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Surprisingly well executed mods. Get a decent coat of black, better wheels and the damn thing would actually work.
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The innova looks killer. Awesome mod job.
Post pics of the other cars too.
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Very well done, although a few asymmetric parts are visibile, but nonetheless its pretty nicely executed. Im sure the owner would be jubilant.
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I saw it on the road last week. The paint job quality is amazing to say the least. The work done the panel gaps are amazing considered were it was done. I would say its very well executed.

The pictures dont convey the actual site of this thing on the road. At first site yeah 90% people will mistake it for a Mec. The front looks so real.
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INNOVA looks pretty good. Its well executed Job I would say, plz post Swift Mini pics.
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Old 22nd April 2009, 18:19   #21
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I would not have believed that it was an innova if you had not mentioned. Looks really good.
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Originally Posted by sam003 View Post
INNOVA looks pretty good. Its well executed Job I would say, plz post Swift Mini pics.
Sorry for the OT:
Innova modded == Mercedes R500-swift-mini.jpg

Image source : /// Road & Track /// Auto Catalyst

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Paint job look very good, colour is a different story.

But the point I just don't understand is why do people do tasteful yet pointless mods ?

Innova is an Innova does't matter if you put a huge grill with a giant Merc symbol and sticker it as Merc from here to Timbuktu.

Modding a vehicle to look different/better/wacky I can understand.
Modding a vehicle so that it looks like a different manufacturer made it ?

Serious identity crisis, I'd say.

BTW can Merc sue the Owner/Shop(who executed the mod) for this ?

Cooper "Swift" ?
Pointless again.

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I remember that some one had posted that "he saw an orange merc" with for registration stickers on it

applause to the paint jop , no matter the job is a copy cat beautifully executed job

Btw the swift mini , atleast I use to see this at kakkanad once in a week , but i was never known that it has swing doors
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I saw it last week at Kottayam. Thought it was a Merc and hence hated it coz of the color. It was smoking too much too.
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Old 22nd April 2009, 19:12   #26
Team-BHP Support
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Gotta admit, even though I am not too big on fakes, that's a heck of a modification job. Very well done. Which company is responsible for this? What was the cost of modification?
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Old 22nd April 2009, 19:16   #27
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road & Tracks owner has an orkut profile..

If any members want to contact him, can do that with

orkut -

Can see lots of mods in his photo albums includes swift - mini cooper, restoration etc

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This was done by Kurian Kurian or Road and Track, Kottayam. He is a member of our forum too.
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His(kurian) jobs and workmanship has been discussed in other threads too. Check his online gallery here : Picasa Web Albums - Kurian - R&T (Road & T... , somehow the Innova hasn't made it way to album.

Never the less a wonderfully executed job.
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Old 22nd April 2009, 19:48   #30
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A neat job! Does not look like a Innova if not said!

Good workmanship!
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