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Default My Modded Swift : "Sports Mind"

Been in this great house team Bhp the last two days. Was waiting to put up the work that went into making the drive, sports mind. have posted a few of the mod jobs that have gone into my drive. Please be frank on the job. I know the views will be varied. Some (who knows little of the affair), feel its just waste of time and vitamin M. Guys give me the frank ratings, Up or DOWN.
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hey bro. first of all i must say that the car is looking very nice.

but i would prefer to install the swift sport bumpers instead of add ons. but thats just my opinion.

also the stickers are bit overdone. not a big fan of stickers on the car. otherwise every penny spent on the car is worth it.

also can you post some clear exterior shots and if you dont mind, the total cost of mod job on the car (interior and exterior)

PS - by the way those illuminated swift light on the door look killer and the '18 till i die break light too'
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Grooling to a extent. How did yo manage " 18 Till I Die " . Let me know I am planning a similar version on my baby.

And about the DVD screens, Which version ?
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the ride surely looks awesome dude.but pics dont do justice at clear and more pics bro.
also please specify what all mods have gone into the ride,if any performance mods,the tyres and the alloys etc.
and that spoiler isnt a gt wing.

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IMO, I don't see any mods suggesting a "sports" bent apart from the alloys and the nice Yokos. Looks ok, not a big fan of stickering of any kind. More of "Bling" than sports, I will say, unless you have some performance mods. FFE? CAI?
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not done much on performance mods, most of it has been on accessories. The drive has K&N performance filter, and the header work is next with talks on with FRK racing.

lambuhere, thanks bro for the feedback. The 3rd brake decal was from custom brake lights, on ebay motors. Most of the stuff on my mods including the tail lamp, which i havent seen yet on any swift, were from ebay australia. The DVD ICE set up was again imported from our taiwan.

Thanks for the frank feedbacks on day one. I guess stickering and decal was the main draw back, most of them are the team bhp stickers, how can i not pay tribute to the team, and of course, as i see i need to move more on performance mods, as the guy is almost going to be 40. the first one as mentioned was FEE from FRK, with a tune up. Also planning to do a flush on my next oil change and move to mobil1.

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the car looks nice, though a little bit of stickering is overdone.

But personal opinions differ.

I Though would suggest u to loose the arrow (blinkers) on the mirrors . they look cheap and tacky.

do post full ,coloured side and front pics of the car.

thumbs up. what matters is you like the car. If you like the car , its the Vitamin M well spent.
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Too many stickers yar and please remove that "<" from the ORVM.
I'm guessing its a led thing wired up to the turn signals, with the wire hanging out it just kills the look.

18 till I die, that is a nice touch. Its "unique".
Also the swift that glows on the running board looks good (except for the colour)

Again, more pics are needed to get a clear idea about your ride, for example you don't even have a single pic that have the entire car (from front/back/side).

More details on the mods you have done please.
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Well as said by other members, i too think the stickering is over done. However i do like some stuff about your car like the 18 till i die stensil work on the rear , the projector head lamps.

Post more pics of the interior as can`t figure out much.

One more thing, all the other stickers are out for public display, then why did u put the team bhp sticker on the inside???
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looking nice.. but so many stickers spoil the fun...!!
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Can you please post better pics of the Angel eyes ?
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GOOD but to many sticker, Get rid of them will make it look better and post some better pics too.

The alloys in the first pic (black&white) look different from the alloys in color pics.
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Can you put up a picture with those tail-lights illuminated in the dark?
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IMHO way too many stickers man.You could had opt for some other color of the rpm meter.
But otherwise the car is drool.Especially the
"18 till i die "
front & tail lights
Gear knob is cool.
arrow on orvm kills the look though.

Please post some better pic like a full size pic of the car and also of the interior.
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the "18 till i die" really looks good and should be an eye catcher in the night.

but i would go with most people in here when i say that its a bit way too much stickering but no it is not overdone but still; you know what i mean

in short ride looks good and you should be proud of it by all means \m/
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