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GaneshaNayak, that makes you the third member announcing his buy after reading this review. Me being second there is one more member who went for it.
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There is some one else who has gone in for a Palio after reviews - I am sure Amit's is one of those reviews. I think the new convert is on uttamc's thread.
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Really great review amit. But i was just wondering was the Sachin Tendulkar signed limited edition available 10 months back!!!! I wouldhave loved to get one when i was planning on my adventure but i thought the limited edition was no longer available.
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neat review, did i miss it earlier???
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Originally Posted by Jaggu View Post
neat review, did i miss it earlier???
Yes, it seems like this was written in 2004

Very good review.
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Default hi

there are many many more buyers who bought after interacting on team bhp .
i think team bhp should start charging the fees!!
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I am one of those who bought Palio 1.6 after just reading the available material with TBHP. Before reading had almost decided on Ikon flair. But thanks to TBHP for the true reviews and comments on Palio 1.6 / GTX.
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Was crazy about Palio, but after reading Amit's review on S10 fell in love with it, and purchased one.
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I got myself a Stile 1.6 Sports after seeing all the fab reviews. I took a risk ignoring comments about poor A.S.S and problem with parts etc. But im loving the car, despite somethings going down such as the sunvisor and rear wiper.
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Default Superb car

The S10 is indeed a superb car,it handles brilliantly,feels rock solid. And the ride quality is plain good. The mid range of the car thru the gears is a blast.For the price it is truly good value for money.
Drove friend Shahnawaz's car on a nearly 800km round trip in 24 hours on ghat roads and pouring rains al the way to calicut and it felt like it was on rails. the cornering and reassuring feedback from the steering and suspension was pure joy.
One of the few Indian cars that are driver oriented. And the FE is worth much more in terms of sheer driving pleasure.
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Been driving an S10 since Feb 07. Great Car, no major problems so far.

Bought it used with 29500 kms on the odo car was registered late 03 mileage was genuine.

I have it serviced at Manipal motors regularly.
Couple of issues
1. ECU - been told that the computer cannot connect up as it is faulty have been advised to change it. The car is running well with this faulty ECU

2. Economy - city 7 - 7.5 kmpl highway 14 - 15 kmpl. A/c on or off is not effecting much. Others in the forum here have reported much higher than mine. Could it be due to the ECU

3. I felt the ride height is low as the car tends scrape most of the road humps etc.

If the ECU has to be changed how much would it cost. Manipal motors quoted a figure of 16k for the same.
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23/10/2003 was a very weird day. It was a day when I was extremely excited because I was going to own a pure driving machine. A car that the company making it had shamelessly positioned it as a driver's delight. Problem was that neither the company nor the product had a flawless reputation. The product was supposed to have niggling problems and the company, well, we all know about them . So with a lot of apprehensions I took delivery of my car. I was hoping that the ugly product and company head wouldn't raise themselves up otherwise I would have to hear to the 'I told you so' stuff from friends, relatives, neighbours, petrol pump attendents and almost everyone that believed comitting suicide was a better option then buying a Fiat product.

72,000kms and 5 years and 7 months later I can say this proudly that my S10 has outperformed itself in every department. Let me start off by giving a wonderful example of the car's robustness and quality.

On 27/3/2005, I immigrated to Canada. I didn't expect to come back so a logical option was to sell off the car. But then which Fiat owner thinks logically . I told my folks that they shouldn't even think about selling it off and I maintained my stubbornness despite a couple of phone calls that came to me when I was in Toronto asking me the logic behind keeping a car that was not required or being driven much at all. From my mother, I heard that the car was barely driven. It would lie in one place for weeks and then be driven for barely a couple of kilometeres. She didn't know what state it was in. Better to sell it off then spend tens of thousands to get it back into running condition she said. It sounded logical but I was the owner of a Italian car and logic was alien to me. I kept saying that no matter what I wouldn't let go off the S10.

