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Old 4th September 2006, 11:58   #16
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Really awesome work there ! Woudnt mind to own one of those !
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Old 4th September 2006, 13:49   #17
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jesus.....thats one mean looking scorpio.that thing cud scare away trucks on the highway.the guy is very creative considering he visualised it all in his head.those tyres are huge.i guess the engine wudnt be powerful enough to handle the extra weight though now the scorpio will handle really well.
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Old 4th September 2006, 14:02   #18
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Just as the subject of this Post.

Brilliant Work..

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Old 4th September 2006, 14:14   #19
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Awesome mods !! Someone invite this guy to Team-bhp now
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Old 4th September 2006, 15:52   #20
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Wow!! that's just awesome ... one Scorpio that won't have a body-roll problem.
What did he do to the axles and suspension to fit those huge tires?
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Old 4th September 2006, 16:15   #21
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Work is evidently carried out by the Sudhakar guy, who makes novelty cars shaped like foot*****, shoes, tomatoes, oranges, cameras, etc.

Looks good!
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Old 4th September 2006, 17:23   #22
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Now thats what i call a monster...Awsome job.. any idea how much he must have spent on it ?????????
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Old 4th September 2006, 19:00   #23
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awsome modiffication man u really need rock the world on it
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Old 4th September 2006, 20:22   #24
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Fantabulous I just hope that the engine is as good as the body mods
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Old 4th September 2006, 21:01   #25
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Originally Posted by jkdas
wow! superb. Thoz tyres will make sure that teh scorp wont topple over!
Yeah man, expanded wheelbase is a sigh of relief, never felt safe pushing my dads scorpio. That said, its brilliant that something so mean cruises the streets here !!

Kudos to the team involved
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Old 4th September 2006, 21:27   #26
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i think some of the pro custom car designers should actually hang their heads in shame looking at this scorpio alone!this guy is capable!!
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Old 4th September 2006, 23:03   #27
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Wow !! This scorpio really has killer looks.
i could never thought that scorpio could look turn into such a monster.
This gentleman does have some taste.

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Old 4th September 2006, 23:05   #28
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Really good job done, Lot of effort, though the fantasy part was too much, but shows the enthusiasm of the owner,
However, Scorpio totally sucks offroad and is nowhere close to be having any off road capability or being known as a true 4X4, in fact it's pretty bad on road itself, but lets not get into that, anyways its priced pretty reasonable too.
Overall Good Job !
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Old 4th September 2006, 23:29   #29
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Awesome Scorpio..
Amazing Work Done By Kishan Lohiya.

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Old 4th September 2006, 23:32   #30
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Looking at the original and modified vehicles side by side, one can see that the wheels/tyres have gotten a *massive* upgrade and the modified design has a much higher ground clearance and height. So apart from the great looks, wonder what performance mods were done to justify such a massive change in the design? Say, on the suspension, engine, brakes, steering, etc. Without details on these and on the performance/handling of the modified vehicle, it would be difficult to pass judgement on the quality of the job.
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