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Default Most irritating car accessories!!

Some people put such accessories in their car that you really wonder what has happened to their senses!! Here are top five ones I really hate..
  1. 'Tiger Skin' on dashboard and the entire facia
  2. 'Dhoom' tune while reversing the car
  3. Becon lights on non VIP cars ( I saw them on Matiz!)
  4. Luggage carrier (I have seen it retrofitted on Swift. Yuk!)
  5. Spoiler on an Alto!
Which are the ones you hate guys?
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~~~ Any reversing tune on any car!

~~~ Any beacon on a VIP car; they can wait in the queue like the rest of us!

~~~ Spoilers on any car, outside the race track.

~~~ Any tiger skin....

No, wait!

Actually that sounds like it could be good, but the roof, door linings, seat covers... everything would have to match.

Now guys, where can I get a tiger-skin interior for my Swift in Chennai?

Heck... why stop at the interior? I'll go for external paint job as well

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1. any reversing tunes
2. any fancy horns
huge fancy spoilers that spoil it for the looks - without a decent engine to match, that is.
huge tyres jutting out of the car
stupid 'venom' stickers and body graphics
bullbars on scorpios
fake air inlets on hood
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Well, how about this - I saw a Maruti van fitted with PC speakers on the dash (incl the rectangular box) , it was so funny! sounded so terrible
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- Dash adorned with plastic flowers left-to-right, full width.
- LEDs on hood/in front of idols
- Metallic reflective film on glass
- reverse horn
- racks
- Horrible ambipure perfume; (try naphthalene instead)
- hand signalling

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stupid out of the place stickering.
reverse horns.
chrome side strips!!
after market wheel caps!!
weird seat covers.
glaring high beams with absolutely no proper spread or throw.
ding chack tweeters pointed to road.
morons (men n women included) driving expensive cars with mobile in hand, yeah i will include the morons as accessories.
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hehehe am seeing a lot of those dashboards decked with flowers recently too..

my list would be all the wierd things hanging from the RVM, bananas , dolls bigger than some peoples head and so on.

- thad, me in for the tiger make over too :rofl:
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Interesting thread!

Yes, Tiger skin on the dashboard really looks yuck!

Also, after market Wheel caps on 800, Alto, Indicabs etc projecting 1 feet from tyre.

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Stickers! Specially the showroom/service center stickers!!! Why do people willingly let their cars become advertising billboards for these?? Or is it that they really want every one to know where they get their car serviced from? "Its not what you drive but where you get it serviced" ???
Another form of stickers is with people's names on it! How weird is that?

I also hate the after market bullbars.
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Old 11th July 2007, 16:16   #10
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Stuffed Toys all over the rear parcel tray. Clear windows just to display them. More than a Toy store. Just dont get the point.

Curtains just like in a house. Makes one wonder what goes on in the car.


Its a car mate not your bedroom.
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hate the chrome stuff you get these days in the market
chrome door handles,taillight covers rear view mirror covers bumper protetcion

and i hate those flashers they really blind the person coming from the other side

and those irritating reverse horns

and those stickers like
catch me if you can and all

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On sunday evening i saw a Maruti Van near shivaginagar, bangalore. I feel it had all accessories which was irritating.
First the interiors..
Fitted with a green color regular size tube light(which we have in our house)
Tiger skin on dash board
The A pillar had at least 3 tweeters on each side
The music was also played so load that we could only here ching ching.....

Again it was fitted 2 green color tube lights on each side below the middle sliding door which would look like neon lights i believe
There were different color of lights blinking in the place where break lights, indicators, parking lights were supposed to be.
A spoiler with "n" number of blue color LED on them.
Dummy sun roofs.
Full of stickers here and there which obviously is out of the place and meaningless.
On the rear glass it was written "Beat Me If You Can"
Last but not the least blue, red and white LED on the bumpers with may be 1 inch gap between LED's

I don't know weather it was good or bad luck that i didnt have my phone with me or else i would have taken some pics of the van.

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Originally Posted by bottle View Post
hehehe am seeing a lot of those dashboards decked with flowers recently too..
i too put some flowers or some gajras in my car but they are the most natural way of spreading fragrance in my car. try putting mogra flowers. the smell will last for a long time even after they have been removed.

but i hate those reverse horns, those stickers, some garish decals, spoliers that look like hangers to dry clothes,

but my car does have a soft toy and two pillows. and they are decent and look good.

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^ hey real flowers are ok .. the ones i saw were made from plastic and unrealistically sized :P
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Nice thread

1. Those bumper guards for body colored bumpers, they will anyways come off after some time leaving those irritating marks of double sided tapes. Seen some fooloish people using screws to hold them to bumpers, what point yaar you are trying to save the bumpers and ending up making them uglier

2. Those n number of religious idols, no offence in doing so nor do i wish to hurt anybody's sentiments, but limit the numbers for god sake. I've seen cars whose dashboards are completely covered with those idols. I swear i'll remove my slippers before entering such cars just like visiting a temple.
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