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sumeethaldankar 12th May 2007 12:09

Performance Mods for M-800 Carb Engine
Hi guys i have a Maruti 800 '97 model with a carb engine.I currently have fitted it with a Free Flow exhaust system & a K&N air filter.Is there anything else i can do for the carb engine to extract more power from it.

Currently i do feel a slight increase in power/acceleration due to the FF but can i install other things like a turbo or a modified carb.


baddy 13th May 2007 10:47

*first get the gas flow to the head right, do a good port polish job n shave couple of mm's off the head n hipe the compression.
*get high performance ignition coils, spark plugs n cables.
*now getting to the carbs, depends on what kinda performance u r looking at...... u can either swap to a bigger n better carb, prob the zen's carb, hope it wont be too big for the 3 cylinders....... or simply put in a free flow air filter n change the main jets to bigger units......
*if u still need more performance u can get piper high lift cams........
all this wud surely give ur car a zen beating performance. n all the best:)

sumeethaldankar 14th May 2007 19:03

Hi thanks for the tips,i really wonder whether the zen's carb will fit in he 800's as the latter has a 3 cylinder engine.Where can i find the bigger jets in mumbai.
By the way I have beaten several factory tune zen's with my current setup


dragger 15th May 2007 00:07

hey buddy its nice to see you prep up a maruti 800 wel as far as your upsized jets are concerned any spare part dealer should have them and also make sure you dont go way over board with the jet size because that will just lead to flooding and haper performance in return also make sure when the carb is re-jetted you get the car tuned again get the timing and the valve setting done besides that the basic's are already mentioned to you a good port job should erally get you some performance and a better igniton coil along with iridium plugs should give you a clean burn..cheers..happy revvin..!

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