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Default Chevrolet Cruze:“White Annihilator” has arrived EDIT: 63,500 km up and now SOLD!

Dear Friends,

As some of you may be aware I was driving a Pete’d Accent Viva CRDi since Oct-2006 and clocked only 55,000kms till date and until a couple of months ago, buying a new car was not even on my list of wildest dreams considering that my Viva was as pristine as it was when I bought it (only 3.9 years of ownership).

Here is the ownership thread:-

What began as a casual discussion during the regular Hyderabad meets regarding what should be my next upgrade with some knowledgeable folks within the Hyderabad fraternity and several options like the Skoda Octavia, Laura, Civic, Cedia etc, was discussed at length as performance was a key criteria and having enjoyed a low cost ownership with my Accent Viva, I was bit skeptical to look at petrol cars.

Initially, was not interested to buy a new car as wanted to move to D-segment but with a pre-owned car as already spent a lot of dough on my cars in the past 7-8 years and this purchase being just based purely on my own intent and whim as there was actually no need for a new car as i also happen to own an i10 Kappa which is rarely used by wifey.

After announcing my decision to my family,there was quite of lot of discussions wherein my wife and mom stressed on the fact that i should be using my head and not my heart so often.

But, after pondering over their request, i told them the heart won the battle after which they fondly certified me as a "reliable nut" for going ahead with this decision.

I suspect reliable was a word used to make me feel good but, if you think twice it does not really take away what they actually meant. Does it?

To cut a long story short, I went ahead and bought a Chevrolet Cruze. If you ask me what is unique about this Cruze then I can safely tell you probably mine is the “only” Cruze on TBHP which is a base version (LT Version).

Why I bought this car and more importantly the base version? Will share my thoughts in subsequent posts.

I will be taking the delivery today evening. Below is a bad quality snap that was taken hurriedly when I visited the showroom for a pre-PDI inspection a few days ago.

More to come in a couple of days as tied up with work and other stuff.

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Chevrolet Cruze:“White Annihilator” has arrived EDIT: 63,500 km up and now SOLD!-dsc_4147.jpg  

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A very 'in the face' pic of the Cruze. Was your car the display vehicle at the showroom?? Base version... hmmm let's wait till the story unfolds. I am assuming you would cover everything in detail with lots of pics very soon.

Congrats on the lovely Cruze!! Please do a thorough inspection once again when you bring her home.

PS: Could you please also touch upon the selling process of your Viva?

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Congratulations, Avi.

Good Luck with the new ride. Look forward to catching up some time soon.

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Congrats. That is one badass angle on the Cruze, looks like its coming to eat you! Waiting for loads of pics :-)
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Congrats to the "reliable nut" ! . The gang has a new car for their orchestrated photoshoots now.

Coming to think of it , a trip to the Hyd airport would be apt for this low flying monster photoblog.
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Congrats on your latest "Hearty" Acquisition mobike008 and man what an upgrade!!

Base or not buddy, It all boils down to Heart. Your Heart won over your mind and Cruze has the Same heart across the Versions!!
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Congrats Avi- one question- does the base version come with ABS and Airbags- if yes, then screw everything else.....

Let me guess you reason for choosing hte base version- your fetish for kick a s s ICE- I am guessing that the cruze will feature even more hard core ICE than the viva and doing this in the top end with integrated ICE and steering mounted controls would not have justified the expense!
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Congrats Avi.
Do write in detail about the buying process and the freebies you managed to squeeze out of the dealer!

The weather is just perfect for a photo shoot.
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Wow!! Congratulations man!

My guess for you buying the base version: Lots of performance mods may be?? 'Coz you were stressing about the performance requirement!!

Have fun with the new babe! and looking forward to detailed report ASAP. Should be equally interesting like your foodie posts!
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Congrats on the white cruze. Looks very good.

Enjoy many more miles with the car.
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Congrats to you Avi, Great Car, Now that's what we call an upgrade. Here's wishing you many many miles of happy motoring. Looking forward to seeing the beast eeerrrmmm, the beauty soon.
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Avi, congrats!

Since everybody else has covered more or else everything that could be asked at this stage, I'll just ask one question

"Where's the Party Tonight?"
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Looks rather cool in white. Aren't you nervous about the bikers now?
It's a big and white car. You will have to spend more time on cleaning it. Will help you get slimmer !!
Is the red one still with you? many things can happen over a drive!
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Congratulations Avi.

That was a bit too short description of the ownership than usual.. I remember you referring your experiences with dealers and the negotiations that were done for your Accent.

Will await the detailed posts.
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Fantastic CAR.

Wishing you many many happy miles.
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