Shortcut to 27/08/2006 when I came back from Canada for good. I reached home at about 8am in the morning and there she was in the parking lot looking exactly as she did when I left her. I was told that she wasn't in good condition and hadn't been driven or even started in weeks so the next day I took the keys and went down to check her out. One look and things looked not so good. The paint had broken out into patches which I now understand is a typical Palio problem. It hurt me to see her like this. I opened the door and got in. The interiors were smelly, like wet clothes smell. I thought to myself that well it wasn't a problem really. I can bring the interiors back to their shiny self. The problem was the mechanicals.

I put the key in and expected the worst. I turned the key and all the lights came on. Turned it more and the car.....started. The engine sounded relaxed! But wait there was a problem. The alternator light was on. Battery down I guess. That was expected from a car that had barely been driven in weeks. What about other problems? I turned on the lights. They worked. Turn signals? Worked. Fan? Works. Airconditioning? Works! Ok lets not go crazy here. The battery is shouting that it's dying. Off goes everything and it's time to drive to the closest Fiat service. I press the clutch and it's smooth. Smooth in a typical Fiat way. Ok that's good I say. Slot the gear into first and it slots in exactly like it did on 23/10/2003! I start to drive. The car starts with a jerk. The brakes. I drive a bit and brake it. Got to free the brakes. Barely half a kilometer into the drive the car is smooth. The engine sounds new. The car drives, rides and handles like new. What? Isn't this a Fiat? Aren't European cars supposed to be fragile? What's going on here? I had a new found respect for the car and Fiat. I'll be honest. I expected the car to be in a very bad shape. I thought I would have to tow it to the ASC but here I am driving it. And it drives great!

The alternator light is worrying. Anuroop is far from my house, almost 25kms. I stop at the first battery shop to check the vehicle. Is it the battery or worse, the alternator? The guy says it's the battery.

"Can I drive 25kms?"

"I guess so. Just don't rip her", they say.

Rip her? In Mumbai? Ok, I get going. Slowly. Keeping the revs low. It's almost like I am running her in again.

The next 4 days the car is in Anuroop. The battery is charged and they say it's doing okay. They also say the alternator needs to be serviced. I didn't know then what that means and I still don't know how alternator is serviced but I trust Anuroop and tell them just one thing. "Do what you want but I want my car like it's brand new."

Looking at the job card, I can see the following stuff that was done to it:

Labour Charges:

- Paid service Rs.500.

- Polishing Rs.1,500.

- Decarbonizing Rs.1,400.

- Motoreco Engine Treatment and gear oil treatment Rs.50.

- Altenator service Rs.1500.

Spare Parts:

- Oil Filter Rs.76.

- Fuel Filter Rs.74.

- Air Filter Rs.199.

- 100 Monogram Rs.17.

- 16V mongram Rs.17.

- Palio logo Rs.90.

- Engine oil 4LtrsXRs.132 = Rs.528.

- Motoreco Engine treatment Rs.550.

- Motoreco Gear Box Treatment Rs.115.

Add all taxes, small consumables etc and the final bill came to Rs.7,624.

I took delivery of the car on 04/09/2008. Everything worked great. Interiors were back to their pristine condition. Once again, Anuroop did a fab job and brought the car back to it's glory. I was happy to see that the guys at Anuroop were still as good as they were before March 2005.

I started driving back to Chembur and I felt like it was 23/10/2003 again. The car felt new. Brand new.

The alternator light hasn't come on after that day.

The S10 was back to it's glorious self. Now that I had got my car back inot top condition, I could get back to driving it and enjoying it again.

And I had spent only Rs.7,624.

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Owning a Fiat is becoming a love affair, huh?!

Great write up and wish you many more happy miles with the S10!
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Originally Posted by amit View Post
Shortcut to 27/08/2006 when I came back from Canada for good.

I took delivery of the car on 04/09/2008.
something wrong here? you mean 04/09/2006 right?
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Originally Posted by ms001 View Post
something wrong here? you mean 04/09/2006 right?
Oops! Yes you are right. It should read as 04/09/2006
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