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June 17, 2009.

A day that had me numb. I knew the car was going to be taken away from me - forever. There were moments when I actually picked up my mobile and thought of calling Varun asking him to come tomorrow to take the car. I did'nt want to let it go. But the moment had come. At about 3 pm, Varun had reached my office to complete the formalities. Things seemed to be happening too fast but I really had no control over anything. Everything done, the time had come to see it go.

As the car was reversed from it's parking, I touched it , for one last time. It's said that the worth of something is known when it's being taken away from you and that moment ripped through me. My eyes had gone misty and wet - yes that is the truth and it actually happened, no shame in admitting it. I didn't say much to Varun apart from 'Take good care of her.' I wanted to but I couldn't talk as I was overcome with emotions. It was amazing what an inanimate object could do but was the S10 inanimate? Of course not. It almost felt like a living being, like a part of my family. As the car was driven ahead, Varun stopped for a while and I was still looking at it. I called my girl friend and told her that I was seeing my S10 being driven away. Believe it or not but she started crying too and she can't drive! That's when the car started and it started to go further and further away from me. I stood there, eyes moist and watched it till it took a turn at the end of the road and disappeared.

That was the last glimpse I had of the best car I have owned till today.

It was a quite drive back home in my SX4. As I pulled into the parking lot of my society, I saw a S10 parked and immediately my eyes lit up but right away I thought, what is my car doing here?! It wasn't mine. Someone else's but for over 5 years I had seen the S10 parked there and it felt weird not to see it in the parking lot anymore.

My eyes are wet even today as I type this. I always knew that the Palio was a car that appealed to your emotions but I did'nt realise how strong the appeal was.

My Palio S10 loved me and served me well for over half a decade.

I love it too. It's the best car I have owned in my life so far.

MH-02-NA-4460 will always have a special place in my heart.

I miss my S10.

I always will.
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Wow you were really close to your S10 Amit.

Why did you sell her if she was so important & didnt have any problem?
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I hope FIAT india gets the eyes to "see" their customers. And if they ever do then there will be no turning back for them.
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Hi Amit, I also sold my 2002 Palio -ELX PS last week end.
i also had similar emotions like you. i was very sad to let her go
My wife was surprised to see me so sad

i also agree with you, Palio is the best car i had in my life till now.
that is because, it was my first car, lots and lots of great memories
i plan to share my memories with my Palio in a seperate thread in coming weeks.
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Be rest assured Amit , it would be taken good care of .

I would put up some more pictures of it as soon as i get the paint job shorted out.

Am yes you have my number , anytime you feel like call me she is all your !

Thank you for such a wonderful car do drop in the new thread and check it out.

The legend lives on ....

Guysdo check this thread out !
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Amit I bought my S10 after reading your posts several times,and although its second hand,I love it as much as you loved your car.
When you put your car for sale,I too thought of it.But honestly,couldn't make up my mind,as I realized even today there is no such good looking car with matching performance.
Now when you have sold your car,can you suggest me a replacement? What are you buying
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Same question as Techno:

Why did you sell it when it was problem-free and with you being so much love with it ?
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That was a very touching post.
Boy's tends to love their rides, be it Bycycles or Cars.
Though I am not planning to sell my car in near future, but your post made me emotional.

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A well maintained S10 i must say.Hats off for such a good car and its owner.
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Why did I sell it?

The answer will be out in the next few days.
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Yes Amit, a good car is more than just that! It is like family, particularly when it is a little tempramental and is spirited. You have my full sympathy.

I hope Fiat brings out a successor to the S10 as the better part of a decade has passed since the S10 came out. I for one will be queing up to buy one and, I dare presume you too will benefit from such a move from Fiat.

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Just one word - Touching! The only car I bonded with in that manner was my Maruti 800 - Perhaps it was so as it was my first car, or perhaps it had just so many memories... I surely do miss her.

Somehow never bonded with my Santro in the same way or even my Accent in the US. However its a little different with the Verna - I just wished she was a tad bit more predictable.

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Hi Amit,

Parting from S10 is really a difficult thing to do. Very touching post. I have been following this thread closely and appreciate for the love you have for your car. Curious to know why you sold it... waiting for your next post in the thread !
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Originally Posted by amit View Post
Why did I sell it?

The answer will be out in the next few days.
You're buying the Jazz aren't you ?
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Amit, hats off brother! After having read what you've gone through, I have made up my mind. I will never sell my S10. Its just not worth the agony. Unless ofcourse, the car starts falling apart or I'm left wanting for spares. Went through a separation with the Palio 1.2 and that was difficult. But the S10 makes it almost impossible to part with.

God willing, we may go on to buy bigger and better cars through our lives, but I doubt there would ever be one that would be able to match the charisma and character of the S10.

Just as you mentioned, after all these years, people stop in their tracks, check out the signatures, then go on to ogle the car and its colour. I have seen this so many times, if I park the car somewhere and enter into a shop or go to a restaurant where its possible for me to keep an eye on the car, someone or the other will be checking out the car... without fail. All this on a seven year old car on which the paint finish isn't in its prime and has faded quite a bit with time.

I can almost imagine myself talking to my grandkids and telling them about how I once owned this fantastic machine , and I know I will speak with the same enthusiasm that I have now.

Just back from a 400+ km drive from Lavasa and to say the drive was fantastic would be an understatement. The ghat road to Lavasa has probably the best twisties that one can encounter in this part of the region IMO, more so because of the amazing quality of the tarmac. Its such an amazing workout for your car's suspension and chassis. And a good car will revel on these kind of roads. The S10, yet again, showed its prowess. The S10 just held on to the intended line and came out flying through the corners, every single time. No stepping out of the rear, no squeeling from the Michelins and body roll? What body roll?

Here are a couple of pictures of the car :-

1] At Ekant retreat, Lavasa. After having enjoyed a fantastic workout through the ghats on the way to Lavasa.
2] Enjoying the fantastic scenery that valley had to offer

I guess its our cars that make us ramble on. I should open a long term thread of my own so I dont end up hijacking your thread. All said and done, I am sure you are full of memories of your beloved S10 and will never forget her. But she had to go. Good luck with your new ride. That one should be a hell of a car as well.

A salute to your S10!
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