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View Poll Results: If you have a dash-cam, do you have audio recording enabled on it?
Yes - It was on by default, so just left it like that / Didn't think of the privacy angle 24 11.16%
Yes - Am aware of the privacy aspect, but it isn't concerning 30 13.95%
Yes - The benefits outweigh any privacy concerns 54 25.12%
No - It feels like a breach of privacy 80 37.21%
No - It doesn't have any practical benefits 27 12.56%
Voters: 215. You may not vote on this poll

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Default Re: Recording audio on your dashcam | Yes or No?

Although an audio recording may be of use in conversations with the police or some other difficult situation, I would be uncomfortable about taping other people's conversations without their consent just because they happen to be in my car. Everyone expects a bit of privacy when they are in a car, and just like surreptitiously recording a call is not ethical behaviour, recording audio without consent of the other passengers is not ethical either, according to me. However, in certain situations a cabin camera with audio recording may be a good thing - for example in taxis or other commercial vehicles.(in such cases the feed should go to a central server and not be stored on an SD card that the driver can take out).
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Default Re: Recording audio on your dashcam | Yes or No?

I have always kept it ON for the sole purpose of prooving that I HONKED as well. That is very much needed on Indian roads
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Default Re: Recording audio on your dashcam | Yes or No?

Not sure what you guys talk about in your cars but I can't remember the last time I had a discussion I would deem "confidential" while on a drive. Serious discussions need me to sit down, make proper eye contact with the other person and not be doing anything else.

Audio recording of accidents do have vital information so I'd leave it on if possible.
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Default Re: Recording audio on your dashcam | Yes or No?

A dash cam audio is not proof of anything, if you want to use it in your deference in a non-trivial sense. If you want to just scare off some jerk saying you have something recorded in audio or video is all it will help. It's not serious evidence anywhere, unless it's stored in a location that can't be tampered with. SD card evidence is very easily refuted hence it's a false sense of safety. If you are live streaming then it's different.
Also in the car is usually a safe place to have conversations that are undisturbed. Professional or personal, and with the amount of time we spend on the road more often than not a lot of serious things get into conversations there. SD cards just wind up in places that you least expect too. So, no real gain keeping the audio on.
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Default Re: Recording audio on your dashcam | Yes or No?

I keep audio muted by default as I donít feel the need for it to be recorded. But when iím passing through an interesting road whose recording I feel I might save or share, I promptly unmute. Simply because the video is much more watchable with the general background noises of suspension, engine, turn indicator, music etc
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Default Re: Recording audio on your dashcam | Yes or No?

Voted no, for obvious privacy concerns.

During long drives, with family on board, there are private conversations, which should not be recorded. During boyz-only trip....well, needless to say

In addition, there are few unavoidable office calls which are brief, but nevertheless can't be recorded - all these are general reasons for keeping audio off.

It's interesting to think what are the real benefits of keeping audio On - is it to record any verbal exchanges during road-rage, Or, arguments with cops, or some other reason..?
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Default Re: Recording audio on your dashcam | Yes or No?

Well unless anyone wants to hear a bunch of profanity while driving on Delhi-Gurgaon roads then sure
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Default Re: Recording audio on your dashcam | Yes or No?

Some interesting points here, both for and against. I used to think why have audio, since the main use of the camera is for recording external objects.

Originally Posted by clevermax View Post
There is a special use case too - .., you can read it aloud ...
Take this in a different direction, and one can use this as a personal audio memo note for something you want to remind yourself about !

Originally Posted by kvsneela View Post
During the first journey after dashcam installation .. there was an argument in the car and afterwards I wanted to know how the argument started. Then I remembered the dashcam could record the audio and so downloaded the clip and checked.
So near, yet so far. All you could have done was to not tell wifey about the recording. This could have been your secret weapon, but you blew your cover for ever

Originally Posted by Kln View Post
Always on, especially when given for service. Maruti workshop once tried to act smart and disabled the audio. .
Only thing against this use is that service centres seem to be objecting to having dashcams in cars, so that their mess-ups on our cars are not on record.

Originally Posted by lsjey View Post
While there are privacy concerns, I know that only last 5 hours or so of audio will ever be in the dash cam, because of loop recording.

And don't forget that some gems of conversations will get captured, which can be saved for posterity
The loop recording, and these one off conversations can both work in one's favour. I have planned for a dashcam, and I think I am going to have audio on because of conversations with one particular special person (my teacher, friend, and philosopher who shares important points with me when we are traveling - stuff that I can Not get elsewhere). Thank you, @Isjey !
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Default Re: Recording audio on your dashcam | Yes or No?

Just last week a wagonr brushed off against my side mirror. I caught the driver and showed the proof.
Luckily audio was on and the sound of hit could justify as evidence. With no audio the driver would have never agreed that he hit my car because there was no visual change in video due to hit.

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Default Re: Recording audio on your dashcam | Yes or No?

Couldn't vote. If feasible my option would be 'No'. Privacy inside cabin is as important as Safety of a car. Privacy is one underrated topic like safety is my opinion. With no license regulation in place (for recording), it becomes our responsibility to protect privacy. Some members have already mentioned that they warn occupants that audio is being recorded - much appreciated (may be a sticker indication in cabin would help). I also agree to many TeamBhp'ians suggestion that dash video proof isn't enough in many situations like side scratch, side mirror, sometimes when cornering etc. and audio adds some details that help. Win-win situation could be - have audio recorded but from outside cabin (even this setup needs written notification to public), for instance - inside the side view mirror console - where wind noise could be minimal or even add noise cancellation setup. Far better is a 360 degree dashcam (not sure if anything of that sort exists)
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Default Re: Recording audio on your dashcam | Yes or No?

Voted No.

Simply no way I'll turn on the microphone on the dashcam in my car to record everything in the car. We discuss a million things under the sun right from fighting and arguing to bitching about friends and relatives. God forbid it falls in to someone's hands, THEY WILL be embarrassed. Haha
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