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vebmetal 18th July 2008 20:23

Auto Accessories Website (US) recommendation needed
I want to buy a few accessories for my car (like cell phone holder, sunglasses holder, etc. etc.) and was wondering whether there is any good site in the U.S. where one can browse them (like how newegg is for computer stuff). Autozone is a decent store in the States for these things, but they have a pathetic website.

If there is such a site, I may start a group order.

s0uljah 18th July 2008 22:36

For the stuff you have mentioned they are better of buying at $ store or in Chinatown. Buying online for stuff like that doesnt really make sense unless your after some specifically branded stuff like oakley or sunglass hut etc.

Im surprised your not asking for a new HU :p

vebmetal 19th July 2008 11:22

Hah - I've being eyeing the new Kenwood bluetooth HU, only to be thwarted by my own laziness!!

Well I want a bunch of little little accessories, like those tiny 2-inch wide angle mirrors you can put on your side-view mirrors to get a view of your blind spots, and the little clip thing you put on the visor in which you can clip your sunglasses. Stuff like that - I haven't seen in Delhi at all. Hence this thread.

GTO 19th July 2008 15:05

I bought near all of my accessories (auto as well as non-auto) off ebay. Widest range, includes hard to find parts and great prices. Just take the necessary precautions and you should be all set.

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