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Default Italian Softroader to American Mile cruncher - The Ford Figo TDCi. 110,000 km update!

Took Delivery of my Colarado Red Ford Figo TDCi. The Delivery was from Kairali Ford Trivandrum. It was well organised and went on smooth.

Some happy things
- The Tacho on the EXi was really good thing by ford.
- Silver finish on dash on this version made me smile. I was littlre apprehensive if it would be black.
- Good Ride quality for a ford.
- Great driving position even without adjustment

Some grouses
- Yet to get mudflaps.
- Did not get my TEMP registration number. He said they will give it tomorrow.
- The fuel needle seems to be painted to the dash. It does not move much

Will be back with more.

Thanks a lot guys. Sorry for the Delay.

Even after close to 25 days after booking the beat the dealers here had no clue when my RED LT variant could be delivered. And it was turning out to be quite difficult to manage without a car. I called up the sales manager here and he said he would enquire about the status and get back. When he was unable to "get back" even after 4 days i thought i was on my own and needed to take a decision. Cancelled the BEAT and booked the FIGO. The only requirement from the Figo was Instant delivery. All the zxi variants available had the RED dash which none in the family liked. When i enquired about the Exi variant they said a RED was available. Being my favourite colour i booked it then and there. Ford kept its promise of delivering it by 17th or 18th.

Did around 150km in two days (Almost 100% City). The F.E seems to be hovering around the 13-14 km/l mark. Did a tank fill today evening and the Distance To Empty meter showed a range of 600km. The tank should be 45litres AFAIK. Is this ok or is there anything wrong with my driving style? Its the first Diesel experience for me and not sure if i'm doing it right. The Ford people were confident i Figo would give above 18 even in city conditions. Not sure whom i should believe. Would appreciate some comments and the FE and suggestions for the run in period. Also please advice on how to drive a diesel (after years of driving petrol).

The turbo lag that is very evident in the maruti D's is very less on the TDCi. The engine pulls better after 1800rpm but below that it cant be called bad. Here again i have a doubt. I can hear a rattle like noise from the engine once the turbo starts turning. Is that normal?

The Engine noise is very loud outside but inside the cabin i think it is tolerable. But you will surely hear the diesel clatter.

The On Road Price for the EXi Variant with 2 years extended warranty comes to around 5.25L. And i think that is real Value for money. I dont intend to hurt anyone's feeling but after spending above 3 years on T-Bhp, if i had bought the Ritz Ldi at 5.15L OTR just a month before the Figo launch i would have been the stupidest person on Earth!!!!

I hope i have cleared all doubts.

Tomorrow being a saturday. If everything goes well you guys will be blessed with loads of pictures!!!!

I'm yet to receive mudflaps and mats. They promised it would reach next week. I also want to install fog lamps. Does anyone now if wiring for fogs is done on exi variants?

I am yet to receive my temporary Registration Number. The sales guy says they have not received the number yet. He says the TEMP was taken at cochin and they have couriered the paper which he is yet to receive. I just cant believe him. By any chance. Is it that they have not taken a temporary registration!!!

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Congratulations Gemi, wish you many memorable miles in the Figo.
Looking forward to seeing your silver finish dash; the only other one i've seen had brick red.

Eagerly awaiting your pictures, drive safe
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Congrats Gemi!

Guess the delivery and drive experience are following this post along with some good snaps of the interior and exterior!!
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Congrats Gemi... Seems like, you like the Figo already
Safe motoring and YES, show some pics please.

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Hearty congrats Gemi. From ritz to beat to finally the figo , congrats once again .

Guess this is the first ownership thread on the Figo here,looking forward to it.
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congrats gemi. 1st figo in t-bhp
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Congrats Gemi on your new purchase!

Eagerly waiting for a detailed ownership experience.
Been to the Kairali Trivandrum showroom two weeks back to have a look at the figo.
The sales guy there wasnt well informed on the car.
Also only the Petrol was available on display. Would like to hear about the diesel.

As my friend is planning to pick a Figo from Karali, your feedback on the dealership is also eagerly expected.
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congrats on your 'new' new car. Figo diesel should be a great buy. Enjoy your drive.
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Isn't it the first Figo here?

Anyways congrats on the buy, enjoy the ride, and yeah, drive safe.

PS : Hmm, that smiley stint you pulled off shouts out about your excitement.

PS 2 : Lol at the fuel needle thing.

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Congrats! Looking forward to a detailed report and lot's of pics!

Colorado red is definitely one of the best colours for the figo

So, wider tires and rims coming up or? Some white alloys would look amazing.

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Congrats for the Figo. Finally we have an ownership report on Figo. I am waiting eagerly for some snaps and your experience with the car.
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Congrats Gemi on the Figo. I liked the car when I saw it in the showroom. BTW does the EXI comes with ABS and PW? and the orange dash.

Some pics please
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congrats gemi. Do post your experience.

You have booked after me and got delivery much before.

I am still waiting for any information on the delivery date of my Red TDCi Titanium.
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Wow. This starts the Figo rain on T-Bhp. I can feel your excitement. Congrats and Wishing you fabulous experience with Figo. Looking for a detailed report on it.
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The first Figo on Team-BHP!
Do post some pictures and your initial impressions.
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