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flipsyde 14th December 2006 00:38

modded optra 1.8 - looks awesome!!!
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hey guys caught this wicked lookin ride in a petrol bunk in t-nagar. luv the tail lights can someone temme which brand they are? they look stunning.... i dnt like the front of the car all so much though....
could honestly do wit a good nose job!lol:

hellspawn 14th December 2006 07:34

they are stock tail lamps,the only difference is that they have been given the smoked out look.for more information on smoked out taillamps you can search the forum.
the front looks pretty decent and not over the top.though i dont like the rims and the exhaust pipes.

Beeman 14th December 2006 12:05

Overall look is pretty nice. Like hellspawn said not over the top. The rims dont like them and the exhaust pipes should have been nicely chromed, and maybe just a tad bit shorter.......they are sticking out too much.

Boom Shiva 14th December 2006 12:07

Looks quite bad IMO. 4 exhausts?? It's an Optra not a Lambo!

benbsb29 14th December 2006 12:40

Dunno why, but i kinda liked the look of the car....
At first glance, made me think it resembled the Chevy Caprice SS Limited version.

abhibh 14th December 2006 13:11

How about this one ?
Saw this optra at punjab university.

faithless_1984 14th December 2006 13:45

the white optra looks wicked man ,the best looking optra i`v ever seen :)

flipsyde 14th December 2006 14:17

white optra - nice but not right
its a simple mod but i think it gives the car a lot more character..... yes agreed the 4 exhaust thingy is pushing it but otherwise.... its neat... i dont specially hate the alloys but they arent too cool either.

the white optra looks good alright but somehow i find it hard to place an optra as a sporty car..... its a lot more elegant in a beefy sorta way.... its got a lot more character than oomph!!;)

hellspawn 14th December 2006 14:22

well i beg to differ,the optra has classy looks with understated lines.and the white optra spoils that executive image.

mobike008 14th December 2006 14:37

Wow !! the white optra looks really hot and those alloys are looking so good on them. Probably the same alloys on a white fiesta would also look cool;)

flipsyde 14th December 2006 14:39


Originally Posted by hellspawn (Post 338080)
well i beg to differ,the optra has classy looks with understated lines.and the white optra spoils that executive image.

i;m sorry isnt that wat i said in my post - or were u having different thoughts wit someone else's post?

esteem_lover 14th December 2006 15:11

at last somebody gave the optra a different look. it was getting kind of monotonous.

extreme_torque 14th December 2006 15:34

I dunno why anyone in right mind would put in such ultra low profile tyres on his car in india. That would have screwed the ride quality and i dont think suspension would last either and it aint making the car look that good either!

HOTROD 14th December 2006 17:24

I now believe optras can also look good with bodykits and it does suit the car

jesal 14th December 2006 18:15

is GM selling the kits in bombay now. i saw these in thailand. there the optras modded scene is common. basic kit with rims and looks neat. i think i have seen the demo cars here itself with those kits so askin...

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