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Sahil 15th March 2005 11:55

Keyless Entry Remote - Accord
My dad lost my Accord's(2002 version) remote so since i am in New York now i thought i'll search for one on ebay instead of getting a new one from bombay honda showroom....dunno how much they will charge but i am pretty sure its much more than what i found on ebay, i am posting the links below. My only concern is how do i program it? Some of the ebay sellers say that it needs to be taken to the honda dealers to get it programmed with some code provided at the back of the remote, its different for US and Canada. While some other sellers say they will email the instructions. Not really sure if these remotes will work on my car...they look same as mine besides the Panic button which wasnt there on mine.
Also if i do land up getting it from the showroom in bombay do u think i can hv the new accord keyremote programmed to mine? I like that one better.

Here r the link pls advice if i should get it or not

Here is the link for the new accord key... wanna know if it can be programmed to my accord which is the 2002 model and if the key can be interchanged?


GTO 15th March 2005 12:33

I doubt you can have the new Accord key programmed to the older version. But the best and only option for information/purchase of keys should be the Honda dealer you bought your car from.


Sahil 15th March 2005 12:34

Ok ... I just made my dilemma a little easier... i found the instructions to programming the remote ... here is the link
Now i just need to know if all those remotes that i posted above will get programed like this... that US and Canada code thing is wats making me doubt it.

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