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Avenger 7th February 2009 15:37

DIS/MID Something like that
Searched the forum for what has become a common feature in most new cars getting launched in India..
Driver information system(Logan), Multiple Information Display(innova).
I have a Santro Xing and would like to have something on my car too. Anyone in TBHP done anything like? Do we have off the shelf DIS/MID avaialble that can be fitted to any cars?
Please help!!please:


swale84 7th February 2009 16:07

Avenger- it all depends on what information you want from your DIS/ MID. For example, if you just want a clock and have space to fit it seamlessly (like in the older swifts without digital clocks) it is possible to find something in the aftermarket

Most DIs systems on modern cars though are a lot more complex, showing things such as ambient & inside temperature, distance to empty, fuel efficiency and even what channel you're listeneing to on the radio. I doubt you'd easily get an aftermarket option for such a system, perhaps a temperature display with two sensors is possible, but the FE, DTE and integration with your audio system is not something you can find in the accessories market.

abhinav.gupta88 7th February 2009 19:43

I am not sure but i think the OBD Scanner can show you many details . For that you will need a screen too.
Hence not a cost effective solution.
Try something like autometers. Maybe they have them

Avenger 9th February 2009 17:50

Thanks for your views Swale/Abhinav

I am not looking for something as sophisticated as in Logan/Innova. Looking for something that could provide the following details from the time the device is installed

1. Average FE
2. Average Km/hr or day
3. Distance to empty
4. Date and Time

@abhinav url or contacts at autometers?


swale84 9th February 2009 23:18

Avenger, all these things (except of course for point no. 4) will require interfacing with the ECU.

I'm pretty certain that no aftermarket solution exists as of now and don't see how a 'fits all' solution can be worked out. While the logic or algorithm for this data may be easy, the propreitary interfaces for each manufacturer would probably be a detterent for most developers.

Perhaps you can considers Abhinav's suggestion of an OBD scanner + screen.

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