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ak916, great work. i was astonishedto find someone going for a sierra. its an awesome car.
here's something to cheer you up during your crisis period. hope you like it.
is it a turbocharged version??
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Default Gandhigiri and the power of an (automotive) community!

So I went there again, yesterday. On one of my silent "recon" visits i.e. I just go to the garage. Get off the car, walk towards the Sierra without making any eye contact with people there and click a picture of the car, and walk back to my car and drive out.

Being that it was the 5th time I was doing these "recon" visits, the silence, I guess was deafening for the garage owner.

As soon as the phone came out to take a picture, I heard a voice behind me. "Saar"... I said to myself, "gotcha".

I turned around and it was one of the "supervisors". He volunteered a lot of information. He said the RH door has been picked up yesterday. It is in great condition and heavy gauge etc etc etc.

Then the owners brother shows up and he says "Sorry for the delay sir, thing is that ...". I interrupted him. I asked him if he know what the internet was. He replied in the affirmative. I then asked him if he understood what "chat" websites mean. He explained what he thought it meant and I said "yes, you are right".

Then I asked him if he had 5 minutes. He shook his head. I bought up opera mini on my TYTN II and went to Team-BHP - The Definitive Indian Car Community - Home (saved to my bookmarks)

ME: I would like to show you a website which discusses Cars and bikes and also exchanges feedback about companies and garages. (he he he )
Garage guy (GG) : Hmmmm
ME: This website has 50,000 member and 20,000 of them are from Bangalore (I threw some random numbers)
GG: mmm hhhhmmm
ME: And there I have put pictures of the restoration work of my sierra (And I showed him the thread on my phone)
GG: aaa... sir the work will be... (I interrupt him)
ME: And they know that there has been no work done on the car since 3 weeks. I have the pictures right???
GG: sir... {Gulp}
ME: What do I tell them? The truth?
GG: Sir, within 2 days I will make sure that there are visible changes on the car. I wont commit to a date but I will make sure the work doesnt stop on it. Even if it does, I will call you and let you know.. Blah Blah Blah...

We discussed a lot of other things as well about the car and about what I think service means. All in all, it was a plan well executed.. he he...

Like I said -The power of silence and the power of a community is more than we can ever imagine. I am going to post pictures once there are more improvements but for now, the monkey seems to be off my back.


P.S: I am happy i dint have to make the few phone calls I thought of making, initially.

Note to Mods: Please rename thread to "Project Sierra - Gandhigiri and the power of an (automotive) Community."

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Default Gandhigiri etc

@ak916: Great news. I bet the workshop guys will not risk slowing down on the work now!!
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Old 20th November 2008, 10:28   #19
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No updates in about a month? Please do post pics when you do update us!
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Eagerly awaiting the WIP pics. Great to kno that Gandhigiri came to good help and you refrained from other means.
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Old 20th November 2008, 17:15   #21
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good to see how your "silent killer" method worked!

Do you plan to get just enough done to recover your advance or do you plan to get everything done from this workshop only?
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I hope your patience yields the desired results.
I own a Tata Estate 95 model. It has been with us for 12 years. Fairly nice vehicle with best interior spance amng any car/suv in India. Beats even my Safari in space. Tried doing a complete strip down job with full renovation. It was a partial success. Most body parts and panels were unavailable. I even tried to source an entire new body from TML. The car still is run almost everyday. Mechanically sound. 1 engine job done and 3.5 lakh kms plus of severe abuse. Havent yet touched the gearbox and differential. Rock solid Chassis.
BUt parts is a big problem. Its used nowadays exclusively as my dog van with the seat folded down, my dogs love the space.
Anyways, point is, I hope you succeed. And most importantly, I hope all the rusted body panels are done properly. Do pay special attention when the body work is undergoing tinkering and painting. In my case, the rust reappeared and the paint started bubbling too. Ive given up due to lack of time, spares and motivation. The car is on its last leg and the day it stops it will be at the grave. But everytime I think its time is up, it says, not yet.

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It was one of the favourite cars, it still is, the Sierra. I might even do such a thing myself given I have the money and time.
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Old 20th November 2008, 21:13   #24
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@Ak, nice choice of vehicle

Originally Posted by ak916 View Post
The service center guy has done a 180 degree turn on me.
Well, IMO, you should have told him or asked him for a target date of completion before handing over the car and cash!

Anyways, all the best with your project!
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Hey sorry guys.. I just disappeared off the face of the ... umm online world for a while since I am trading punches with toefl/Gmat and the B school essays...

I will have pictures uploaded by this weekend hopefully.
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The Big Daddy is waiting to be reworked up on! Am definitely going to follow this thread keenly!!
Good Luck AK916!!! The Sierra is definitely a Mean machiNe!cheers:
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Default This is what I was waiting for...

This is one of the projects that I have always wanted to see on this forum. I plan to do up my 1994 Sierra soon - both exteriors and interiors, right from the very scratch - though my beast is quite a good condition.

Check out my Sierra - and I would love to invite suggestions on how to make/modify it to be a head turner...the body-line, Alloys, Hellas, Power Horn, ICE etc. etc.

I am attaching some photographs; the metallic silver (3 photographs) is my beast (one helluva machine); the gull-wing doors for the rear seat is something on every Sierra owner's wish-list - though I see that not many can execute this job well; the white Sierra has a very nicely modded rear, though I do not really like the side - not much effort has gone into it; the contessa being worked upon is an excellent example of how detailed the body-work should be; the RVMs of the Sierra were pitiable and I would like to advise all Sierra owners to swap the Sumo Victa RVMs onto their Sierra - it's a direct fit! The door panels of the Sierra should be custom done with the power-window controls also on the door panels rather than the central control in-between the seats (that's the stock location) - the attached image of the door panel gives an idea of how it could be dome for the Sierra though with major adaptations!
Hey guys, howazz that...And whatdyou say about my Sierra - drool maal...!?!
Attached Thumbnails
Project Sierra-vista-rvms.jpg  

Project Sierra-body_work.jpg  

Project Sierra-my-sierra_1.jpg  

Project Sierra-my-sierra_2.jpg  

Project Sierra-my-sierra_3.jpg  

Attached Images
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asejwal-which of the sierra is yours?i see a d c modded one too.why that pic in here? dont tell me you going to mod yours in that lines,please dont.if the white sierra is yours its beautiful.
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Old 26th November 2008, 14:07   #29
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Originally Posted by desigNation View Post
asejwal-which of the sierra is yours?i see a d c modded one too.why that pic in here? dont tell me you going to mod yours in that lines,please dont.if the white sierra is yours its beautiful.
Mine is the metallic silver - 3 photographs. I want to mod mine on the lines of the white Sierra.
The DC modified Sierra is also, IMO, a good job but it changes the basic character of the Sierra with those big rear curved glasses. The photograph was posted to 'inspire' some mods....
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Hi ak916

Myself also a proud owner of Sierra.As per the photos your car is in a real mess , but once you redo it i bet it will be a scene on road for true Sierra lovers.

Guys, how about starting up a pics thread and bring in all the Sierra owners together. I personally know around 10 -15 Sierra owners in Bangalore to whom i have spoken about our forum and some of them had already become member of the team.

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