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Having driven the Maxima a lot, it is a fine car. Although I am not sure what Nissan wants to bring to India later (Altima?).
If you want to return, dont a buy a car for some time.
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delhi2009, i was some what in similar situation in 2003, i bought my first enfield in 2003 and paying close to 90k for a Bike something which was not appreciated by many and the bike being bulky and also known for reliability issues i got quiet a lot of negative comments..

Upgrading from a smaller bike i felt the bike was huge/heavy and started to think in the same lines as many who gave a negative feedback, infact few days i dint touch the bike and also was thinking of selling it and buy a smaller bike....

But luckily i dint fall prey for those negative feelings held on, apprently after few years i bought another enfield and am sure will stick with it all through my life...

Summary of the story is not to think to much, if you like the machine enjoy it without thinking about if's and but's.
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I suggest you do a complete Puja of the car from a genuine person.

then go on to change all the oils and fluids this car came with. Brake oil, Gear oil, coolant, engine oil? etc etc.

Service the car thoroughly, and ensure every single part is cleaned and serviced. No single part should be untouched.

Wait and observe the results.
i say this because 'bad luck' you perceive sometimes may be due to something trivial associated with the car so no small part should be untouched.

If problems still persist. Sell off the car.

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Dear Friend,

If you do believe that these incidents are bad omens and are giving you a message, then give the car back and bear the damage. You will drive peacefully whatever other car you buy later on.

But try look at life more positively and try to change your thoughts a bit, if possible. If all of us looked at these kinds of signs on the roads (the accidents thread for an example) we might never drive.

Ultimately make a decision based on what you believe in strongly, at least for the moment. You will be happy about it.

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Install a Ganeshji in the car(even if there is one already!), do a good puja, pray to god that whatever happens is left to him and that you trust him.

Dispel and forget all negative thoughts and make the most of your beautiful car!!

Wishing you tens of thousands of safe and happy miles!
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I dont get the relationship. Stupid people drink and drive everyday, fights happen.
Think of it this way:
The drunk person stopped in the middle of the road to admire the Teanna you bought and was awestruck by its beauty.
All the petrol pump attendants wanted to fill fuel in your car and fought over it.

Teanna is a great car. And I think Nissan is trying its best to survive in India so I believe service will not be a nightmare. Mind it Mondeo and Vectra failed because of there timing was not great. If they relaunch the cars, trust me they will sell like crazy.
Keep the car for atleast a few days/weeks. If you still cant get over your doubts, go ahead sell it.
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Originally Posted by delhi2009 View Post
IThe dealer is someone where i have a good matrix - have referred to him 10s of customers with 1cr.+ worth of cars sold to my referrals so he respects me and agreed to take the car back if i feel so!
Remind him of this fact and ask him to take it back for same price. Worst case give him 10K for his time.

If you are the superstitious type, then no point in living in stress.

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Go with your heart - no point saving the 30K and being tense and regretting your purchase.

30K is by no means a small amount - but if you can comfortably sacrifice this sum, it's a small price to pay for peace of mind.

Whatever you do, move forward with no regrets!!
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1st, i want to say I LOVE YOU ALL for being so good and spending time to read this and respond (Hey ! Im straight ! But cmon, brotherly love )

Ok, Here's the sequence of events from today. I called a friend & asked him to check the car - Guess what - he goes flat just 500 Metres short of my office and the puncture wala says, "sir exceptional puncture!!!!" . Next, on my way to the dealer , i got a challan for 100 Rs for stopping on zebra crossing and that did it !!!!!!! I come from a background where a policeman would probably say sorry and move and in past 10 years of driving, not even a single challan but here it was, me so miserable at their hands. Next , i reached this dealer's place and his boy says, "Sir Car looking mast, sits in for a while, starts his bike and his bike puncture " I did'nt had to say anything more . The guy took the car - no questions asked - no money deducted . It was Jinxeddd !!!!

Next - I tried a 31st Dec 2008 Model Ford Endevour 4x2 Hurricane Model (Latest Shape). was Just 37000 On Mileage coming for 14.5 K . Negotiated and got it for 12.5. Got the Pooja done, drove it for a while and i tell you - Damn good Feeling ! Well i dont have much more to say but i certainly would sleep comfortable tonight . Thank you all again !

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You have sold off the Teanna in excahange?
How much did you get.
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Originally Posted by rajeev k View Post
You have sold off the Teanna in excahange?
How much did you get.
He said he gave it back for the same price i.e 10.25lacs.

Congrats delhi2009. Now you have a nice suv in your garage.
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@ delhi2009,

Whether the car was really a bad omen or not, its finally off your hands. Think of it as a closed chapter and enjoy your new vehicle.

Car returned for same money without deduction? Talk about having your cake and eating it too!!
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Congrats on your new FORD. but some times signs are just signs. but you had a lot of money on the car. so returning it back was the best way to keep your mind clear.

I had a similar experience but i did not spend as much money but still 65K for a laptop was a lot for me in 2006. it broke every now and then. going to HP service center was like a every day thing. but for a year i just wanted to throw away the lap top and not care about the money i spend. the day the warranty was over since then till now it is working like a dream. this was my story of such sort.

But i would like to congratulate you once again.
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Originally Posted by delhi2009 View Post
I tried a 31st Dec 2008 Model Ford Endevour 4x2 Hurricane Model (Latest Shape). was Just 37000 On Mileage coming for 14.5 K . Negotiated and got it for 12.5.
Dude get me one at that price.
Well all's well that end's well. Enjoy the beast.
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Default Reason for sale

Please let me know if not the others on this thread as to why the original owner sold of the car for such a low rate. There are many people here with communist background who would willingly take the car putting superstitions aside. The rate the car was sold off to the dealer must have been not more than 9.5 lakh.
I would really like to know as to why the car was sold off by the first owner. Was the car a jinx even for the first owner?
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