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turbochargedv12 9th May 2008 16:04

"Muffler" On vRS ??
Wanted to know if its advisable to just fit a muffler on a vRS. Not the remus or militek type. Just a muffler from say automech or any such ? Let me know soon .. thanks .. this cars stil for sale btw >.

n_aditya 9th May 2008 16:10

Well if its purely for aural pleasure then go right ahead. the vRs is a stonker but too silent for my liking.

Akshay1234 9th May 2008 19:07

i dont think it would sound close to the remus or militek mufflers. plus i think remus etc makes mufflers specifically for the rs.

turbochargedv12 9th May 2008 22:16

Alright, thanks. But wanted to know. Changing the muffler on the vRS wouldn't affect the turbo in anyway ?? Bit illiterate on this subject. Someone enlighten me please. Also, if anyone has done the same, would be much more helpful. Im not talking about remus and militek. Other than those.


autopsyche 9th May 2008 23:17

Other than the branded ones which have gone through R&D, everything else is merely a trial and error job, youd never know if you are having any gains except for sound. Chaning the muffler wont make any difference, but yeah doing a whole turbo back exhaust would definitely be the way to go.

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