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Hey bro well it is indeed invincible but unfortunately is already being used by someone here so thought of getting Invinsible

Audi tt 240bhp is using a K04-1 turbo with different manifold compared to the one which comes with K03/K03s which is what we get on the Skoda TPI. The manifold which comes with K04-1 has better flowing manifold.

This is what I think one should be doing looking for boosting..

Well ya ideally if one is looking for around 200-220hp can go for a mild boost about 15-20 psi via remap with intake and exhaust so one can safely have about 190 even after rise in temp ..may be the power would be consistent.

Anything more then that can go new turbo K04-1 with new ported manifold prefreably, remap of 18-21 psi, FMIC, new downpipe, injectors, fuel regulator, intake and exhaust.. can expect about 240-260bhp consistent power.. anything beyond that custom turbokit are must.. inluding all other modififcation to clutch, suspension, brakes, upsize tires, may be source a 6 speed gearbox with LSD too.. retaining the internals can upto 320-340hp.. beyond that get new pistons, valce, conrods and bring down compression level.

What most people do is strain the OE turbo with boost which goes beyond 20psi+ and in return the OE turbo K03/ K03s is not able to sustain that boost through out the rev band once the temperature rises.. in return one start facing lack of power after a certain time of drive or in the long run.

K04-1 turbos ideally can be installed with stock manifold but may need a new down pipe and you can get one for around 1000-1500$ or about 800 pounds or so over the net plus the freight and duties.

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hey as some one mentioned on here that rising temperature could be a factor that could lead to a major drop in power,im sure peter had/has explained and sent a detailed report to custom code uk of the climatic conditions and the poor quality fuel in india,if he hasnt i think they should work on it,may be a technical team from uk could come down and gather miscellaneous data which would help them to make a better refined map for our indian driving condition's,the indian market is always growing,this would help and benefit future customer's,just my two bits,cheers,happy revvin..!
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