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Default Re: SC: Vehicle cannot be altered to change original specs

Let us be clear about a very simple modification such as tyre upgrade which is actually required because manufacturers give puny tyres to cars launched in India.

The above link states - " Justice Mishra said that it was amended with the purpose to prohibit alteration of vehicles in any manner including change of tyres of higher capacity, keeping in view road safety and protection of the environment."

So does that mean even a +1/+2 change in tyre size that is so much required is not allowed now?

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Default Creativity to an end? Or can we still build beautiful cars?

To most, cars are a mean of transport, to travel or carry goods from point A to point B. To go to work everyday, to reduce human effort and increase comfort while we pollute the air and contribute to global warming and traffic jams. No doubt it has its fantastic advantages like covering long distances in short time, convenience, to increase work efficiency, etc. But does this mean that every single vehicle sold from a dealership is an indirect property of the Govt and not a personal item any more?

There are some fools like my self, who love cars, or rather who live cars.

I have been in love with cars since I was a kid. Even more I always loved to customize my car, or even build one from scratch for that matter. But with the new regulations in place, it seems that it's now impossible to custom build you own vehicle the way you want it. Be it performance upgrades, styling upgrades, or even special purpose upgrades.

Are we not allowed to upgrade our vehicles for our own safety (like roll cages, brake upgrades, wheels, suspension upgrades), our passion (high performance upgrades whole maintaining emission norms), styling upgrades (cosmetic) etc?

It would be an understatement to say that existing methods in the appropriate offices to make changes on the vehicle are anywhere close to feasible procedures.

Should there be no concern for such people in this country?

Cars cannot be bought and kept in the parking after being customized. Some people have hobbies such as gardening. They can plant various plants in their own home garden the way they want without any restrictions. Well some people like to build and customize cars. The whole purpose of a car is to drive it. And not every car enthusiast in the country owns his or her own private rave track.

So what should we do next?

The purpose of this thread is to try and discuss the solution to either develop something legal for 'custom car building / modification' or else try and build a private track with common funding where like minded people can come with their cars on flatbed trucks, unload them and show off their cars and drive occasionally to have some fun. Where official FMSCI certified motorsport events like Drift racing, Drag racing, car shows can be organized..

Just pouring in my thoughts.

In NO WAY do I blame, point fingers at, have any objection against, start a revolt against, cause any discomfort / distress against any of the rules made by the Govt, or the govt itself, or any of the govt employees / private employees any and all persons on the face of the earth who might feel that this post / thread may be unethical, improper, inappropriate, offensive, etc.
These are just my thoughts as an individual and I do agree I may be wrong in any or all the points above.
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Default Re: SC: Vehicle cannot be altered to change original specs

Originally Posted by rcknamboo View Post
SC ruling is just interpretation of our crappy copy-paste British Raj laws that were created to stifle Indians from achieving anything worthwhile or growing. IMHO, MV Act like many other laws has enough stuff to stifle science, technology, research and social development.

IMHO Automobiles are a cheap and easier way to get people interested in technology. It's something that people use daily.

Automobile aftermarket is $3-400 billion worth and touch $500 billion by 2025.

SC cannot create new laws, only interpret what is written already in the law and maybe tweak a bit for modern times. It is the parliament that has to come up with new laws.

Can't we start a campaign for better laws to support modifications, low volume custom vehicles etc like in west? And those countries bring technologies that awe everyone not just petrolheads right?

[I had poured in a lot but that reply seems to have gone missing?]
Thank you for your honest opinion. It's about time indians get together before everyone with the will and desire to upgrade cars with the right opportunity runs away abroad and all we are left with is stock car owners.. But as I'm no expert on this topic, I suggest someone with a background in law to get back with some valuable inputs.

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