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Nice writeup there and some cool pics, nice work done on the car.
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hey nice write-up rudra. both thumbs up to u for keeping an Amby for so long. And that too in such good condition. looks even better than an Army Generals black Amby. How wbt fixing an army number plate now
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"After explaining all this (over a couple of lousy whiskies in some shady bar) to my Mallu Christian friend, I came back home with very high hopes."

Thats not me!!!!! I hope but am willing to listening to the nexxt stage in your quest for eternal Amby life.

I started life with an Amby - lovingly maintaining it while my mother and sister abused it. Believe me, I pushed it hard although I did look after it. It had buckets seats similar to what you had - and plenty of space for......well ....driving with passion !

Sadly the car deteriorated when I went abroad and was sold off.

Great article - man - you mut have put half your life into this car - will we see the Optra around in 2045 ?
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Old 26th January 2005, 14:51   #19
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Awesome stuff Rudra. In letter as well as in deed.
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Classic cars are charming, half the charm is the history behind it. Not many live to tell their story, the car or the owner. I've always loved your Amby, hadn't a clue about the rich documented history behind it, now I'm probably obsessed. I had no idea this car has always been with you, and six engines? Whoa, your obsession too. Your Amby always seemed perfect to me too, and that's before I even read about your list of modifications. I always had vague memories in my head about my Mark II, owned it when I used to live in Santacruz. It's a shame I saw your Amby in the night, I couldn't make out the rounded hood. Though I had a feeling the fuel filler seemed to be missing, I content myself thinking it was just the beer. Having experienced the eye for detail you have, I don't think there is much else you could do to it. I probably wouldn't prefer a free flow on the Amby, but as long as it gives you increased driveability or punch, whichever it is that you are looking for, I guess it seems well suited. Where did the Contessa come in to the picture? Did you buy one and do it up for 60K? If so, where is it? It's very unlikely of you to sell it.
But fantastic review, whenever I see a car rusting to it's last bolt, I think to myself, all she needs is some attention and persistence, and she will be back on her feet purring. There is a living example. If you need somebody to take up the car for you, look no further. But if that was to be, there wouldn't have been six engines right?

'She walks in beauty, like the night
Of cloudless climes and starry skies
All that's best of dark and bright
Meets in her aspect and her eyes"
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Old 27th January 2005, 09:20   #21
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Hats off to you Rudra, now i know the full story behind the Amby, next time around am gonna flick that baby at the rides

Amazing car and an Amazing Man !!! 3 Cheers !!!
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the amby to an indian is like the beetle to an american - has been part of your life somewhere !
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Old 27th January 2005, 10:37   #23
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Like others feel, that has definetly got to be the best write-ups ever.. Pics as usual have been outstanding..
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that was awesome...
beautiful car sir, really admire and respect you for it...
and as i have heard your sound system i know that this one too will be upto its mark...
keep it up sir

p.s. psycho i know someone who does steel pipe bending....
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Old 27th January 2005, 14:53   #25
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Wow.... that was absolutely brilliant. I had absolutely no idea that so much work had gone into it. And the pics were amazing as well. Great write up
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Wow! This is not a car review, this is a Love Story!I have never seen a better looking Amby in my life. Hats off!
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Team-BHP Hats off Rudra! I feel I am going to be writing a similar story when I am as old as you are.....about my Jeep!

I always knew that you had a special well-kept Amby, but never for once that it was SUCH A STONKER! Seriously, that first picture is great...but the rear totally outdoes it. Simply astonishing. I love the mean look with those lights, clean trunk and styled number plate.

The deal looked ok to me. Work started and almost never ended. Every day after my usual work shenanigans, I was there in the workshop. Endless cups of lousy tea (instead of my favorite) and lots of ifs and buts, the day used to end as lemon. It may sound pessimistic but that exactly was the situation. We had no point of reference to check or judge our progress. Car got ready (read road worthy) after two and a half months.
I know exactly what you are talking about. Except that my Jeep restoration took close to 4 months. And atleast twice the amount of that lousy tea.

You've been through 6 engines already? I remember the first time you took a spin in my Jeep. All you could utter was "1.8 Isuzu, 1.8 Isuzu"!

You know, guys like us just hate driving normal cars. Just like my state when I am behind the Vtec/C Class, I am sure you think about the classic black beauty when behind the Optras wheel. Undoubtedly the best Ambassador ever...The Avigo be damned. These machines are a different breed. They arent just cars...cos they have a soul!

In the end - A car that you build with your own hands turns out to be an extension of your own personality. And thats the sheer beauty of it.


P.S. You just had to have been with a black label when writing this. Admit it.
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Old 28th January 2005, 15:15   #28
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Hello Rudra,

Gr8 story .....coooool....
And i don knw wat 2 say about that gr8 amby......!!!

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Originally Posted by Samurai
Wow! This is not a car review, this is a Love Story!I have never seen a better looking Amby in my life. Hats off!
hey rudra ,
that is indeed a luv story.the front view is the best and your pennzoil Blue coral (i hope its right), are doing their job very well.

the interiors really rock,never seen anything so beautiful till date.looks as if from the more expensive V-engined cars.


PS:dont u face problems during rains with your horns as they are so low.
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Old 29th January 2005, 01:16   #30
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What a review! Man, you actually remember everything that you've done to the car.
That has to be the best kept Ambassador in the country. The huge grill & the customised rear are just so wonderful. Best of all however, are the interiors. Rudra, I can just imagine the time, energy and money you must have spent making this baby what she is. Getting to see this car alone, should make a trip to Bangalore worthwhile.
Being an Amby lover myself, and having driven an old Mark III for 10 years, I know exactly how attached one can get to that car. Body roll, rattle, rust, aweful brakes, tiring column shift gears, noisy and underpowered engine,..... the list just goes on. But you can forgive it. It's one of those characters, like the old Beetle or the Mini or the Jeep.
My Amby was sold late last year since I didn't have the time to hanker after two cars and my dad (the real owner of the car) didn't want to spend big bucks required to do it up the way I wanted to.
Back to your baby, I think the HM fellows should seriously pay you a visit and take some ideas. It'll be worth their time.
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