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malvechaitanya 16th February 2007 12:18

Help...!!! Gypsy Help...!!!
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Frenz I have A Maruti Gypsy MG410 1987 Model 1000cc The First Lot Original 4Gear Japnese Model...Im From PUNE...Im Planning For A Engine and the GearboXX Replace as this is very underpowered...Can Anyone Please Suggest Some Powerfull PETROL Engine (Only Petrol Please)(No Diesel-as i don worry the penny-jus want porer and pickup here) And A Powerfull 4wd Gearbox(4wd gearbox only) with 5-6 gear pattern...
Im not sure About going for the Gypsy King Engine Ang Gearbox...Can Anyone Suggest Me Sumthing Good...
U can even Suggest me combos like(gypsy king gear box and baleno engine) Or More powerfull things than it...But IM not so sure about it...Well I dont Even Kno Whether Kings engine and garbox would go in my old gypsy??? please: please:

malvechaitanya 16th February 2007 14:18

And Ya Im looking 4 such engines that will support my A/C too...(means that powerfull)...Tanks

Jaggu 16th February 2007 15:03

gypsy king engine is enough

jyobeb 16th February 2007 15:12

You could get an isuzu MPFI engine and an Isuzu 4wd gearbox. However you will necessarily need to replace your rear differential housing with a centered unit. That will then necessitate a change in the front housing too, to enable you to have the same ratios. Better to get a used mini Pajero for about 5 lakhs.

HAFI 16th February 2007 15:35

hey malve chaitanya..u plan to change the engines of all your rides?....before you posted a thread for the sierra engine swap....if you are plannin to invest so much money for engine swap,why dont you invest in buying a new ride?.

malvechaitanya 16th February 2007 15:48

Sierra---ITS my frens vehicle(for sierra engin maintenance cost is too high as i have explained so in that cost i can buy 3 second hand engines)

About this Gypsy (GYPSY offers the max modificationg in engine and framework compared to other cars;low maintenance too) And I for the time being want to try different experiments...If it dosnt satsfy then ill retransplant the stock... all becos i LOVE my vehicle...

malvechaitanya 16th February 2007 15:51

Hey man JYOBEB can u give me more details about those Isuzu Engines...Thanks Man

lodhra 16th February 2007 17:44


I think baleno is great choice. It will alter effectively and help u retain 4wd . Just remember to take a look at brake module once you do a engine swap as the torque will have to be rectified else it will break your transmission.

Get it done from a expert

Effectively u can try the indica petrol engine ( will get it at a cheap rate). Only thing is managing the 4wd.

We had did this exp on the same model gypsy and worked really cool. Only pronb was about the brake model as if not rectified the gypsy will upturn.

All the best and if u do manage a good job
Please get us a reort of the cost and the effect

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