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Default re: Worth buying a Used W210 Mercedes E-Class?

The dealer himself has answered this question for you, he wanted to keep the W210 till he came across a W124, this shows that the W124 is the one to go for

According to popular perception, the W210 did not do very well, or atleast not as well as the W124 did

Also, think about resale value, forget money, my opinion is you would not be able to find buyers for this car when you want to sell it

My suggestion, the W124 is the car to go for, spares are also easier to find since it sold more than 25 lakh units, the car is still in service all over Europe. You can find a lot of W124 on Olx for the price you are willing to pay for this car. The diesel W124 is the one I would recommend, buy it even if its from a different state, life-time tax on a 20 year old car would not be too much
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Default re: Worth buying a Used W210 Mercedes E-Class?

From what I have read over the internet on various forums and websites, the W210 was a model that gave Mercedes Benz a bad name. The electronics can get messy and it won't be cheap to repair it. I would go for the W124 any day. Its reliable, comparatively cheaper to maintain. My 19 years old W124 (E250) is still holding up very well and turns eyes wherever I take her(him).
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Default re: Worth buying a Used W210 Mercedes E-Class?

I would suggest holding the horses a little.
Your impeccable maintained Merc may be put in the same class as a 10-15 year old smoke spewing truck and hence get banned from the roads if our NGT has its way.

Please wait till things get clarified about the nationwide policy about old vehicles.
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Default Re: Mercedes E230 W210? EDIT: Now Bought

W210- No. W124 - Yes.

W210 were the worst mercs ever. Expect poor resale and visits to the service centre. Comfort is of no use if reliability is an issue. Get the previous one.
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