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Default Re: Experience with online aftermarket part buying scams

An overwhelming percentage of the Youtubers, be it car/ bike/ accessories reviewers, restaurant and food critics, phone reviewers (and they pretentiously and unabashedly title themselves as tech reviewers) are simply fake and have no knowledge whatsoever about the topics they cover. They post paid reviews 99.99 percent of the times which are of course biased. Anyone having any doubts can try approach them for a review and hear them sing their real tunes. This guy Musafir is a complete nincompoop and there are hundreds like him on Youtube putting out absolute garbage stuff.

I would honestly suggest against falling for their sham and in fact, report their Youtube videos for being paid promotions because that's what they really are.
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Default Re: Experience with online aftermarket part buying scams

People are getting cheated because how these youtuber Musafir type guys are promoting the shady guys for money. Nobody knew some xyz cheat guy in Karol bagh or any other place, until this musafir guy comes and throws him in your face and you see the work done and think "oh! this is good and they are swearing by their product/service/warranty". When all they are doing in lying (as its easier on camera than being in person). Telling his millions of subscribers to come to a particular shop in return for money is not cool or ethical.

I too was thinking I might get some stuff done from these shops. I will stay away now. Thanks to the OP for the eye opener. You may get lucky if you are there at the shop in person and get the stuff done in front of your eyes. But, we bhp-ians don't get satisfied by shoddy work, sweet talk and false promises. Buying from reputed ecom sites is the only other good option.

The bigger crime is LOUD "ek number", "OK report" and zero technical knowledge . Sometimes he doesn't even know the make/ model of the car he is talking about. Reporting these videos as paid promotion is a good idea.
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Default Re: Experience with online aftermarket part buying scams

Sorry to hear about the ordeal you friend had to go through.

I'm sure there must be hundreds of unsuspecting customers, if not more, who get lured by promotional content on social media and lose their hard-earned money.

Anyone who has personally been to Karol Bagh market will know the kind of quality and workmanship these shops have. Equally pathetic is the Youtuber who promotes these shops to make money.

If you want a glimpse of this dude's knowledge and expertise, just "checkout" this video and the comments as well:

Another one:

Here at 02:50 he literally asks the car owner "20 inches ke tyres hain aur alloys kitne inches ke hai"

(Translation: so the tyres are 20 inches. How many inches are the wheels?")

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Default Re: Experience with online aftermarket part buying scams

Unfortunately due to self proclaimed experts like this guy, they are influencing innocent buyers and then driving them to the hands of greedy accessory shop guys. Look at how much lights and fancy accessories they load into cars and then call them as modifications. A few years down the line these accessories will start causing issues, will have durability problems and finally spoil the car completely. There is one video where he endorses a PPF guy whose guys on camera cut straight on the paint. A little later, he claims that their way of installing it is very unique. Unique maybe, but wrong. Perhaps their benchmarks are set so low that what they do sounds high quality and unique.
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Default Re: Experience with online aftermarket part buying scams

Originally Posted by chiranjitp View Post
On June 12, 2019 I was looking to buy a Pioneer 5290BT head unit to fit in my Baleno. After scouting the local markets of Guwahati, I came to realize that the prices were around 4k higher than Delhi. So I began searching the Delhi market, what better than watching YouTube videos. I came across a seller named Rakha, many different Youtubers had made videos on him. He seemed like a decent guy, answered all my queries. He also offered the lowest price, even lower than the dealer I usually buy products from in Delhi. I immediately transferred the amount on that very evening, everything was fine till then. He acknowledged that he received the amount & said will ship the parcel ASAP.

My suggestion will be to never trust these videos till the time you are able to visit the place and see it for yourself. The auto market in Delhi is as it is notorious and I would not trust these dealers. Also, not all, but some of these youtubers are actually doing paid promotions for these shops. So my suggestion is to always buy from the local market from a nearby accessories shop even if it is 10-15% expensive. You have the peace of mind that you would be able to visit the dealer immediately in case of issues and your issues will also be attended to promptly.

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Default Re: Experience with online aftermarket part buying scams

If you want a glimpse of this dude's knowledge and expertise, just "checkout" this video and the comments as well:

Wow, did he just say a bug deflector stabilizes the SUV...!!

Everest: The manufacturer of the garnish

Well, to be frank, the youtube platform is literally flooded with people who misguide their viewers and also help their known ones run a trap. This guy himself opened an accessory shop in Delhi and has been doing good ever since. On the contrary, I feel YouTubers who have climbed upon this platform by delivering correct knowledge starting from humble beginnings are, who should be followed.

IMHO, it is actually best to opt for accessories from a local dealer which remains hassle-free, in case the product turns out to be faulty. If at all, you the part seems unavailable, I think one should bet their money on products retailed at trusted sources rather than transferring money to someone's account.
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Default Re: Experience with online aftermarket part buying scams

I follow this channel Auto Music Emporium on you tube. This guy has a shop in Karolbagh with same name. I haven't visited him personally but I like his videos because in each modification video he explains the stuff he is installing, reasoning behind it and the best part he always give their prices which 99% You tubers don't. Do check it out and see if he is genuine or not.

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