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Congrats avi.looking forward to hear more about your ice and other accs. will this one also be peted to "cruze" at low altitude.
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Congrats----wanna see it in flesh and blood though. I bet you will complete your running in period in a fortnight or so
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Pandey ji!!! badhai ho badhai!!!
Nayee gaari!!!
Congratulations again!!
Yes we need more photos and more details of the cruze and all the dope that probably you can shower here.
Also the experiences of parting away with your Viva!!
But 3.9 years of Viva was less isn't it?
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Originally Posted by lsp View Post
A very 'in the face' pic of the Cruze. Was your car the display vehicle at the showroom?? Base version... hmmm let's wait till the story unfolds. I am assuming you would cover everything in detail with lots of pics very soon.

Congrats on the lovely Cruze!! Please do a thorough inspection once again when you bring her home.

PS: Could you please also touch upon the selling process of your Viva?
I love this angle a lot. Thought of introducing it with as you rightly said with an in your face picture.

Will certainly cover my selling process of Viva, do keep tuned.

Originally Posted by Ardy View Post
Congratulations, Avi.

Good Luck with the new ride. Look forward to catching up some time soon.

Thanks. We just have to time it right to bump into each other one fine morning.

Originally Posted by absynthguzzler View Post
Congrats to the "reliable nut" ! . The gang has a new car for their orchestrated photoshoots now.

Coming to think of it , a trip to the Hyd airport would be apt for this low flying monster photoblog.
Thanks Arun. Hoping now someone takes the initiative and calls for a drive meet

Originally Posted by Vik0728 View Post
Base or not buddy, It all boils down to Heart. Your Heart won over your mind and Cruze has the Same heart across the Versions!!
My heart said the same thing. And, one of the reason being what you outlined.

Originally Posted by himanshugoswami View Post
Congrats Avi- one question- does the base version come with ABS and Airbags- if yes, then screw everything else.....
Brathashree, one of the important aspect considered before buying the base version was that TOP END and BASE VERSION have identifical safety features including 2 airbags, ABS etc.

Originally Posted by pulsar56 View Post
Congrats Avi.
Do write in detail about the buying process and the freebies you managed to squeeze out of the dealer!

The weather is just perfect for a photo shoot.
All in good time my little friend. I am going to request your services for the photoshoot as you excel in that department.

Originally Posted by whitesquall View Post
Should be equally interesting like your foodie posts!
Well, if you'd like to compare the Hyderabad Food Thread with this one. Then please do not. Food thread wins hands down !

Originally Posted by suren181 View Post
Congrats to you Avi, Great Car, Now that's what we call an upgrade. Here's wishing you many many miles of happy motoring. Looking forward to seeing the beast eeerrrmmm, the beauty soon.
Thanks Macha. I reckon you and ravvs are disappointed that i didnt buy the BMW 320D, if i had listened to your advice then i would have had to move lock, stock and barrel to your home...LOL

Jokes apart, technical conversations with you guys is always enlightening.

Originally Posted by MileCruncher View Post
"Where's the Party Tonight?"
Is that a song that you play every day? Haha!

Originally Posted by valivetikmurthy View Post
Congratulations Avi.

That was a bit too short description of the ownership than usual.. I remember you referring your experiences with dealers and the negotiations that were done for your Accent.

Will await the detailed posts.
I didnt describe anything. Just posted that i am buying this car. Hopefully should elaborate a bit along with pictures in days to come.

Originally Posted by nkrishnap View Post
Congrats on the white cruze. Looks very good.

Enjoy many more miles with the car.
Originally Posted by quadmaniac View Post
Congrats. That is one badass angle on the Cruze, looks like its coming to eat you! Waiting for loads of pics :-)
Originally Posted by bblost View Post
Fantastic CAR.

Wishing you many many happy miles.
Thanks Krishna, Imran and Quad !

Originally Posted by kutlee View Post
Is the red one still with you? many things can happen over a drive!
Thanks Mahesh and Yup Viva is still with me. So technically, i own 3 cars now
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Congrats on getting the Chevy Cruze!!! Happy and safe driving.
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Congratulations and Wishing her to munch lots of miles.

Do we see rubber upgrades soon on her ? i guess that could be a reason for LT Version !

Cheers !
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Awesome !! Congrats Avi!! You do owe us a more detailed report , right now you are spared till you get the delivery of the car. Drive safe
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Congrats Avinash. I am going to be in the market for a new car in the next 2-3 months & the Cruze is seriously in my radar alongwith the Vento & the Corolla D-4D. Yes, the choice of cars is across the range & so vast & i am so so confused. Hope to hear about your experience in the days to come. Try to tame your monster & drive safe buddy!
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Congrats Avi. Eagerly awaiting to see your beast.
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congrats on the car. Look forward to the ownership report. The base version is quite self sufficient for a person who can add accessories on your own.
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Congrats Avinash on your new buy.
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Congrats Dude. Looks great in white. Look forward to see the beaut soon....
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Default Alright!!!

Congrats Avi, did not realize its already delivery time. waiting for the cool pics and a detailed review. And of course the next meet.
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Congratulation Avinash..Hoping to see it soon..
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Wow Cruze...that too white.

My friend took delivery of his cruze few days back (LTZ) and my colleague is getting white cruze next month (LTZ Auto). White one is a looker!!

Congrats and waiting for tons of pictures and reports.
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