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Default Chevrolet Beat TCDi on steroids - DieselTronic dual channel box!

Greetings to fellow Bhpians!

This is my first performance mod; I have taken the liberty to keep the review brief and specific to Beat TCDi.

The Prologue:
With 4 people on board; climate control desperately trying a futile attempt to keep the heat down literally, while I floor down the accelerator pedal in my Beat LT(O). I say enough is enough, for what this little engine marvels on urban roads, frustration creeps in on this 4 lane Bangalore- Chennai highway. Something was to be done and on priority basis.

The Beat life!
For most of us (the Beat TCDi owners), life has been a compromises of sorts. The small 3 pot, oil burner can put every single vehicle to shame when it comes to boasting “kitna deti hai” factor in this country. Fortunately, that’s not the only reason, why people opt for this car. An all rounder, Cheverolet Beat TCDi makes a strong case for itself. The driveability is par excellent below three digit figures (in its class) and still manages to be strong contender for weekend highway drives, provided you are ready to make few compromise; with power on tap and a bit of ego too.

Enter the DT Box
Anybody looking out to increase performance without making permanent changes and damages to pocket, would now obviously look forward to the DieselTronic Box from the amazing folks at Race Dynamics. However, unlike MJDs the Beat has a very mild turbo application and hence negligible turbo lag. With apathy of any Beat specific reviews of the DT box and not very heartening reviews from fellow Bhpian, who have experienced the box on Beat; gave me enough headaches to form a decision.

To be frank, I love my car and for a 2 year old vehicle with 22K Kms on ODO, this was something which I always wanted experiment with. Many suggested me to opt against it or at least take a comprehensive trial before I’m ready make the purchase decision. But for me, any gain, was good and I was desperate to have one. The box was bought without much after thought, with “raised eyebrows” from my non-enthusiasts friends. I don’t blame them, after all what this tiny sub 1L engine could achieve is anybody’s guess.

Being Bangalore is a treat in itself and for auto aficionados it’s even better. So, armed with the box (sticker already on the boot), I drive to RD’s lair at Jakkasandra Industrial Estate, hoping to get it installed and if luck favours a custom map for my Beaty too!

Had a talk with Karthik (an extremely pleasant guy to talk to with oodles of experiences to share) and explained to him my requirement of better top end performance and torque on highways rather than 0-60 timings. I was ready to pay more for whatever I would be offered. Karthik, well just said. “I will give you what you require. Let me try something for you”!

Waited for about 10 mins, before the box was bought for installation; only thing being different that it wore a blue-black livery this time. Yes, it was the Dual-Channel DT Box. I was overjoyed to know that the Dual Channel box is compatible with the Chevy Beat! Thank God, for the guys at Chevy who let Turbo Boost control remain digital and under the control of the ECU even in 2011. For comparison purpose the 2014 Swift have to do with single channel only. Anyway, about another 10 mins of installation time and I was set for my first trial run.

Performance with the Dual Channel DieselTronic:
For past 2 years of ownership of my vehicle, I never had a problem with a 3 cylinder engine. The lack of power is generally evident post 100Kmph, which I have learned to with it. However, to put in simple text, the Dual Channel box, just added another cylinder to equation. Sub ton mark acceleration, was mind blowing and was enough to put bigger MJDs to shame; frankly, rudely and in your face!

The engine remains in Turbo Zone almost 99% of times, even when going over speed breakers and a definite increase in torque as well. Unfortunately, I could not test the car to its limits, but a 20 minutes driving on the Bangalore ORR was enough to put all claim to rest. The only gripe being the amplified engine noise (which is not exactly a bad thing for me) at higher RPMs. What of course made the difference is the way Turbo was spooling and fuel being injected. The vehicle remained stress free even under hardest acceleration. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the Dual Channle box, gives completely a new character to the car.

Post the trial run off the Dual Channel Box, my Single Channel box was reinstalled albeit with a more powerful P2 map.

