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Old 21st September 2011, 18:19   #136
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Default Re: My Gypsy Modification Under Process

I like the paint job,Red & black Attack.
I feel every thing is a littile to big,a bit over done,thats all. Influenced by leepu?
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Default Re: My Gypsy Modification Under Process

Here am I... loving the Gypsy since i was a child but unable to buy it because of financial constraints.

Anybody in the forum wants to get rid of a Gypsy (any condition) & not too keen on money pls PM me. I will paint it matt green put decent sized tyres (not oversize), remove the soft top & DRIVE with a sunglass on.

I am sure it will attract people in the mall/city runs.

I appreciate THEAGC's attitude/spirit etc but it's a Gypsy wasted.

@THEAGC, I suppose you have time & finance for auto projects but please get a 3D sketch done before going for a big budget reskinning. All the Best in your future projects. I am sure you would have gained lot of 1st hand knowledge with this project. Make use of it & shock us with your next outcome. Cheers.
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Default Re: My Gypsy Modification Under Process

Just went through the Thread and and your dream did not turn into reality. I guess the tinker/sheet metal guy could not visualize what you showed him.

The picture you showed in Page 2 :

My Gypsy Modification Under Process-2008renegade.jpg

The final Outcome :

My Gypsy Modification Under Process-28082011297.jpg

Should have used CAD instead of Renegade Picture. Hope your next project will not be like this . All the best.
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Default Re: My Gypsy Modification Under Process

While I commend your dogged spirit, your effort and your attempt at being creative, I think that the results of working with a design in your mind only is bound to result in something like this.
I am sure that if you had hired some help, got some CAD drawings done and posted them on this site for feedback, the results would have been spectacular.
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Default Re: My Gypsy Modification Under Process

You can still recover part of the investment by selling it - A marriage Band Baaja or Circus will surely buy it.

Hats off to your efforts though. Think of yourself as a garage/backyard inventor and be proud. Never mind the outcome in this instance.

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Default Re: My Gypsy Modification Under Process

Rated the thread 5 stars. Full marks for your efforts, AGC.

The front and the side profile looks quite good. Paint job is frankly brilliant. It's only the rear end that looks a bit odd. Perhaps removing the "eye brows" (black shroud around the tail lamps) would help.
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Default Re: My Gypsy Modification Under Process

I had been following this thread right from the start and like most of you, had been waiting for the inevitable. But man! nothing brought out the differences so starkly until livyodreams put those 2 pictures side by side. Hopefully AGCUSTOMS, you can see it quite as plainly as we can. I personally believe that every vehicle has a soul and that gypsy just became a ghost. I will keep my eyes peeled for more from your garage and hopefully you have learnt from your first "mod" and it will show up in your next.

All the best
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Default Re: My Gypsy Modification Under Process

As the best of lucks and comments of critics may have helped my creation to this stage. Currently my vehicle had been selected for karan johar's upcoming movie. Plus some of the local newspaper which have promoted my vehicle. Here are the some of the cuttings of the papers.
Attached Thumbnails
My Gypsy Modification Under Process-296309_260508557335060_100001277523500_792887_2042726419_n.jpg  

Attached Images
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Default Re: My Gypsy Modification Under Process

Hey AG,

Though i still stand by my comments above, let me congratulate you on the opportunity that you just got. You deserve it for the commitment and the die hard attitude that you showed to complete your project in-spite of the criticism (constructive and not so constructive). I still feel that there is a lot you can improve on and your next creation will take into account all the helpful comments you got here. Hope this opportunity will not blind you to the flaws that can be addressed in your future builds.
congrats again!
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