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sathya_nars 3rd July 2007 21:29

How about mobile ph integrated with stereo in SX4?
I have been thinking of getting this done "mobile phone integrated with stereo". So, whenever call comes music is auto stopped and call picks up (preferably system should ask whether to pick the call or not). Once call ends, music is resumed automatically.

I was enquiring such setup for my SX4 Zxi (Yes, it is for Zxi where I already have inbuilt stereo) and seems like cost varies from 5.5K up to 20K. They seem to fit a mike near A piller on driver side on roof.

In fact, I don't receive too many calls, but still it is nice-to-have feature mainly for safety and convenient.

Before I can decide anything on it, just want to hear from TBHPians on your experience with such setup.

AFAIK Indigo XL is only car (<9L range) that had this setup as standard.

Do you guys have it or seen it? How is the experience? Does it work as expected? Will the mike be able to pick up voice from passengers in front/rear decent enough?

Akshay1234 3rd July 2007 21:43

there are quite a few systems like that. a company called parrot makes good ones.

Godfather 4th July 2007 07:55

There was a similiar setup done by EBbass guys.. There was no head unit in the car.. He was using a Nokia N series.. I am not sure of the number. But what i heard from a few friends was that the clarity and output was unbelieveable.
This is a good way.. you can buy a nice top end mobile.. and never have to worry about your expensive system stolen .


mclaren1885 4th July 2007 10:56

PM psycho for further details. He has this installed in his car for his SE W 700i. Mobile is integrated to stereo system. Once you pick up the call it automatically turns off the music and you can converse listening through your audio speakers and a supplement mic will be provided as a part of the kit that can transmit your voice even while it sits on the dash. Very handy.

babhishek 4th July 2007 11:15

There are many models apart from parrot.Also these are known as integrated bluetooth kits.
Some of the ones I have seen are Motorola, Sony Ericsson, Nokia and yes they are pretty good.
However a competent mechanic is required to integrate the system with the audio.
Its generally a box that integrates below the dash with the audio inputs and cuts off speakers during incoming calls and thats the major difference between the BT car kits versus the BT speakers that are available as standalone.

SX4_2007 4th July 2007 12:13


Originally Posted by sathya_nars (Post 488280)
I have been thinking of getting this done "mobile phone integrated with stereo".

You can connect audio out of your mobile to Aux-in of SX4 to listen either songs or phone conversation. Most of the mobile phone switch automatically from music playing mode to phone mode in case of incoming phone call and back to music player again (At least my K-Jam).

For holding PDA/mobile you can use Universal PDA Mounting Kit PDA Car Mounts | PDA mount | PDA car mount | PDA Halter | PDA Soporte | Pocket PC Mount. Luckily I got it from one local phone shop for Rs.700 to mount my K-Jam.

You can also use FM transmitter to achieve the same.

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