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Default Unusual Dillema. What price For Opel Vectra?

I just wanted a huge car for gifting it to my friend. And because i cant give her mine i decided i should go for a stroll to the nearest second hand car wala. Surprisingly the car which attracted me the most is this one:

Opel Vectra,
September 2002 Model
Top end model.
Pune Passing
Fully loaded
Good Tyres
39756 Kms done

How much should i give an offer for?? Any Comments!!
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3 lakhs or less? I sold my mondeo for 2.65.
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3 lakh is the maximum. But are you so particular that you want to gift your friend a Vectra itself. Both the car and company have been out of the market. So, maintenance will be horrible!
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Did you just mention a gift to your friend or enemy?

Make no mistake the Opel Vectra is indeed a great car (German Engg., euro build, concept styled, brand, etc.,) that came well ahead of its time and never took off. Its a D segment Euro car that is a white elephant to maintain. Its sold so low volumes, so dont expect off the shelf spares even in any GM India warehouse, it has to be imported from Opel/Vauxhall operations in Europe. Dont buy it if it is meant to be a daily ride, expect to be off-road waiting for parts for unknown period.

I've heard of one garment exported in Tiruppur who buys spares for his Vectra whenever he visits Germany, the exception being his the only common rail diesel sold apart from 2 other units that came for testing at Opel India. He has apparently crossed 200K KM's and still running strong.
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The only comparison that we can make, for the sake of price, is to the Mondeo / 1st gen Accord sold in India....all three were from the same segment at about the same time.

If you want to go European, I'd highly recommend the Mondeo instead. After-market support in terms of repair familiarity and parts (can also import from the UK) is better. You'd get clean Mondeos anywhere between 2.75 - 4.0 lakhs. If you are open to Japanese, can't go wrong with the Accord. Early model Accords can be had for 3 - 4 lakhs.

All 3 cars were market failures, though the Vectra was the most miserable. Avoid.
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seen a couple of the mondeos online for 2.65 to 3.25, better still in the same budget get a first gen camry (3.75 to 4) or the earliest accord, as GTO suggested the vectra is better avoided.
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Old 9th July 2010, 22:51   #7
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Hehe. A Vectra as a gift ! Someone show this to Jeremy Clarkson !

However, on a serious note, consider it only if your friend is an enthusiast and if she`ll have the tenacity to go parts hunting.
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Originally Posted by evo View Post
Hehe. A Vectra as a gift ! Someone show this to Jeremy Clarkson !

However, on a serious note, consider it only if your friend is an enthusiast and if she`ll have the tenacity to go parts hunting.
plus he really hate her it seems by putting her in a pit hole full of trouble !!!
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What happened to the gift and if it did happen what happened to the friendship?
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Its a lousy car to drive, maintain and own. Best avoided. The suspension on the Vectra is wooden.
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