K10 AMT for my wife, Polo GT TSI for me

Excellent review Hemanth. That is probably a one of a kind review of 2 cars, that too both AT's and at 2 ends of the hatch spectrum. Will be extremely useful for buyers looking for an AT car purchase.

Surprised that the GT TSI does not have adjustable seat belts. I seem to recall it having it initially. Or it may have been only for the Vento.

I don't think the car will ever go to S7, Remember reading that in one of the discussions. S mode is perfect for the highways. Superb performance without any major drop in mileage. As you mentioned, the manual mode will be very rarely used.

Wish you all the best.
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Default Re: We Two, Ours Two - Alto K10 AMT for my wife, Polo GT TSI for me

Hemanth - Congratulations on the double car dhamaka, wishing both of you miles of happy drives with smiles. Thanks for giving us an excellent dual ownership review in a single thread

Originally Posted by hemanth.anand View Post
Since the central locking was already present, the accessory guy fit only a part of the Autocop package for a slightly lesser rate. This was the only Accessory that was needed IMO. Probably if the need arises, a fog lamp will be fixed in future.
I'm at a loss of words for Maruti here - Vxi(O) should be treated like the top trim for the Alto K10 and not having fog lamps and a remote is pathetic - even the WagonR/Celerio type key with built-in remote is now almost standard in most Maruti cars so why didn't they just include that ?

*Could you share the details of the reverse sensor you chose for the Alto K10 ?

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Good review Hemanth, congratulations, was waiting for this since a long time !
May be you should go for all black alloy wheels and a black roof as well for your Polo.
How have the tyres held up till now? I ask this specifically because, you are driving a lot on highways at good speed, so keep an eye on them. Enjoy the car and wish you safe miles ahead.
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Many congrats on getting two cars at same time ! I was expecting you to upgrade to the Abarth, but the GT TSI is also a good car. VW scores over the Abarth in being more practical, autobox, cruise control, slightly better interior and technology loaded to the grills.

I know it's tough to upgrade from a Punto, but I'm sure the GT TSI will be leaving a nice grin on your face everytime you have a drive!
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Default Re: We Two, Ours Two - Alto K10 AMT for my wife, Polo GT TSI for me

Since I have all the polo owners in this thread, has any body heard of a facelift for GT TSI for 2017? We booked GT TSI in September and still hasn't received a confirmed date when we will get to pick up the car. Dealer keeps on saying that there is going to be a model change for 2017 and that's the delay. I am not sure how much of that is true. Since my Dad just had a surgery and won't be able to drive the car for couple of months, I thought we will just as well play the waiting game. But does anybody know?
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Default Re: We Two, Ours Two - Alto K10 AMT for my wife, Polo GT TSI for me

Ha Ha! I enjoyed reading your piece thoroughly. You seem to be a very interesting person, capable of convincing folks around you about your interesting ideas. A rare skill!
Hearty wishes to you.Many Happy miles to your family Hemant!
P.S: I ve bookmarked this article, and will show it to my family, the next time I float some crazy idea. One Life! Cheers!
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Default Re: We Two, Ours Two - Alto K10 AMT for my wife, Polo GT TSI for me

Hemanth, curious why you shelved the NCB transfer to the second year. Your Punto is now officially transferred to the new owner right? Then get a photocopy of the new RC from him and present it to your old insurance company and ask for NCB reservation letter. Take the letter and ask for proportionate refund on your new insurance. I presented my NCB letter after 3 months and got the same!
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