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Re: Custom Build : Tata Xenon

Originally Posted by scarecrow View Post
had a query, with these mods is there a substantial increase in weight? Specifically wanted to know the power to weight ratio i.e. stock vehicle and post mods.

Also from a legal (RTO law) perspective are there any specific things to be taken care off for such mods?
Hey Scarecrow

Yes there is definite change in power to weight ratio, There is some extra weight added. If the stress points are taken care of you dont really need to add too much weight trying to reinforce the entire thing. Usually with Diesel cars its not very noticeable, in Petrol engines however the difference is noticeable from the time the weight comes on. Power enhancement is one cure.

Aerodynamics are very important.

I am in the process of making a limo and have managed to increase the length by 7 feet by just adding another 40 odd Kgs to it. I have tested with 6 people inside, SWOT is still on..aim is to have a seating capacity of 7 people + Driver

The limo builders here mostly dont permit more than 3 people inside (2+Driver), dont understand why they even bother to make a limo.

As far as RTO is concerned, when I last checked, one just has to get the colour change registered, there are no specific laws for body and performance alterations, lots of loopholes and unclear points. Chassis construction is a different story.

Hope this helps clear your points.

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Re: Custom Build : Tata Xenon

Originally Posted by TORQUED View Post
Looks like they dont like it...but thats okie.Some you like some you dont...

What i am really disappointed is the rigid objectivity and point of views here...People dont seem to grasp the concept of custom build maybe( i dont know what it is), It does not matter what car it used to be, its about what it is. Its not perfect, my design are in no way perfect.

The design fullfils the customers requirements emotionally and practically, its all that i said its customized and custom built to one persons likes and dislikes...its cannot please everybody.

Number plates, logos etc etc will go on the car, its obvious. but yes i see how that might have put a lot of people off.

Thanks buddy...

I am not slaying the comments...they are welcomed.
Its the stereotyping on the forum that is disappointing


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Brother, I don't know about other people, but I liked the concept very much (though some improvisations on the design won't be out of place). I am now dying to know how a TL 4x4 crew cab would look with the full body. Never-the-less, you have earned yourself a ride of a lifetime dude. Cheers!
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