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PatienceWins 16th March 2008 09:45

Congrats!! Rule the road.

undead 16th March 2008 10:15

Congrats on your new mammoth ..

SumitB 16th March 2008 10:38

Wah JK Babu! Nayi wife, Nayi Gaadi....Badhiya Hai :D

rippergeo 16th March 2008 10:42

@JK- when are you getting the dimsport powerbox? and when will you start offroading?

bIte tHe bulLet 16th March 2008 10:49


Originally Posted by SumitB (Post 759991)
Wah JK Babu! Nayi wife, Nayi Gaadi....Badhiya Hai :D

lol: sumit..

thats hilarious! you'd better be checking with jk about the "nayi biwi" first before his "purani biwi" finds out and sends him to an early grave!!!!

jkdas 16th March 2008 13:18

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Thanks Guys :D

Treat... yah! for those who come for next big meet at Kovai!

And those tyres are HT's Tubeless.

Ice is great. Love Alpine's.

Yup, love the way people make way for you even if you dont honk.

Thinking of going for a short trip now.

Dragonov 16th March 2008 13:26

Congratulations and drive safe..

bIte tHe bulLet 16th March 2008 13:31

upgrade the footwear dude.

it is really well worth it. the safari deserves broader tyres and having driven it both on the stock as well as the broader upgraded michelin's i put in - i can vouch for the fact that the safari feels a lot better planted on the road with the 255's.

if you trade in your tyres quickly enough, you also don't take too much of a hit on price and it doesn't pinch in the long run.

have a think! i'll post some pics of my babe once i'm back. have been seperated from her for the next 6 days - not happy, but so is life!!!

cheers and take care.

breezydrive 16th March 2008 13:36

Congrats JK, BTW your new avtaar was giving some indications about the truck you bought!

Mission_Safari 16th March 2008 13:41

Congrats!! I am also on the same lines of promoting myself from a santro to safari:)

Steeroid 16th March 2008 13:44

BTW, is it a 4x4 ?

SumitB 16th March 2008 14:03


Originally Posted by Steeroid (Post 760146)
BTW, is it a 4x4 ?

I suppose its a 2x4. A 4x4 would have it advertised all over the left and right sides of the vehicle. I may be wrong though.

a4_attitude 16th March 2008 14:08

congrats , enjoyy th beast,,,,

dadu 16th March 2008 14:21

Congrats for fulfilling your long pending dream.

These are the after effects Sumit :)


Originally Posted by SumitB (Post 759991)
Wah JK Babu! Nayi wife, Nayi Gaadi....Badhiya Hai :D

sanjayatarizona 16th March 2008 14:26

Enjoy your drives JK. Every Safari owner seems to be opting for the cool Pearl white colour. A new epidemic ...:)

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