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zucchero 17th March 2008 11:08

jk safari do have issues regarding the first and reverse gear but trust me it will get better with time.this is what i have felt.
jk i would highly recomend that you go for a better alloys and a decent set of tubeless tyres(michelin,yokohama).

jerish666 17th March 2008 11:13

Finally Jk got her in his hands.Congrts for you new car.Nice colour and good reg number 5678.

Rahulkool 17th March 2008 11:14

Congrats man .... one hell of a ride you got there :D

and upgrade the tyres as everyone is suggesting, you will get good price on the stock tyres :)

suman 17th March 2008 11:14

JK, congrats on taking the plunge! Now start making your own roadcheers:

GTO 17th March 2008 11:20

White safari + black tints + meaty alloy / rubber combo = Headturner. Good choice of colour and congratulation, JK.

djbobo 17th March 2008 11:36

Congrats JK. Nice ride.

Whats with the Alpine? Tata decided to say good bye to their old partner that makes Blau. Enjoy the feeling that comes with the Safari and welcome to the club.


benbsb29 17th March 2008 13:49

Congrats da JK !! You told me it was coming, but i was wondering what took you so long to put up the review.

Technocrat 17th March 2008 14:14

Congrast JK & good choice of color :)

Any ICE upgrades planned?

himanshugoswami 17th March 2008 14:33

congrats buddy!
O.T. is that the new IBS campus in the pic?

Samurai 17th March 2008 14:35

Congrats JK, that's a big promotion, Santo to Safari. Must be giving you the head in the clouds feeling compared to Santro.

rjstyles69 17th March 2008 16:23

Yeda kalla :D .. Congratulations my friend, hope you clock many miles on the beast. Drive safe.

theMAG 17th March 2008 16:29


Originally Posted by rjstyles69 (Post 761444)
..hope you clock many miles on the beast. Drive safe.

I believe you're next on the block, with you and JK mirroring each other's situations - first you both get married back-back, and now 2 Safaris shortly back-back. What next - li'l Jyothi-Surya and li'l Riju-Suma ?

simply_sunny001 17th March 2008 16:48

Congrats JK and great color choice.

Enjoy the ride and welcome to the beast club

deepakhon 17th March 2008 16:54

JK buddy, congrats! Enjoy your ride. This one is one hell of an upgrade...

nikkibike 17th March 2008 17:48

Thatz a great choice buddy! A huge upgrade!!:)

so whenz the treat?!:D Hope to see you this weekend!!! Guess you mentioned it somewhere!!!

Awaiting to floor it..... he heee!
cheers and double CONGO man!!

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