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Default Re: Trip to Haridwar

On the 22nd of January, 2020, I received news from home which was very sad. My grandfather had passed away early that morning. It called for packing the bags and making it home in time for the cremation. A few days later we had to go to Haridwar to immerse his ashes into the holy river. All these days I have been carrying a very sentimental thought in my head and need to share it here.

On the way to Haridwar, I realized that my grandfather had never sat in my Duster; and after all these years, his mortal remains were on their final journey that day on the back seat.

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Reading the family tree's scroll entry from way back in 1964 at Haridwar.

Update on the Green one
Drove 612 km back from Haridwar to Auraiya on less than a tank-full.

Had ordered a set of aftermarket replacement gas springs for the boot lid manufactured by Motherson Auto Parts. Cost me INR 709/- for a set, delivered after some discount. Installed it on my own.

Two Renault Dusters sharing a garage @ 2,65,000 km combined!-gas-spring.jpg
It is a bit noisier in operation than the OEM ones but does the job well.

There are two different part numbers on the two cars we have.
2WD OEM P/N: 904520004R (INR 1700/- each)
AWD OEM P/N: 904524666R
Since they have the same function, the suggested aftermarket replacement part below was ordered.
Motherson P/N: GS-RN061RC (INR 379/- each)
Update on the White one
After the Gujarat trip, dad took it for a Birding trip to Udaipur.

He complains of the clicking noise from the under-body has gotten worse. I am suspecting the CV joint, but it could also be some ball joint in the suspension. Will go in for service next month and will get it checked.
Combined Odo reading: ~ 2,86,000 km
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Default Re: Compared to a 2013 Fortuner 2WD Automatic

I had the opportunity of driving a Fortuner 2WD Automatic last weekend. It was a 2013 manufactured body on ladder frame construction SUV and the comparisons started immediately. Highlights below:
  • Ride Quality and Stability : Far below what the Duster has to offer. It only feels nice on well surfaced roads. Anything else will help you build some body core strength. You also have to shed speed on curves. Brakes are pretty spongy too.
  • Size : Its a big SUV but is still manageable for someone used to the Duster. Lack of rear sensors is a bummer specially since the camera display is of very poor quality.
  • Build Quality : So much for the Toyota build quality. This one has clocked close to 1 Lac and there was an incessant rattle from within the dash-board. Why do I remember it from another Toyota I sat in the past? The silver paint from the switches and buttons was wearing off and looked a bit ugly. There were rattles and squeaks from the panels on the B-pillar and or seats which was very annoying. On the other hand - Rest of the car (engine, gearbox, underpinnings etc.) felt to be built like a tank.
  • Drive-train : The engine feels very less stressed. Its a relaxed engine and the gearbox does the work. I felt from driving an automatic that the engine revs climbed slower in comparison to the speed gain. The gear shifts were tangible. kick-down felt abrupt but the subsequent increase in speed didn't feel very substantial. A big contributor was the car masks its speed well which is due to the stress-free and slow revving engine.
I am sort of prospecting since my brother is planning to buy his first car next year. So these experiences with different body style cars are going to help me suggest a good option that suits his needs.

Update on the Green one

-This one has done more than 2500 km since the last update. Had to visit Jaipur and Shri Ganganagar in two separate trips starting from Auraiya. I clean the air filter before every long drive and that along with the cold weather up here makes it a fun to drive car on the highway.

-The DDPai mini dashcam has started acting up. Will need to do a hard-reset of all software and hardware to see if it starts working again.

-It'll go for the 110K service this weekend. Will get the differential oil changed again (following the 20,000 km cycle to be on the safe side).
Two Renault Dusters sharing a garage @ 2,65,000 km combined!-img6382.jpg
Watching the dawn break and the sun rise on the Agra-Lucknow E-way.

Update on the White one

-This car has been doing short trips.

-The left front door has started drooping and the door needs to be lifted up a little while closing or it doesn't shut properly.

-The rough sound from the engine is still present since the ECM replacement. I feel they have provided us with a slightly different tune in the ECM or the ASC has removed some insulation from the engine bay or the under-body. Can't put my finger on it, even though they have checked it multiple times and reported all injectors and parameters to be healthy.

-Rotating the Air-flow direction change knob doesn't do anything. Suspecting that the cable has come lose or snapped. Should be dealt with in the next visit to the ASC.

-Have ordered a set of Monroe rear shocks for this one. They are the OE supplier for Renault and provide the same part for half the ASC price. Will report after installation.

-The car will go for the 180K service next week.
Two Renault Dusters sharing a garage @ 2,65,000 km combined!-img6401.jpg
Out for birding at Sambhar Lake, RJ

Combined Odo reading: ~ 2,89,000 km

----------Bonus Picture----------

Two Renault Dusters sharing a garage @ 2,65,000 km combined!-img6363.jpg
A picture of the country-side from the recent outing. Mahindra still has its stronghold in the rural sector and it is pretty evident too.

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Default Re: Green One (AWD) - 110k Service

Maintenance Log @ 110K

The car was taken to Renault-Etawah for the 110,000 km service. Booked it in advance since this is the only Renault service center which I have seen taking in cars for a service on a Sunday. I like these small town service centers and you can talk to the guys working on your car. Being a Sunday, they are not as busy as they would be on other days. Also, the showroom is adjacent and I test drove the Triber too while the car was being washed and the bill was being readied. This was the quickest and the cheapest service I have had to pay for in a very long time.

They messed up on two counts. They damaged a high beam bulb, trying to see which type of bulb is installed as I had asked them to give me a spare set to keep in case of emergencies. I was compensated with a free alignment check which was good, since it was slightly out of spec. Secondly, they confirmed on the phone that they had the differential oil but the box had insufficient quantity for a full oil change. I try to stick to the 20,000 km interval for the differential oil change since I am now out of warranty and cannot afford to pay for a new one if it fails like before.

Got some minor adjustments done to the fog-lamp housing and the rear right wheel interior panel which was misaligned since long (maybe when the rear shock was replaced under warranty.

Got the wheels rotated since there was a close to a millimeter difference in the tread depth between the front and the rear tyres. Its been 18,000 km on the Michelin LTX Force tyres and I am quite happy with them.

Was thinking of getting the EGR cleaning done as well but they suggested me to get it done in the next service.

Service Cost: INR 6,741/-

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Detailed maintenance log can be viewed here. It is updated with the latest part numbers, cost and service charges etc.
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Default Re: Green One (AWD) - 110k Service - Continued

I was noticing an oil puddle from below the car since the service was carried out. In less than a week and 100 kms from the service, the puddle had assumed the following proportions.

Name:  IMG6421.JPG
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I went to the local car wash ramp for inspection and found that the leak was directly from the drain plug and not the collected oil left over on top of the engine guard plate.

Name:  IMG6420.JPG
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Was immensely disappointed with the service carried out on the car. Thinking that they might have re-used the drain plug washer or had forgotten to tighten up the drain plug, I booked another visit with Renault-Etawah. After draining the oil from the engine it was found that the threads in the sump were gone. The drain plug was being held in place on the mercy of just 1 and a half thread.

Name:  IMG6423.JPG
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Immediately lodged a complaint with Renault Customer Service team via e-mail. They shipped a new sump from another service center after checking its availability and it will be replaced. Had to leave the car there today. Should be back on the road in a few days.

I was adamant that I wanted original parts and no jugaad or "outside-jobs" (as they mention in the service records) to avoid any liability on me if the oil leak occurs in the future and should the other service centers refuse to replace / repair it at their cost.
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