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killjoy 10th July 2006 09:41

Honda Civic Remap
Does anybody do this in India?

autopsyche 10th July 2006 10:32

It is preferable you get an upgraded ecu from Hondata. We were looking one for the Accord V6 but sadly they dont make it for the newer version. The civic however should definitely be in the list.


Ford Rocam 10th July 2006 16:11

Civic is which Year & what engine is it running, if its OBD1 it can be done check out the number printed on the ECU & let us know. & is it stock or Modded?

@ autopsyche Hondata is recommended only if you are doing some serious mod.

Psycho 10th July 2006 17:27

There are tons of chips available for the civics around however one will have to look a bit for the r18a (if it is the new Indian Civic).

killjoy 11th July 2006 09:58

thanks guys, yes, i was asking for the new civic to be launched here in india.

nitroxx 11th July 2006 17:01

no issues bro we might have located someone who does remapping for the new civic giving it a shot then will get back to you

killjoy 12th July 2006 21:00

thanks again, need to know by september end only, no hurry.

ST7677 20th June 2007 16:38


So any news on this...

EVO6 20th June 2007 20:24

I too dont mind a remap for my CIVIC.. Come on boys where is the promised info...

swageo 17th November 2007 22:48

Any update on this ?

ST7677 11th December 2007 15:17

So has anyone got an ECU upgrade for R18A engine?

I guess hondata would be more focused of K20 US model engine and remap for R18 Manual would take some time to come

ST7677 27th April 2008 13:26

Any update on the the Civic R18A Remap?

cinclaturbo 27th April 2008 19:48


Originally Posted by ST7677 (Post 810676)
Any update on the the Civic R18A Remap?

There are no remaps available for the R18 civic.
But there are few other options like the greddy emanage, hks f-con and AEM...

But wiring it to the car and tuning it is difficult.Among those mentioned the AEM and greddy are more suited for the R18.

The R18 Ecu(keihin) is one most difficult to crack both physically and software wise:D... am speaking from experience

ST7677 29th April 2008 14:49


The R18 Ecu(keihin) is one most difficult to crack both physically and software wise... am speaking from experience
i know, and that is why there are hardly any R18a Remaps in the market.
Saw you turbo thread. Would like to discuss more on your turbo charging experience...

ST7677 11th July 2008 14:14

Any updates, still no real reliable performance updates for this car...

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