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even if octavia is old.. i don't know why i still love it..

it so nicely built, has grunty engine .. my vote for skoda octavia but little pimped !!
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I am using a Diesel Fabia and have driven about 32000kms in a year now with no issues, it drives great and to add to it I have a remap. That's enough torque to put out on any sedan. We also have a Laura in the family. Both cars are driven extensively and all it requires is regular service. No issues otherwise.

If I were I would choose the new Superb petrol, over laura petrol which cost about 15L or so compared to superb which is 20L, I pay 5 Lakh extra but list of equipements along with spacious cabin one gets, is worth the extra money, and a 7DSG gearbox not to forget. How many cars are giving you that. Unless you talk about Audi and BMW or MERC. OR I spend that extra 5L money on Petrol Laura to get the all Black Alcantara interior, new OZ alloys, add some HIDs, upgrade just turbo with remap, some suspension tuning, add LSD, Recarro Seats and all set with 250Bhp very much useable power with a good traction.

But If you don't wanna spend and need a small car in the family than go for the Fabia diesel. It is noisy in the beginning but after driving 2000kms the noise goes down considerably.

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just wanted to update!
finally had ecided to go for a fabia 1.4 diesel elegance and its approx 8 lac on road.for that i could have bought a linea. the car is in white color and the car has arrived at dealership but transferring insurance is taking time might get the delivery tommorow as promised by sales rep.
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guys the manufacturing date of the new car is mid jan 09. is it ok for a new car.
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The cast iron parts might be rusted quite a bit.
Make sure they do a thorough PDI if you can't change the car (again).
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Originally Posted by mayank123 View Post
guys the manufacturing date of the new car is mid jan 09. is it ok for a new car.
I dont think so. Its around July now and this means the car was with them for over 5 months. Two or three months or even four months is OK, but not something in the range for 5-6 months. May be because of slow sales, they are not able to get their earlier stocks cleared, but IMHO, 6 months is too much time. However this is just my opinion. Do PDI thoroughly before you plunge into this car.
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I agree with GTO, buy other co's car instead.

If you want to take only skoda, go for the most relaible models of skoda, i.e. Octavia or superb.

Superb is really a superb car. With lots of goodies & sheer luxury, its way above its competitors (except *** though)
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Best Deal - Superb - 1.8 TSI - If too expensive
Next Best Deal - Laura 1.8 TSI
Third best option Octavia
Fourth best option - Get Fabia 1.2 Sell off to another person from the showroom itself for 75K loss. and buy another Brand.
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Well done!! It's not easy to get anything out of these guys. A commendable job done and, of course, fortunate by all means.
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don't even think of buying the Skoda Fabia 1.4 TDi. It is one of the worst and most unsafe hatch back.

I had first bought a 1.4 Petrol, which after hitting hard with the Skoda guys and a first hand test drive from OVERDRIVE, May 2008 I was able to prove the faulty engine / ECM and water seepage which they could not repair.

They exchanged that with a 1.4 TDi, which now has:
1) Faulty Brakes & ABS
2) Engine Hunting & RPM variation
3) AC blower has been changed twice
4) Rear Shock Absorbers have leaked
5) Seat Track is having play

I know others who have had a Tie Rod breakage, Steering Wheel replecaed, Airbag assembly been replaced.

Just today even the Window Glass switch has stopped functioning.

I have trying to talk to these guys at Skoda, who have already in the past one year kept my car for approx two months for their inspection without any results. When ever I try speaking to them they just tell me to send the Car to their dealer and nothing more...

Hey guys wanna car at home or a car for Skoda's R&D @ your Cost?
Originally Posted by filcord View Post
how on earth did you manage the deal?
Don't be spending any more money on a Skoda - take the Fabia diesel top-end model and flog it after the warranty period.
Attached Thumbnails
Skoda agrees to replace my faulty Fabia, which Skoda to purchase now?-over-drive-01.jpg  

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Old 11th August 2009, 20:10   #41
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Default Unbelievable !

A great suggestion from GTO (real out of the box thinking)

I don't understand why everybody is still so obsessed with Skoda, a company which does not even have a global presence. ( I had been in different regions of the gulf for 10 years and could hardly spot a dozen Skoda's there. US and Canada do not even want to try Checzk cars and VW is selling Beetle, Passat, Jetta and so on).

In India, they initially had a good market due to the diesel "mania" here and the lack of other international brands to choose from. I am still surprised why people are not willing to learn from other's mistakes or even their own mistakes/experiences?. I understand that people have their likes and dislikes and have the rights to choose what they like; but not heeding to good suggestions, based on other's experiences.

Just shell out a few more bucks (compared to Fabia), get a Cheverolet Magnum 2.0Tdi and you will have a bigger and safer car with absolutely no problems from the engine side. Enjoy courteous and professional customer relationship, responsible repairs + service with frequent follow ups (based on my experience from Cochin dealership)
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