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autoxxx 16th May 2007 17:23

rear view camera - civic
Got the Civic MT….runs ultra smooth and overall an impressive car.
I just have a little trouble while driving backwards for parking etc.

I think rear view camera will help me here plus will help me to take turns etc….what you say? Does anyone know from where can I have this…any shop in New Delhi and how much this cost?????

Any pros n cons? Thanks in advance.

manveet 16th May 2007 18:27


You may find this thread useful.


dinu2506 10th July 2008 13:06

Rear View Camera
I am looking to install a rear view camera on my Civic. I have a 7" touchscreen DVD player already installed which has a camera input, so all I am looking at is the camera.

I searched the various threads but all talk about the full unit including the sensors and the LCD screen.

I am looking for details on the camera unit specifically, what should I look for in it, what is the resolution, night vision etc etc. I would also appreciate if someone could share the cost as well for the camera and its availability in Bangalore.

tsk1979 10th July 2008 13:20

You can order camera's online from sites like
The "camera only" costs some 25$ USD,.
You can connect the power source to the reversing light switch, and the camera output to your DVD player screen.

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