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Default re: Diesel SUV or Petrol...from an environmental point of view?

I agree that we as individuals cannot really grasp the whole environmental impact. There are big teams in every company trying to figure out their "Well to Wheel" environmental footprint.

But my point was about comparing the little facts we know and taking a more informed decision in every context.For example, if one knows the GLE is shipped all the way from US while GLC is 40% locally assembled (numbers are just example), buying a GLC is more environmentally friendly choice. This is what critics of Prius used to quote against since they are made in Japan and shipped to US. It leads to a lot of pollution even before driving the first mile. So, this could be a vital little aspect in your quest to buy an all-round eco-friendly car between GLE and GLC.

And as I mentioned earlier, weight is also quite a simple aspect one can rely on for understanding the environmental impact.

I agree this is already a luxury to factor environment aspect into all our purchase decisions. But,these two aspects in my opinion are the easiest to grasp for a consumer, without getting into very technical details or complete impact.
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Default Re: Diesel SUV or Petrol...from an environmental point of view?

Agreed with Hayek - buying a large SUV which'll give single-digit fuel economy (either engine) isn't eco-friendly to start with. It's like going to a Dominos outlet and counting your calories.

That said, Mercedes is a socially-conscious corporate citizen and deploys some of the best emissions hardware. If you are very concerned about pollution levels:

1. Wait for BS-VI emission norms to kick in. Not too far away. It is going to bring cars that are far less polluting.

2. Buy a smaller / lighter / hybrid car. Lexus is coming and they will bring their hybrids. Buy the Camry or Accord Hybrid. Or stretch your budget & get the Volvo XC90 Hybrid.
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Default Re: Diesel SUV or Petrol...from an environmental point of view?

Originally Posted by GTO View Post
It's like going to a Dominos outlet and counting your calories.
Excellent analogy. I wondered about this conflict of being an auto enthusiast and environmental responsibility. No matter what type of car I buy (even electric), I am financing all the environmental damage caused in the process of bringing the car to the road. Buying a new electric car every 3 years is worse than flogging your smoke belching VW till it falls apart. So I do not believe in this fad of buying green badges by choosing a luxury hybrid/electric car for environmental reasons - most buyers of these cars will be in top 5 percentile in terms of personal carbon footprint. The garbage collecting dude with his 20yr old diesel tuktuk has negligible carbon footprint than someone with a solar charged Tesla.

Just plead guilty, buy the car you like. There are a million other genuine things you can do to save the planet other than faking it with a Tesla. I am not against electric cars - I actually like them but not because they will suddenly make me this uber indulgent planet-saving dude.
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Default Re: Diesel SUV or Petrol...from an environmental point of view?

A whatspp forward questioning the 'Electric car for environmental reasons' thought.

Name:  lithium_tar_sands_meme.jpg
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Size:  137.9 KB

Edit: A little bit of reading online, claims that to be copper mine and not lithium.
Leaving the pic here, so that you too stay informed. Lithium is also mined in open pit mines, but brine pools are more popular and easier to extract Lithium.

It’s a copper mine. This particular mine is BHP’s Escondida Mine, one of the 10 largest in the world.
Wiki says, Brine pools are the major source of Lithium and not open pit mines.
Deposits are found in South America throughout the Andes mountain chain. Chile is the leading producer, followed by Argentina. Both countries recover lithium from brine pools. In the United States, lithium is recovered from brine pools in Nevada.

Last edited by Spinnerr : 3rd January 2017 at 12:24. Reason: Added link which says the mine is pic is a copper mine.
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Default Re: Diesel SUV or Petrol...from an environmental point of view?

I think it should be about how efficiently resources are being used within current technology parameters to transport people.

E.g. If someone buys a 7 seater and uses it to transport only one person then whatever the pollution impact divide by 1. So on and so forth in terms of people transported.

Given that, if only one person will use a 7 seater then even if most efficient vehicle chosen its still ideally crime against resources and environment.
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Default Re: Diesel SUV or Petrol...from an environmental point of view?

Thank you for your views and advise. The GLE 250D was delivered home yesterday. there was some debate as to the colour. Most of the cars we have bought till date have been white, and we had resolved that we would get a different colour for the GLE. Unfortunately, after mulling about with grey, we got the white again! Am surprised that there are very few choices as far as colour is concerned.
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