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Old 4th March 2007, 22:33   #211
Awaiting Email Confirmation
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Originally Posted by xinome View Post
ahoi sankar will ask narayanan unc regarding you tom.
Tell him it's the guy with the red maruti (old model 800) from banglore.

Almost all the guys know me & my car there..the big fat guy in the body section, old 'thadi' in billing section, short mech with thadi who's in the engine & mechanicals section, forgot their names memory aint good. Used to bug them when i was there.

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Originally Posted by xinome View Post
and manveet sweet ride - now, tell me wasnt it worth it.
"worth it" - that's more like a term used when one pays a lot of money .. i got all the stuff done dirt cheap !!

But then we tend to ignore the amount of money wasted in terms of time .. i spent almost half a day with the mech for e.g. .. or the time i paid 2k for a product that wasnt upto the mark .. but its all part of the game i guess .. money saved is not that important ... i'm sure you're enjoying the thrill of being the first few to get it done.

lets ask the mods to close this thread. i DONT want to see anymore smoked out rides in delhi atleast
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I m thru wid manveets idea about closing the thread almost everyone have got the idea about making the lights go smoked..if this thread continues..this thing will become very common and may be offensive/illegal in front of "pandus".What say you all guys...?
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Old 4th March 2007, 23:11   #214
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yea its time """""close the thread"""""" already guys in trivandrum r getting their rides smoked and that to at the place where we got ours done

MODERATORS can we please start a new threaD
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Old 5th March 2007, 00:28   #215
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Default Smoked Out!!!!

Here are a few pics of my zen and palio SMOKED OUT!!!!!!

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Thanks everybody. Thread closed.
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Old 19th March 2008, 16:51   #217
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Default How to Smoke Taillights

iv done a bit of research and havent got a concrete solution on how i should go about smoking my swift taillights black.
iv read of some tints available abroad but thats of no use.
the other thing iv read is something called VHT night shades tint spray that i cant get my hands on.

could some please guide me on how one can smoke their taillights?

im from mumbai

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Old 13th November 2008, 10:41   #218
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Originally Posted by Abix View Post
Allrighty here we go people!

ok guys, how i am suppose to smoke the tail lights like this. i want to do in my alot. suggestions please...
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Old 13th November 2008, 20:53   #219
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Originally Posted by monty9991 View Post
ok guys, how i am suppose to smoke the tail lights like this. i want to do in my alot. suggestions please...

Use a super diluted black car paint (I think) or else PM Arush or even better drive down, get in done in 2 hrs & drive back !!

On a serious note PM AUTOPSYCHE !!

Which car do you wanna get done ??

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Old 8th April 2009, 00:24   #220
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Default smoked headlight and tail !!

hi friends..
i searched a lot to find how to smoke the headlights and tail lights. if anybody has done it before, like DIY, then please post the method with some pics if possible. i personally would like to very slightly smoke the head lights of my zen.
so friends.. lets share some info..
please post pics if possible
thanks in advance

Note from Team-BHP Support : Thread merged. Please use the search feature before creating a new thread on a topic that might already exist. Please continue your discussion in an existing thread. This will keep all the relevant information in one place and make it easier for readers in the future.

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Old 5th April 2010, 00:12   #221
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Default Smoked Taillights

I saw this question asked in the auto lighting thread a couple of times but never answered, so I thought I'd make a thread for all those still in the dark like myself. So how are tail-lights smoked? Is it a tint film applied on them or do they paint them from inside? Or are they just manufactured after market?

In any case, where in Mumbai can I get this done?
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Old 5th April 2010, 03:40   #222
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there's a thread here, can't seem to find it. search around!
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Old 5th April 2010, 05:54   #223
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Here you go. A nice tutorial to get perfectly smoked lights.

Smoked Tail Lights: Materials Needed - Smoked and Tinted Tail Lights Free Tutorials
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Old 25th April 2010, 18:34   #224
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Would like to know where in Bangalore do they do good blackening of tail light?I want the glossy black finish.Using spray paint.Dont want the sticker with matt finish.Is there any place near 4th Block jayanagar where they do a good job?Please help.
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Old 26th April 2010, 10:25   #225
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hey @punterccrx8s, I stay at 2nd block Jayanagar and I've been looking for the same from a long time now buddy. I own a Santro and want to smoke both Headlights and tail-lights. For one, I know that "Sai Motots" who are at Banashankri 3rd Stage.
Not sure if they can get the glossy effect which I want as well. Lemme know if you need their contact info, will share it with you.
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