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Default Do's and Dont's during Vehicle Flooding

Floods are unfortunate events, however unlike totally unprecedented like an earthquake,floods do give some time. When you anticipate Floods, these are some key things that one should keep in mind, I have jotted down my own learnings, others please feel free to contribute.


First and Foremost - Disconnect your Battery. This saves all the electronics from being affected by water / short circuit prevention. Most electronic parts boost their survival rates if they aren't plugged on. Your ABS, Airbags, Power Windows, ECU all depend on Power to run the show. When water gets to a plugged in car, these parts and modules are at critical risk. Some of the cases reported here also had Airbag deployment due to flooding !

Exhaust: This is one easy way for water to enter the internals. Although most exhaust systems are angled steep near the engine, it is important to safe guard it from water. Crude method is to tie a Plastic bag tight around the exhaust. There are also sightings where people had plonked in a L shaped PVC pipe from exhaust - almost looking like a Exhaust side Snorkel ! Innovative and Crude - but whats important is it worked !

Air Filter: Water in Airfilter even when the car is stationary, has very high chances of entering the engine. Getting a Plastic cover in between the Filter and the suction pipe is a good option - however ensure they hold on tight by use of rubber bands or threads. Fair chance that they may drift way, if not properly hooked on as water can move stuff incredibly well. If possible, get in a lot of sponge, Cotton or any such material inside the airfilter box. This acts as supplement to the filter element by absorbing water - but do not add small bits, as they may float inside the engine ! Always add stuff before the Airfilter and the Intake pipe and NOT at the other end of it !!

Engine Oil: Engine oil cap, and Level Checking cap can be easy entry to water. Nothing much can be done about this - but in case of floods, ensure they are as tight as possible.

Documents: When you anticipate flooding, ensure your car is clean of all important vehicle documents. Lot of people i know have lost their Critical Docs as they failed to get it on time. Also any other removable item - Subwoofers, Amplifiers, Ipods, take them out as much as you can.

Rusting: Lot of Mech parts will be prone to rusting after the water has receded. Ensure proper care, by using Anti-Rust in appropriate way. If you don't know, contact your nearest detailer


Cranking: Do not try to start the engine, if your vehicle has experienced flooding. A usual thumb rule is, if the water has reached inside the cabin, then one should avoid starting the car.

Cleaning: Never reuse old filter (Air / Fuel) that has been affected by floods. Some people may suggest that its safe to use after drying it in sun, but avoid any such practices. You dont need water to spoil your engine - Moisture is enough. Always Dismantle exhaust and clean completely rather than just draining out water.

Handbrake: When parking the car, avoid using Handbrakes, as has a tendency to get jammed. Slot into the gear and leave it like that. Alternatively, couple of bricks on rear / front wheels should do the job ! However, this may not work, if the water current is high, there have been instances where cars have drifted along with the water !

Upholstery: Flood affected upholstery is prone to Fungus and lot other micro organisms. Avoid using them at any cost. Don't think twice to replace them with new seats

Fuel : If you had experienced Flooding till Fuel tank, please drain out the Existing Fuel from Tank, dry it out and fill in new Fuel. Especially in case of two wheelers, we tend to ignore the significance of Water in Fuel !
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