Performance with the Single Channel DieselTronic:

To be frank there was hardly a difference between the Stock and the P1 mode and in the limited range; P2 mode also didn’t show a huge performance boost apart from being much freer revving motor. However, I decide to stick to my Single Channel box and test it over next 1000kms before coming to conclusion. Thankfully, I did not had to wait much and within 48 hours I again on open stretch of highway with 4 people on board and ACC at 100%. I was sure, that the single channel DT box has given enough juice for a considerable performance hike and I will not be disappointed. But again surprise! Not only the vehicle touched the ton mark in a miraculously faster way, it just went on and on, before I was scared enough to remove my feet from the accelerator pedal. Before I did that, I managed to touch a speedo indicated 148Kmph!
But that’s not all. Unlike higher displacement engines, the “E” mode works wonderfully on the Beat. Yes, the turbo lag increases substantially, but once in the turbo zone, the car accelerates clearly. The short gearing helps, and a sedate rider will be happy with even the economy mode on open highways.

These are my estimated thoughts on improvement:
•Drivability – 15%
Mileage on Highways with ACC – Highest 23Kmpl (E Mode); Lowest 14Kmpl (P2 Mode) and about 17 Kmpl (Average P1 mode)
•Performance overall
At least an improvement of 30-40% over stock

PS: I have been observing the OBD parameters off late and haven’t seen any difference in the rail pressure. But fuel efficiency and BHP figures vary.

Seldom, in my life have I gone through such wonderful experiences that have left me so contended. Not only has it changed the character of the car, its gives power to the people. True power, which remain at your fingertips; so much so, that it’s the first time, I feel that my investments in opting for ABS and Airbags suddenly makes so much sense. I’m already in the process of upgrading my rubbers even at just less than 25K Kms on odo.

What makes the DieselTronic different is the fact that it’s not only a magnificent end product but also the attitude of pleasing the enthusiasts, which is taken care by like minded people at Race Dynamics, who know what they are doing. From the sales to R&D, these people have taken care to give you the best possible experience, even after years you have purchased your product. Case in point – I wasn’t charged a single penny for anything.

I had already bought the Single Channel Box, but IMHO the Dual Channel box is worth the extra cost for the probable Beat TCDi owners. To summarise, my friends who drives 2013 Swift petrol is all praises for my car and find the 0-100 acceleration just mind blowing.

With me and my friend on board at about 70Kmph, on NICE road, I’m continuously being honked by a SWIFT DDIs aggressively. Yeah, I know what he’s thinking, but I do have some tricks up my sleeves as well. I give way, press the “P2” button, hold on to accelerator and wait. Unfortunately, the distance is too much between us to complete his overtaking maneuver, well before I exit the toll road.
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Chevrolet Beat TCDi on steroids - DieselTronic dual channel box!-20140311_100222.jpg  

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Default Re: Chevrolet Beat TCDi on steroids - DieselTronic dual channel box!

What were your fuel efficiency figures before the mod ?

Also, is there any improvement in mileage while driving in city ?

Thanks for the detailed review.
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Default Re: Chevrolet Beat TCDi on steroids - DieselTronic dual channel box!

Well, many many congratulations for the DT Box on your Beat! I have been thinking about getting one for my Beat from a long time but was hesitant because of the lack of reviews. Beat is surely an adorable car which had highway performance as it's main disadvantage, but that seems sorted now after reading your review . The only sour point is the mileage in P2 mode (14 kmpl), which again questions the feasibility of such an upgrade, as one can get a DDis/DCi/TDCI and get good power with the same fuel efficiency. Could you PM me the total cost involving the DT Box and also any performance figures if you managed to take note of any?

Mine is a 2011 Switchblade Silver Lt(O) with 45 k on odo. I find certain engine related (stress) vibrations creep into the cabin under hard acceleration when the car is loaded. Would you recommend this DT Box to me? Will the engine wear out faster?

Thanks in advance, long live the Beat.
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