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Custom Build : Tata Xenon

Hey Guys

Its been a while since i loged on to the forum, i keep checking it from time to time though, logging on is a different issue.

for those who dont know me, I run TORQUE INC

I needed your opinions on something I have worked on recently. Last update from me was the Green THAR, it was a lot of fun interacting with you folks there, I am uploading some new pictures. Please feel free to give your views and ideas. Its still undergoing last minute detailing and touches.

Pictures are not great quality but ill be uploading Hi-res one if you guys would like to see em.

All Rights and Design Reserved by Torque Inc.
Attached Thumbnails
Custom Build : Tata Xenon-img2012070400230.jpg  

Custom Build : Tata Xenon-img2012070400231.jpg  

Custom Build : Tata Xenon-img2012070400232.jpg  

Custom Build : Tata Xenon-img2012070400237.jpg  

Custom Build : Tata Xenon-img2012070400238.jpg  

Custom Build : Tata Xenon-img2012070400236.jpg  

Custom Build : Tata Xenon-img2012070900241.jpg  

Custom Build : Tata Xenon-img2012070400223.jpg  

Custom Build : Tata Xenon-img2012070400225.jpg  

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re: Custom Build : Tata Xenon

How can we ever forget the Green Thar with the Side Facing seats? Not sure if it made it into the Wild and Whacky Section yet...

Anyways, coming to your latest creation:

1. The front is looking bland and heavy. Nothing like the fantastic face that the Xenon has. At least get the stock radiator grill back and reduce the hang (height) of the bumpers. you can try out a Dual colour tone to see if it improves the looks. Also the sharp edge of the bumper near the wheel arch is looking horrid.

2. The design at the rear DOES NOT gel with the overall design flow of the vehicle. There is no Symmetry, no Shape, no sense of proportions here. In my humble opinion, this needs to be reworked entirely.

3. You have taken inspiration from the Sierra in designing the rear section, but some edge rounding and black moulding would have done wonders for the look. The sharp right angle edges are NOT looking good. Sierra had a very beautiful design, and you should follow it closely for this build as well.

4. What can make this concept VERY interesting is, if you have removed the passenger compartment rear wall and stretched the passenger seating to the entire loading bay. You can do so many things there. You can even design Limo style seating or 3 row captain seats inside, with that kind of space. Some pics of the interiors would be great.

5. Raise the height if the vehicle. With all these heavy looking panels, it needs to sit higher. The stance of this sucks right now. Go for a Body Lift and 33 (at least 31) Inch tires, to make it look good.

6. The roof looks good, but not the 4 lights above the Windshield. Do something about it please.

Overall, I rate this effort better than the earlier Thar, but......

P.S. Keep at it, and maybe we can call you DC-reincarnate.
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re: Custom Build : Tata Xenon

This is not doing for me, it looks fussy, this is not how imagine my Xenon to be anyway as its said different strokes for different folks, to sum it up "Mazaa nahi aaya".

Originally Posted by roy_libran View Post
Hey Roy, is your Gurkha HR 29 registered?
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re: Custom Build : Tata Xenon

Sorry to say this. But it looks too bad . The xenon in its original shape is way better. The mods looks too cheap. sorry.
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re: Custom Build : Tata Xenon

I know am being cynical, but why turn a pick up into a bling machine ? I would have definitely preferred something more mean and purposeful. When I read the thread title I was under the impression that YES this must be the 1st mean looking Xenon on the forum.

End of the day, to each his own. As long as the owner has been happy and you are happy with the outcome nothing really matters.

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re: Custom Build : Tata Xenon

Beauty lies in the hands of the beholder.But since you have posted and asked for opinions here are a few comments
1)Easiest things first get rid of those tattoo stickers.They look very amateurish and does not gel with the vehicle.
2)Some how the shapes of the glass areas from side profile does not gel together.Try altering your paint scheme and paint the pillars and area around the glass areas black in a way that the design looks more cohesive.
3)Front grill looks a bit ugly.
4)Rear lights from a car looks out of place on this truck.
5)Get rid of the beading running along the middle of the doors.

Sir, I see that you are running this as a business.Execution front looks ok.If you could hire a graphics designer with a good taste(automotive), who could model the modification or rebuild prior to actually doing it would really help you improve the quality and final outcome of the work.

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re: Custom Build : Tata Xenon

@ roy_libran: My thoughts exactly. I'd like to add that the chrome side strips look out of place as do the TRD stickers.
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re: Custom Build : Tata Xenon

I am guessing your inspiration on this one was a Cadillac Escalade.

Things that are not working here are,
1. Grill - Such a huge vehicle and a tiny mesh grill!
2. Over Hang is too much, either reduce it or increase the height of the vehicle
3. Overall the look is too bland, you could try by adding some bling. Refer to Escalade.
4. The roof lights, dont serve any purpose nor look cool.
5. Tail lights look too puny for the huge rear. Same is the case with the headlights.
6. Also the square exhaust tip looks horrid.

Overall the body work looks good. Why is there a unexplained dip on the crome side beading?
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re: Custom Build : Tata Xenon

Sorry mate, to be honest, there is absolutely no originality and lacks character. The original design looks way too handsome!! You have got it wrong!

I really liked this line of yours 'All Rights and Design Reserved by Torque Inc.' Seriously, no one would dare copy your design!! for sure!

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re: Custom Build : Tata Xenon

torqued- i think you should really join some school of automobile design before you do projects like this, not everyone is blessed with an inborn aesthetic sense, but at least in a school there would be lots students and faculty who would point out what you doing is wrong and you could improve. now going back to the designing of the xenon,all who have posted their comments have told what i had to say,so nothing much from my part.
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Re: Custom Build : Tata Xenon

Originally Posted by TORQUED View Post

I needed your opinions on something I have worked on recently.

Tata Xenon is growing up on me these days after looking at some snaps from Mughal Rally and that's why I search for Xenon every day here.

Today when I saw your thread I got excited to see something like American truck which Discovery Turbo guys jazz up for customer. However honestly I am disappointed to see this design.

Can you please describe why are you covering the rear which is cool thing for lifestyle vehicle like Xenon.

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Re: Custom Build : Tata Xenon

Note from the Team-BHP Support Staff : Post Deleted. Typing a message which is not a value-addition to the topic being discussed, or is just entirely irrelevant is considered as “Spam” on this community. Spamming is STRICTLY prohibited on Team-BHP.

We advise you to read the Announcements and Board Rules section before proceeding any further

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Re: Custom Build : Tata Xenon

The "green thar" and this one ,in all honesty a lot of things have gone wrong .
The lines ,the design ,the aesthetics , the proportion everything has gone wrong in my books .

The Thar is a beautiful machine and it needs only subtle tweaks to bring it to life , the Xenon is also beautiful as it is and we can do wonders with a little lift and tweaks ,but here it's gone haywire .

Anyway I appreciate your efforts .
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Re: Custom Build : Tata Xenon

while you and I know that this is a xenon, there are too many wannabe's out there with junk sierra's for which they can't find body panels and bumpers for, and end up with fibreglass mods which end up strikingly like yours.
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Re: Custom Build : Tata Xenon

I also feel that the front bumper is to be reduced in size to make it more sleeker as it will remove the top heaviness.
Rear also to be worked on, especially on the now bland door and also the tail lamp cluster.
The C pillar to D pillar waste line may add aesthetics if tweaked.
Overall a good job and as the name implies looks a lot torquey.
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