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HAFI 24th December 2006 12:25

Hydro Octane Booster
Guys i heard that a new system known as HOB could increase the performance and milage of the engine.

Description is:

Hydrooctane booster with electromagnetic flux generator and catalytic converter can reduce emission by 50% on the average, and reduce fuel consumption without sacrificing on power. It makes the engine burn fuel more efficiently, eliminating wasted fuel back-wash. It has no moving parts and its permanent electro-magnetic field is warranted for life as a permanent system in your fuel line.
  • Features:
  • Works on diesel or unleaded gas engines
  • Easy to install
  • Maintenance free
  • No moving parts Benefits:
  • 10% to 20% savings on city driving or up to 40% on highway driving
  • Smooth engine starts and running
  • Clean combustion system no carbon/varnish build up .
Does anyone has any idea about this device.
It says that it vapourizes the fuel so that the combustion occurs efficiently(complete combustion).

I would definitely like to install this device.

But before that i would like to know if there are any drawbacks in doing so.

If any one has any idea about this please share ur suggestions......

rahul_intlad 25th December 2006 02:28

From the internet this looked like some shoddy product and more of a gimmick.However I may be wrong and am talking without any knowledge about the product.

From where did you hear about this product.Do you have anymore details about this product,how exactly does it work.Is it available for sale in India.Any proven results.

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