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Pulzi 4th December 2006 16:41

Upgrade my marina a bit..
Hey friends..
For the time being I have a black marina..I dont want to spend much on it. I just wanna upgrade it a bit(not performance). I have underbody neons(currently blue). Im planning for stobes.. SRK suggested me Metallic Film..What else can be done?? Please give me nice suggestions...please:

Mugen_Power 4th December 2006 23:47


You can get strobes,Neon Padels,Sporty sterring..
In Performance you can get K&N , Freeflow Exhaust..


faithless_1984 5th December 2006 00:14

imho Go for a after market spoiler and fog lights.!


danlalan 5th December 2006 00:37

get a set of tints, alloys matt black or chrome, decals 15inch or higher, stickering to the minimum and a muffler. this ought to make her look good for now.

harsh87 5th December 2006 00:48

get smoked out tail lights these really look cool
check out these links
ImageShack - Hosting :: adicaruh0.jpg
n btw i havent found anyone who can do it in delhi
so if u do find someone let me know

khanak 5th December 2006 08:45

the one thing that can really change the look of a car is the rims. get some nice bling rims man

Pulzi 9th December 2006 13:39

well.. is there something like all body skirting?? I mean if i dont wanna go for body kits.. :S

aZa 9th December 2006 17:19

PULZI marina is an ESTATE and a bodykit would make it look very wannabe. i'd say get fatter rubber with some nice chrome alloys and some nice ICE.

faithless_1984 9th December 2006 17:28


i'd say get fatter rubber with some nice chrome alloys and some nice ICE.
also you can go for a darker shade of tints all around on your ride.!
but then keep a look out for the cops :D

16v100bhp 10th December 2006 16:24

If i was you i wouldnt go for a metallic tint. Better would be a black tint. A really dark tint or even a medium dark would be nice. Go for a lighter tint in case you want to show of your interiors a little (which is of course if you have any interior mods). A nice shiny set of alloys (not chrome though) would be great. May be a Hyper silver or a hyper black would blend in nicely. It would be better if you get rid of all chromes from the body which makes the only thing shiny - the mags. Well hope my advice suits your taste. All the best for your "Black Magic"

adya33 10th December 2006 19:57

Pulzi do remember dark tints are not legal and you can get into trouble for the same.
Marina is an Estate so unfortunately most of the external modifications will look bad.

team dragstar 11th December 2006 18:14

dark tints are a no no... you cant see a damn thing at nights man

SRK 12th December 2006 22:25

I think I had given a number of suggestion for the marina..And it was meant for you..(or was that for someone else??)..

By the way..
How about a Pimped Marina..
I have got a really wicked Idea in my mind..But I am sure its not going to work (atleast in India..)
Leave that ........

You Go for a luxury look..(sporty look wont suit that car..Unless you do some performance stuff)..

Heres how..
1.) Go for a design of rims that make the car look luxurious..I would prefer 5 spoke but solid design..
Or settle down for Chrome Multispoke..

2.) Good tyres...(Unidirectional,just my choice as I love those thread design)..

3.) Sun Film Keep It Black but mettalic..I mean it should shine when light falls on it..
But make a choice that isnt too shiny I mean those mirror effect one..

4.) Black Leather or Art Leather interior..Get some nice thread design on them too..You get many kinds of patterns..

5.) Get Brushed Aluminium finished Pedals..

6.) Get chrome in selected parts to give it that high end feel..Too much chrome can make you car look like a shiny piece of scrap..
LIKE Get your inner door handles chrome..
For exterior use the chrome strip of the new Marina..

7.)Also if you really want to go crazy..Get the new Lights from Marina
Even bumper replacement can be done..But I liked the old Rounder look..

Ok thats all I may come up with a virtual Modified Marina Soon..

khanak 12th December 2006 23:31


Originally Posted by Pulzi (Post 335530)
well.. is there something like all body skirting?? I mean if i dont wanna go for body kits.. :S

Im not sure fi they fit but if they do you can add the sideskirts of the indigo sx to the marina. I think that should complete the look.

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