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Default Re: Turbo charged Street Gypsy - project of the month

Originally Posted by nim_peter View Post
Excellent build! Congrats on the successful completion. A couple of queries though. The Dyno shows BHP figures, is there a separate procedure for this? I've never seen a dyno run, but read that it gives only the WHP, do we know the transmission loss?

Also could see the old 140 kmph speedo, I'm sure it can be pushed beyond that.
Hi - Thanks !

You are right, the chassis dyno only measures the wheel bhp. However, our dyno has a coastdown mode which estimates the drag of the driveline. These losses are added to the wheel hp figures to arrive at the estimated crank bhp.

Typical losses we have found on Gypsies is around 25 bhp at 6400 rpm. tapering down to a couple of hp at near zero speeds.

Yes, you can push beyond that ! But better have good tyres or it is scary !

We have just completed the build of supercharged Gypsies - I am starting a separate thread for this project.
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