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Default The pursuit of Passion


It give us wings to fly.

The question always under consideration however is the direction in which the passion is aimed. We can have a lot of reasons for a lot of things. But there are somethings in life that just cannot be explained. Like why an award winning golfer got his car window smashed by his own golf club by his 'better half'. Or why the word monkey is considered racist when the generally accepted theory that we as humans are all a product of evolotion. From monkeys.

Or why someone would be willing take their money and place it not on a brand new sparkling showroom piece of technical wizardry but place it on a quarter of a century old Model.

I start of my search in pursuit of my passions. My budget is 6-7L. Hence the car I shall be looking through shall be Probably 'The Benzes' the W123 and the W126. I may not be looking for a W124.

I shall be documenting each stage of this search as it goes on. An essential criteria is the fun to drive factor though not of sole importance. And yes, i have been though the excellent thread started by GTO. I shall not be looking for any mainstream cars Eg. The VRS/ Civics.

When I see a car in the course of my search which appeals to me, I shall post it up, it's condition / Colour model number and hopefully pics, in case anyone else also wishes to pick one up.

Right now the most crucial descition factor seems to be between the 123 and 126. The most important consideration being that the 126 is immense and parking problems are a common thorn in the side for most mumbaikars. Apparently the 123 does not have as good handling as the 124. The 126 comes with the smallest engine being a IL6 which will play havoc with the F.E. and this being a car that has to be run regularly and me being just a 23 year old fresh lawyer, will have to balance F.E. with fun.

I still love the sheer presence of the 126 and it's backseat!!

All advice, alternatives and discussions will be encouraged!

So, Ladies and Gentlemen, with your kind consent, Let the games begin!!

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Man (aka a petrolhead) does not live by driving at 10 kmph in Bombay alone; he requires a healthy dosage of passion toward the W126/124 and an appreciation of that fact by fellow t-bhpians.

Have a great journey ahead on your quest for your dream steed. Also let me know if you chance upon a W201/W116 ( the 450 SEL 6.9 is one of my all time favourites).

Regards, drive safe
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