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kkdelhi 25th July 2007 23:46

Swift - antirust and floor mats
I hope I am posting this in the right section.

Okay, I had my swift serviced (first) three weeks back. At that time, the workshop person suggested an antirust coating for the underbody. At first, I got influenced and said yes. Then, when the car went away for servicing, something came over me and I asked them not to do it. (Perhaps the cost of 1850/- did the trick!)

Anyway, now I am due to travel to Himachal this Friday morning. Imagine the highways, the dust, the hills, not to mention the rains (it's monsoon, you see - though Delhi has almost always been deprived of it!) Now my mind is thinking about getting the antirust done after all. My question, however, is - Do you think the benefit far outweighs the cost associated? OR, do you think it is ALL RIGHT not to have the coating done as there might be hundreds of cars out on the road without it and seem to be running fine (or at least with no seeming problems on the underbody - who looks underneath those fine lines anyway?), not to mention the all-round dry and hot weather of Delhi?

Please enlighten!

Question 2: I want a full matting for the swift but I have always seen those PVC (or whatever it is called) mats that are darn slippery, especially if you put the rubber or the better mats on top of them. So, have you come across any good floor mats - full size - for the swift, which are non-slippery?

I am hoping to get responses urgently as I have only tomorrow to get the job done, as I leave in the wee hours of Friday morning.

Thanks, KK.

nitrous 26th July 2007 00:47

If u're planning to keep the car for a long time(5yrs or more), its a must-do.
Else, don't bother.

Optimus Prime 26th July 2007 01:08

the showroom guys have been trying to convince me to go for this underbody coating as well. i live in bangalore, is it really necessary for a new car?

1100D 26th July 2007 02:33

You can get much cheaper underbody coating with almost the same effect as any nearby service station. Anti-rust coating ia another trick to part you from your hard earned money. Moreover it is always advisable to have diesel sprayed to the underbody.

kkdelhi 26th July 2007 08:42

Diesel on the underbody...hmmm. How does that help? And, where can I get the spraying done from?

iraghava 26th July 2007 11:02

I don't think that in Delhi weather there is any need to do the underbody coating since there is not much moisture in our air anyways to accelerate rust buildup!

If you do plan to keep the car for long then yes, it is not a bad investment.

Ricky_63 26th July 2007 14:54

It is a waste of money on a new car. The paint processes at the factories are technically very advanced. The rusting does not happen unless the car is involved in a major accident where all the underlying layers (below the final paint) get damaged.

I still have a 1987 Maruti 800 which has NO RUSTING whatsoever till date.


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