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Default W124 query - Help me select the perfect sedan for highway cruises

Hello Tbhpians.

I have been a passive member on Teambhp for a while now but now looking forward to rectify that.

I really enjoy long highway drives and have traveled across India in my humble Ford Ikon which has so far never let me down even once. However I have often felt the need for a bigger, faster, safer and more comfortable car since many of my trips end up being 3-4,000 Km journeys. Which is why I am looking forward to a new car specifically for that purpose.

My first choice was a toss up between Optra magnum (diesel) and a mitsubishi cedia, however after doing a lot of reading, it occurred to me that a used W124 would serve my purpose just as well. Let me start by listing out my requirements-

1. Safety: I have seen too many accidents on the highways (and have almost had one myself a few times) and safety is what matters above everything else. I need a sedan that has ABS, airbags, powerful brakes and a sturdy structure that will result in the least damage to the passengers should one end up being in an accident.

2. Reliability: Since I undertake long journeys (sometimes to small obscure hill towns) I need a car that will not break down. I few niggles are acceptable as long as I can still drive the car to the nearest major town.

3. Comfort: I am 6'2 so I need a lot of headroom and legroom. The car should have good insulation so not much engine noise and road noise filters through the cabin. It should have a very comfortable ride to handle our pothole ridden roads.

4. Driveability: I don't care much about 0-100 kmph acceleration, top speed or the ability to go fast around around corners. I care more about driveability, being able to cruise at 100-120 kmph with the engine spinning lazily, smooth gear shifts etc. I seldom exceed 120 kmph on the highways and never go fast around corners.

I don't really care if it's a petrol or a diesel as long as I can get approx. 10kmpl on the highways at cruising speeds (100-120 kmph in 5th gear).

Considering all the above factors, I need your inputs whether it makes sense to get a used decently maintained W124 (E220 or E250D) instead of a new optra or a cedia. Another thing that I'd like to mention is my admiration for the W124, whenever I see a new BMW, Audi or a Merc, I say wow and move on but whenever I see a W124 (a black W124 specifically) I actually stop to admire that classy timeless design. Many a times I even turned around in the opposite direction to follow a black W124 and give a thumbs up sign to the driver of the car. Rejection of all things superfluous is my design philosophy and I can't think of any other car that looks so classy and elegant without being superfluous.

I would appreciate the inputs of all W124 owners (and those who might not own a W124 but have had some experience with the car).

If there is a consensus on a W124 being better suited for my specific need than an optra or a cedia, I would like assistance from Tbhpians based in Mumbai (I am based in Goa and it is easier for me to travel to mumbai and pick up a car from there) to help me source a nicely maintained W124, my only requirement is that it should be black/dark grey, I am fine with a petrol or a diesel version as long as it meets the above criteria. I intend to keep the car for a long time so resale cost is not an issue.

Thanks in advance.
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Hello Astleviz, always a good idea to search before creating a new thread. Please refer to:

W124 1

W124 2

That should answer all your queries. Thread closed.
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