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Default Simple / Effective Suspension Mods in M800

Hi guys !
I love our M800 .It is the best car i feel in my opinion for ripping around city without bothering about damages :-).
The only grouse i used to have in the 3.4 Lakh kms this car has been through is the poor suspension geometry . It is all wobbly type , too soft suspension .

After adding CNG i regularly used to end up with broken leaf springs at rear .
And since i used to be adamant to change them as a set it used to cost 1100 Rs including labour every couple of thousand of kms .
I tried using once the two leaf spring arrangement but the problem in that was the rear was great but the front was just too soft .So it was a case where only the front suspension seemed to work and rear was looking too hard .The balance was simply not there .
So today i decided to do something about it .
I have fitted the WagonR front suspension springs on the front M800 shockers along with the plate of Springs from WagonR .
For the rear i have fitted in a extra leaf spring but i got it reduced by 1/4 of its original thickness .

And i am loving it .The 145/80 R12 are complementing the ride .I can fly over potholes , speed breakers , rocks , obstacles like never before.

And the best part is it costed me Rs 2200 /- all inclusive .
My next aim is to upgrade the power of 800 to around 50 Bhp .This engine has had two overhauls and has another 30000kms to go before i will have to decide .Dump the 800 move on or up the power .(I am thinking plonking in Astar Engine but i love carb cars )


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After the Change to WagonR suspension, Does the Ride Height increase? Or is it the same.

Because if it has increased even by an Inch, It will really benefit from 13inchers. And How is the Shock absorbing at the back? Could you compare it some other cars?

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@Bumble Beast : The height is the same both at rear and front but what happens now is the car has not bottomed out much even if i jump speed breakers with two people upfront .I am able to breeze through potholes at much faster speed now (I literally dont care now when i am driving on/though potholes , speed breakers , kerbs , humps , bricks , stones etc LOL) .I drive the 800 99% alone so no second person in car .While driving alone the rear suspension was too hard first for my taste so one day i got 5 people at the back and took a bumpy ride and next day i noticed it is much softer now though still about 15% harder by what i would like.However the damping at the rear is still an issue as the small Zen gas shocks are not able to handle the forces being generated by the double leaf spring .

While comparing it with other cars well it depends on what you are looking for .If you are sedate driver and looking for comfort than Original setup was fine but if you rip the car and drive like me and ended up with all sorts of slides , dives and broken leafsprings every other month than nothing like the setup i have on right now .My friends say my setup is much better than most small cars for flying through obstacles.
Also i believe this setup is the best bet in all terms for some one using M800 with atleast 4 people in it at most times.As the extra people negate the hardness of rear leafsprings.
What i am bothered about now is will the chassis hold the torture i am transmitting to it !


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Default Re: Simple / Effective Suspension Mods in M800

It certainly is too late to reply to this thread but I love suspension mods , especially for smaller hatchbacks . Anyway , if you atill have that maruthi with you .

1. To "fly over potholes" It would be wise to modify the car to enable more suspension travel .
2. Rear leaf spring isnt going to help at all , you could probably play a little with the suspension geometry, do a little manufacturing with small fabricators and get something very simple called a tri link strut . It is typical to cars like Honda City Class 1 and Tata Indigo .
3. Moreover there are many custom shocks available aftermarker which will give you flexibility on the spring preload , spring rate ( when progressive ) and eventually the ride height .

The image that I have attached has transaxles but you can ignore that .
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